3.4.d. Target Audience Identification for All Frontline Advocacy Staff

Frontline Advocacy Toolkit

This tool is all about being sure the right people hear your message. If you’re going to be an effective frontline advocate, you must deliver your library media center’s message to your “target audience.” These are the people for whom your library’s message will have relevance. They will care about your library media center and its future. You and your A Team members should think of this plan as a simple two-step process - and remember to keep your librarian or media specialist in the loop along the way.

1. Bring your A Team together and ask yourselves who makes up your library’s target audience.
Make a list of people who would like to know about what your school library is doing to help students achieve success:
  • Colleagues
  • Parents *
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • People with whom you do business
  • Staff, students and parents at other schools
  • (Who else can you think of?)
* NOTE: You can help parents become very effective frontline advocates. Check out  AASL’s “T he School Library Media Center: What Parents Should Know" [3.4.d.1]

2. Ask your A Team to identify what your target audience needs to know and how you can best reach them. Answer the questions below to start the thinking process:

What does your target audience know and think about your library media center right now?

What would you like them to know?

Is there anything they can do that can help you spread your message or achieve your goal?

What are the best ways to communicate with them?