5.4.f Your A-Team’s Frontline Advocacy Plan

Frontline Advocacy Toolkit

Congratulations! Your A Team has done a lot of creative thinking about how you can spread the message that your organization’s special library or information center is critical for carrying out your organization’s mission, helping employees do their best work and improving your organization’s bottom line. Now is the time to get it on paper so you can remember all your great ideas. Use the questions below to put all your ideas in one place.

  1. What is your goal? (What are you trying to accomplish?)

  2. What are your objectives? (Why is it important?)

  3. What is your message? (15 words or less)

  4. What data (or stories) support this message?

  5. Who is your target audience?

  6. Why should they care? What are the benefits to them?

  7. What are your strategies (the activities you’ll do to accomplish your goal)? Who will be responsible for overseeing them?