Your Special Library or Information Center's Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats





1. How does your special library or information center contribute to individuals’ success? To your organization’s bottom line?


2.What services or resources does your special library provide that is unique?


3.What do your users like best about your library or information center?



1.In what areas does your library or information center have fewer resources than you need?


2.What else needs improvement?


3.What do users and management wish you did better?


1.What could you do if only your library or information center had the resources to do it?


2.What is happening in the world now that you would like to take advantage of?


3.How can your strengths (above) open doors to opportunities for your special library?



1.What external and internal factors are most likely to negatively impact your special library or information center?


2.What library services are provided elsewhere with equal ease for users?


3.What weaknesses leave you vulnerable to cuts in or elimination of services, resources  or even of the library itself?