5.4.c.2 Your Parking Lot Speech

Frontline Advocacy Toolkit

The idea of this speech is that it conveys your message in a very short time, literally the time it takes to walk with a colleague from your cars to the building,  or to stop and chat with someone you meet in the employee cafeteria or grocery store. Developing one is well worth the little time it takes because it not only conveys your special library’s message, it can also spur the listener to action.

Start here: What is the main thing you want to say – in 15 words or less?

What anecdotes or data support this message? For help with using your data effectively, click Put Your Data to Work for the A Team. [5.4.c.1]




Why should the listener care? What are the benefits to him or her?

(If appropriate) What can the listener to do to help?