5.4.b Goals, Strategies, and Objectives for Special Libraries Worksheet

Frontline Advocacy

As a frontline advocate for your organization’s library or information center, you need to know and clearly state what you want to accomplish. This is your goal. You must also understand and be able to articulate the reasons why this goal is important. These are your objectives.

Start this process by asking yourself:

1. What did you learn by analyzing your library or information’s center’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?

2. What is your goal? State your goal as briefly and clearly as you can below.
  • Example 1: Our goal is to keep the Information Center open 10 additional hours per week in order to allow users greater access to the  information resources they need.
  • Example 2: Our goal is to develop a “personal librarian” service that will alert managers to new information as it arrives in the library.
  • Example 3: Our goal is to encourage employees who do not use the Information Center to explore how its resources and services can help them enhance their own job performance and results.   

State your goal in one sentence below:

3.    What are the reasons this is important? These are your objectives. Start by listing all the positive results you expect if this goal is accomplished. In the first example above, increasing access to your library or information center will allow people who have information needs that must be satisfied quickly to be better served.  In the second example, offering initiating “personal librarian” services will raise the visibility and enhance the reputation of the information center while fostering good will that is a natural byproduct of great personal service. In the third example, encouraging broader use of your information resources will raise the level of staff performance, improve decision making by management and enhance the perception of the information center’s role within the larger organization. There are certainly other positive results these three examples would generate.

What are your objectives? List them below:

4.    What are the negative effects if the goal is not achieved?

5.    Why should people care?