Frontline Advocacy Train the Trainer Program Materials

ALA 2010 Annual Conference

patricia glass schuman, dr. julie todaro, pat smith, dr. camila alire, claudette mclinn, marci merola, patty wong

The Frontline Advocacy Initiative: What do we want to accomplish?
Dr. Camila Alire, 2009-2010 ALA President

Every Voice Makes a Difference: Frontline Messaging Strategies
Patricia Glass Schuman, Past-President, ALA; President, Neal-Schuman Publishers & Foundation

In-Person, Virtual, and/or Digital Delivery of Frontline Advocacy: Designing Training to Meet Today’s Training Needs (word document)
Dr. Julie Todaro, Co-Chair, 2009-2010 ALA Presidential Initiative

Bringing it Home
Patricia Smith, Executive Director, Texas Library Association

Next Steps/Best Practice Reports: Sharing Your Successes
Marci Merola, Director, ALA Office for Library Advocacy

Packet Materials:

1. Cover Sheet (PDF)
2. Introduction Letter (PDF)
3. Neal Schuman Thank you (PDF)
4. Six Excuses That Won’t Work (PDF)
5. 23 Things for Frontline Employees (PDF)
6. 52 Ways to Make a Difference (PDF)
7. Eight Steps to Getting Started (PDF)
8. Your Parking Lot Speech/Message (PDF)

claudette mclinn and patricia h. smith, front line advocacy committee members


attendees of the frontline advocacy train the trainer program


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