National Survey Results

Between May 15 and June 5, 2009, 861 individuals took part in a survey conducted by Library Strategies Consulting Group on behalf of the American Library Association’s Office for Library Advocacy. Below are the survey results. Please note:  percentages may not total 100 due to rounding.

1. What type of library are you affiliated with? (Please check all that apply.)

Public                                                                                       32%
K-12 School                                                                            28%
Academic                                                                                 37%
Special                                                                                        6%
Library Network, Cooperative or Consortium                       10%

Question 1

2. My library engages in advocacy activities.

Yes                                           60%
No                                            24%
Don’t know                               16%

Question 2


Those who answered “Yes” to Question 2 were asked the following question:

3. My library works in coalition with other organizations on advocacy efforts.

Yes                                            74%
No                                             18%
Don’t know                                  8%

Question 3


Those who answered “Yes” to Question 3 were asked the following question.

4. My library's advocacy efforts include working in coalition with other organizations on:

Long term or ongoing advocacy             33%
A single-issue campaign                         12%
Both                                                          55%

Question 4


5. My library works with the following types of organizations (please check all that apply):

Other libraries                                        89%
Foundations                                           36%
Friends organizations                            51%
Civic organizations                                 41%
Businesses                                             29%
Schools                                                  58%
Government agencies or officials           48%
Paid lobbyists                                         21%
Volunteer lobbyists                                 16%
Arts organizations                                   29%
Other nonprofits                                     34%
Other (please specify)*                          18%

Question 5


*Of the 18% of respondents whose libraries work with “other” types of entities, the most common answer specified was “state/regional library association.”


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