PR Resources and Other Relevant Links

California Library Association
Keeps a Legislation page available with talking points and downloadable PDF files.

Colorado Association of Libraries
The Legislative Committee has a very good page where they post information, including the “Core Library Message,” links and downloadable READ posters featuring legislators.

Florida Library Association
Extensive advocacy page with links, fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations, advocacy tools, downloadable posters and PDFs.

Georgia Public Library Service
Extensive fact sheets, downloadable PDFs on Georgia libraries, links to library public relations resources.

State Library of Iowa
Very helpful: “The Telling the Library Story Toolkit was jointly developed by the Iowa Library Service Areas and the State Library of Iowa to assist Iowa libraries in explaining and demonstrating the value of their services in order to increase use of and support for libraries. Whether you need a bookmark, a template for creating an annual report, or suggestions for talking with policy makers, this site has what you need... and more!”

The website has a menu bar on the left where various tips and pieces of information are available.

New Jersey Library Association
Advocacy Resources page with “Advocating in a Tough Economy Toolkit” and links to ALA.

New York Library Association
Extensive advocacy page with protocol basics for meeting with legislators; sample advocacy letters; PDFs of advocacy brochures; PDFs of statistics, graphs and charts; contact information for elected officials.

Pennsylvania Library Association
Very organized: Has Local Library Action Kit materials in downloadable PDF form with PowerPoint presentations, radio spots and sample newsletter content.

Texas Library Association
Excellent “PR Rx” toolkits for public relations and media relations, including “65 Reasons to Love Your Library” toolkit

Wyoming Library Association

Coalition Building Homepage