Main Street Library At a Glance

Description and Purpose of Activity

The Main Street Public Library strengthens community, supports literacy, provides access to information, and fosters lifelong learning and enrichment.

 Library activities include selecting, purchasing, cataloging, processing and circulating books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, DVDs and music CDs for the use of the community.  Library staff members strive to fully answer requests for information and to locate needed items and articles.  They actively participate in community efforts to improve literacy by offering programs for all ages, particularly pre-school children and their caregivers.  The Library is also a place where free access to the Internet and computing is available.  The Library provides outreach bookmobile service to daycares and other stops within the City and offers a large number of electronic resource subscriptions. 

Accomplishments & Highlights 2009 

  • Increased service levels, experiencing the busiest days in the library’s history, following a trend that began in 2007.
  • Working with the local work force center, developed a Business and Employment Resource Area in the library.  The collection for this Resource Area was provided with the assistance of the Friends of the Library.
  • Replaced furniture in the Teen area with assistance from the Friends of the Library.  Finished repainting Teen area and added display shelving and slat wall (end cap display) in many places throughout the library.
  • Continued to gather information (particularly related to fundraising) and plan for a library expansion.
Activity Measures

Activity- 2009

Numbers completed- 2009

Registered cardholders


New items selected, ordered, catalogued and processed 


Reference questions answered


Circulated (checked out)


Hours of service (library)

65.5 hours/wk; 3,342 hours/year

Hours of service

1000 hours (approximately)



Programs offered (including Books & Stars)


Attendance at programs


Interlibrary loans sent to other libraries


Interlibrary loans received from other libraries


Uses of public Internet computers


Use of wireless Internet connection


Electronic (online) resources provided


Users of electronic resources


Initiatives in 2010 

  • Continue to implement the steps outlined in the 2008-2012 Library Long-Range Plan; evaluate progress towards goals and revise as needed.  Major goals of the plan are:  foster lifelong learning support information literacy and collaboration; the library as a welcoming, accessible and convenient public gathering place; diverse collections of print, media and electronic resources; information related to work and employment, school, business and personal life; developing a library facility that will support the services the Main Street Library community needs
  • Cut county bookmobile stops and proportionately reduce bookmobile staff hours accordingly.
  • Cut Sunday hours in order to reduce staff expenditures.
  • Celebrate the centennial of the Carnegie Library Building.
  • Continue to contribute substantially to the economic vitality of the community.

5. Follow-Up

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