5. Follow Up

Once the Budget Presentation Is Over

Once your budget has been approved, the cycle begins again.  There are steps you should take to smooth the way for the next budgeting process.

  1. Say “Thank you!” to decision-makers who have been part of the budgeting process.  Call or write and let them know that you appreciate their time and consideration of your library’s needs.
  2. Thank your Advocacy Committee members and other volunteers and stakeholders for their support of your library in the budgeting process.
  3. Let your staff know your appreciation for their efforts in creating your library’s budget.  Share any specific feedback you may have received from decision-makers.
  4. Debrief the process with your staff.  What went well?  What could have made the process more efficient?  What should you change in the next budgeting process?
  5. Begin again the ongoing progress of scanning the community to monitor needs, priorities, challenges and opportunities for providing service.  Keep a budget file that you add notes to that will help inform the next budgeting process.
  6. If you are requested to come back with a revised budget, respond quickly.  You should always go into a budget presentation with a “Plan B” in the event that your budget doesn’t receive approval.
  7. Budgeting can be a stressful process.  When your presentation is over, celebrate your efforts with your staff so that everyone feels they’ve participated in a good team effort.

Budgeting Best Practices

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