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    Today’s public libraries are consistently being challenged to do more with less--less money, less staff, and less time. It has never been more important for librarians, staff members, trustees, and others with a vested interest in their public libraries, to convey to their communities the value of the library. Advocacy, the process of acting on behalf of the public library to increase public funds and ensure that it has the resources need to be up to date, is critical to the success of libraries.
  • Libraries Prosper: A Guide to Using the PLA Advocacy Toolkit-- digital download
    The first in PLA’s new Train the Trainer series, this electronic publication supports the PLA publication Libraries Prosper with Passion, Purpose, and Persuasion: A PLA Toolkit for Success.
  • Libraries Prosper with Passion, Purpose, and Persuasion: A PLA Toolkit for Success
    Your Library is an Invaluable Community Resource! But does the public know that? Make your library’s message known with PLA’s newest publication: Libraries Prosper with Passion, Purpose and Persuasion: A PLA Toolkit for Success. As competition for dollars continues to intensify, library staff and trustees must learn to connect the library directly to what the community values most.
  • Turning the Page 2.0 Turning the Page 2.0 is a free public library advocacy training course developed and presented by the Public Library Association (PLA) with generous support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In this six-week, facilitated online course, library staff and supporters will learn how to create and tell their library's story, deliver effective presentations, develop a compelling case for support, and build and sustain partnerships along the way.  Turning the Page 2.0 will be offered six times through 2011 and 2012. 
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Available from ALA Editions

The Small Public Library Survival Guide

The Small Public Library Survivial Guide If you're among the nearly 80 percent of libraries deemed "small', serving populations of 25,000 or fewer, then Landau's survival guide will give you the tested and practical techniques to ensure your small library's survival and growth. Landau, a seasoned marketer, applies his three decades of corporate marketing experience to save a small library faced with funding cuts. His customer-centric approaches brought in resources, volunteers, and in-kind donations and earned the library local and national awards. Packed with hands-on guidelines for attracting local support and building partnerships, this user-friendly guide outlines multiple avenues for obtaining funding and increasing cash flow. His low-cost, no-cost, and easily implemented techniques provide a solid foundation for small library success. Visit the ALA Store.


Measuring Your Library's Value: How to Do a Cost-Benefit Analysis for Your Public Library

Measuring your Library's value cover image Under pressure to quantify the benefits your library provides? Is a cost-benefit analysis right for your institution? With tax-funded organizations under microscopic scrutiny, library directors need to make a strong public case for the value their library provides.

Measuring Your Library's Value, designed to serve large to medium sized public libraries, gives librarians the tools to conduct a defensible and credible cost-benefit analysis (CBA). This hands-on reference covers the economic basics with librarian-friendly terms and examples, preparing library leaders to collaborate with economist-consultants. Authored by members of the team that developed, tested, and perfected this methodology for over a decade, Measuring Your Library's Value is based on research funded by IMLS and PLA. Now you can credibly measure the dollars and cents value your library provides to your community. Visit the ALA Store.

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