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  • Media Relations Handbook for Libraries - The Media Relations Handbook for Libraries is designed to help you determine if your story is newsworthy or noteworthy- and to help you to try and get  media visibility for you events and programs without breaking the bank or taking up too much valuable staff time. Building on the ALA's Library Advocates Handbook, this communications tutorial will take you through public relations basics of outlets and media advisories to navigating through tough TV interviews.

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Creating Your Library Brand: Communicating Your Relevance and Value to Your Patrons

Creating Your Library Brand From McDonald's arches to Nike's swoosh, logos are part of the everyday landscape. These are the visual representations of brands' extensive marketing stories, defining the meaning and message of the company. Branding is one part of the marketing process that focuses on developing a laser-clear message and the means to communicate that message to the intended audience. But as a library, where does branding fit? In the new media mix, libraries need to stand up and effectively communicate their benefits as a preferred provider of information and entertainment resources. By following the step-by-step guidance of Doucett, branding pro turned librarian, libraries can begin to develop branding that makes a difference. With branding scaled and tailored to the nonprofit public library arena.The book covers everything from working with outside experts to evaluating and maintaining your library's brand, illustrated by case studies from other libraries. For those who have made a start, the chapters stand on their own—librarians can pick up wherever they left off. End-of-chapter exercises enhance the feedback process. Tips, suggestions for success, and answers to frequently asked questions ensure your team collaborates on a library brand that will bring more patrons through the door! Visit the ALA Store.

Visible Librarian: Asserting Your Value with Marketing and Advocacy

Visible Librarian Recent law, corporate, and even public library closings are the sad confirmation that libraries are no longer a given. Despite the fact that librarians bring unique value to their communities and organizations, too often their work goes on under the radar. The benefits provided by information professionals are invisible and taken for granted as Internet search engines replace real experts. It's time to assert your value and the value of the resources you marshal. Step from behind the desk or computer to make your community aware of just how indispensable your services are. Here are all the tools you need to become the "squeaky wheel" and attract the attention your work deserves. Use these practical strategies to connect with customers, make services both visible and valuable to the community, and get the word out using proven marketing, customer service, and public relations tactics specifically tailored to the library environment. Packed with all the best practices in marketing library services, this hands-on guide provides inspiring stories and case studies of library colleagues around the nation who are successfully advocating and marketing themselves and their services. Visit the ALA Store.

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