General Advocacy

  • Advocacy Action Plan Workbook (PDF)
    A guide designed to help you create an action plan for library advocacy. It will help you focus on what you need to do, how you intend to get it done, and how to ensure that the timing is maximized for the best results. The types of activities and task forces listed in the workbook are only suggestions. Depending on the type of campaign you design and what you believe will work best in your community, you might create other types of task forces with other types of activities.
  • 2011 State of America's Libraries Report 
    Libraries Report Read about the top ten challenged books, e-book controversy, wireless internet usage soars, taxpayers trust libraries, job-seekers and entrepreneurs turn to libraries, 65% of public visit libraries, and budget cuts.
  • Add It Up: Libraries Make the Difference in Youth Development and Education
    Research and statistics to help advocates make the case for libraries at every stage of youth development and education.
  • Advocacy Institute
    Looking to improve your advocacy skills? Want to meet fellow library supporters from across the country? Get the tools to become an effective library advocate at the Advocacy Institute.
  • Coalition Building: The Library Ecosystem at Work
    Building coalitions within the library community is at the core of the library ecosystem. Explore this web resource for examples of coalitions in action, best practices and ways to get started.
  • Frontline Advocacy Toolkit
    An Initiative of ALA President Camila Alire, this toolkit is designed to motivate, encourage, provide content, train, and educate librarians and library workers at the front lines in advocating for their libraries and their profession.
  • Budget in the Crosshairs? Navigating a Challenging Budget Year
    This guide will help you prepare and plan for your library’s survival and growth during tough economic times.
  • Getting Started as a Library Advocate
    Receive information on why you should be a library advocate, who can be a library advocate and why we need library advocacy now more than ever.
  • Library Advocate's Handbook
    The Library Advocate's Handbook covers basis techniques that work, whether you are seeking an increase in funding, campaigning for a new building or dealing with controversy on social networking or the USA PATRIOT Act.
  • Making Budget Presentations
    Tools, examples and perspectives to make presenting a library budget easier, and to help make your budget presentations more compelling.
  • Quotable Facts About America's Libraries
    Order or download one of ALA's most recognizable advocacy tools to bring to your community.
  • The Campaign for America's Libraries
    The Campaign for America’s Libraries is the American Library Association’s public awareness campaign that promotes the value of libraries and librarians.  Thousands of libraries of all types – across the country and around the globe - use the Campaign’s @ your library® brand.
  • Build Your Advocacy Campaign Fact Sheet - Developing Your Advocacy Plan (PDF) or word document

Available from ALA Editions

Visible Librarian: Asserting Your Value with Marketing and Advocacy

Visible Librarian Recent law, corporate, and even public library closings are the sad confirmation that libraries are no longer a given. Despite the fact that librarians bring unique value to their communities and organizations, too often their work goes on under the radar. The benefits provided by information professionals are invisible and taken for granted as Internet search engines replace real experts. It's time to assert your value and the value of the resources you marshal. Step from behind the desk or computer to make your community aware of just how indispensable your services are. Here are all the tools you need to become the "squeaky wheel" and attract the attention your work deserves. Use these practical strategies to connect with customers, make services both visible and valuable to the community, and get the word out using proven marketing, customer service, and public relations tactics specifically tailored to the library environment. Packed with all the best practices in marketing library services, this hands-on guide provides inspiring stories and case studies of library colleagues around the nation who are successfully advocating and marketing themselves and their services. Visit the ALA Store.

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