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At this point, however, there is a clear consensus…. School libraries are a powerful force in the lives of America's children. The school library is one of the few factors whose contribution to academic achievement has been documented empirically, and it is a contribution that cannot be explained away by other powerful influences on student performance.
Keith Curry Lance

Making the Case

Evidence continues to accumulate that supports what the library community has known for a long time: libraries benefit children and teens in a big way. From preschool through high school, both school library media programs and public libraries are crucial to the academic performance and development of the students who use them. | more

The Library Ecosystem at Work: A Message from the ALA President

I think of our school, public, academic, and other types of libraries as parts of an integrated library ecosystem. If one part of the system is threatened or suffers, the entire system is threatened and suffers. Libraries offer incredible lifelong learning opportunities, and yet no one type of library can deliver learning opportunities from cradle to grave. | more

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Add it Up: Libraries Make the Difference in Youth Education is a collaboration of many units within the American Library Association. They are available for further contact.

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Office for Library Advocacy, American Library Association, Toll-free: 800.545.2433, x2428 Fax: 312.280.3255 E-mail: ola@ala.org

Office for Research and Statistics, American Library Association, Toll-free: 800.545.2433, x4283 Fax: 312.280.4392 E-mail: ors@ala.org


American Association of School Librarians, A division of the American Library Assn., Toll-free: 800.545.2433, x4382 Fax: 312.280.5276 E-mail: aasl@ala.org

Association for Library Service to Children, A division of the American Library Assn., Toll-free: 800.545.2433, x2163 Fax: 312.280.5270 E-mail: alsc@ala.org

The Young Adult Library Services Association, A division of the American Library Assn., Toll-free: 1-800-545-2433, x4390 Fax: 312-280-5276 E-mail: yalsa@ala.org


Sara Behrman, Freelance Writer & Consultant, (503) 245-2528 (503) 246-3043 (fax)

RSL Research Group, Analysts: Keith Curry Lance, Marcia J. Rodney, Bill Schwarz