Preschool 0-5

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Public Libraries

All young children benefit from the opportunities to develop their early literacy skills and get ready to learn to read with the help of well-funded public libraries and pre-kindergarten programs.

  1. The public library provides an interactive free place for parents and their young children to enjoy the written and spoken word, aided by library staff skilled in early literacy techniques that parents can then replicate at home. | more
  2. Young children develop important literacy skills, enjoy positive learning experiences and prepare to enter kindergarten “school-ready” at the library. | more
  3. Young children disproportionately affected by the achievement gap can especially benefit from strong public library programs led by library staff dedicated to their needs. | more
  4. Young children see the public library as a “great good place” where learning is fun. | more
  5. Public library programming and books for children make a difference. Public libraries provide engaging programs and amazing collections that help students from all backgrounds become excited and enthusiastic readers. | more
  6. Students begin to connect reading and are motivated to read, thanks to entertaining group activities planned by well-trained library staff. | more
  7. Students can get a head start on early reading success, if they are given opportunities to use public libraries. Students who are exposed to print-rich environments are more successful in school. And, they can go on to be successful lifelong learners, if that early boost is built upon by school library media programs. | more

School Library Media Programs

A well-staffed, adequately funded school library media program is an integral component in a student’s education. Through these programs, students develop the all important learning for life skills, as well as an appreciation for the written and spoken word, and visual image.

  1. Students achieve more academically when their teachers and school librarians plan and deliver instruction collaboratively. | more
  2. Students are more likely to be successful academically if they have the benefit of library programs led by a state-certified school librarian. | more
  3. Students’ academic success is fostered by a well-funded school library program. | more
  4. Students are more successful academically when their teachers benefit from professional development opportunities offered by their librarian colleagues. | more
  5. Disadvantaged students have a better chance of succeeding academically when they attend schools with strong library programs. | more