Digital Divide
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by Nancy Kranich
President, American Library Association
January 2001

The Benton Foundation.  What's Going On, Losing Ground Bit by Bit: Low-Income Communities in the Information Age , Washington, DC: Benton Foundation, 1998.

In the ideal picture, schools and their resources, including school libraries, are intended to help level the playing field and make sure all American children are academically successful. In practice, we know this is not always the case, that schools in poor neighborhoods have fewer resources and more academic challenges. The Programme for International Student Assessment in 2009 looked at 15-year-old students’ library use and educational performance.

The ALA has five key action areas that drive its mission to promote the highest quality library services and access to information for all people. These key action areas are a perfect way to organize a series of activities .

Programming suggestions for each of these five key action areas are discussed below. Programs and displays around these key action areas can also serve as a backdrop to your event.