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ACRL's online courses and webcasts and designed to meet the demands of your schedule and budget.  ACRL e-Learning webcasts are 1.5 hours in length. Webcasts take place in an interactive, online classroom environment with one user/one login. A group registration allows an institution to project the Webcast to participants in the same location.

October 2014

Moving from Impossible to Manageable: Helping Students Manage and Focus Research Topics (October 22, 2014)
Learn tips and strategies about collaborating with academic faculty to offer meaningful instruction addressing the skills students need to use when they go about defining, modifying, and planning an “information need” at the beginning of the research process.

November 2014

Precision Googling: Techniques to Extract Exactly What You Want from the Largest Search Engine (November 13, 2014)
This interactive webcast will include a review of advanced search techniques, syntax, and operators; explanation of recent changes to the search interface; hands-on practice with advanced search operators and tools; and real-time exploration of and discussion of the algorithms that generate user-specific results.

January 2015

Reaching out to International Communities Through Student Engagement, Outreach Services and Embedded Librarianship (January 13, 2015)
How can librarians best support their international communities?  This webcast addresses how librarians can collaborate with academic and non-academic partners to support and connect with international students through various programming and outreach services.

Rethinking the Book Container: Advancing the Role of the Library as Publisher (January 21, 2015)
Within this webcast, the presenters will look at the principles of eBook publishing and examine one application of the library-as-publisher model. Examine the eBook and eTextbook publishing landscape with a particular interest in the tools available to create or support long-form reading interfaces for library materials.

April 2015

Beyond Worksheets: Using Instructional Technologies for Authentic Assessment of Student Learning (April 7, 2015)
Academic librarians are no strangers to assessment, but figuring out how to implement authentic assessment can be tricky. We all want our instruction to help students, but how do we know if they are actually learning? This interactive webcast will share successful and easy to implement authentic assessment techniques and tools that will have students showing off their skills in no time.