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ACRL's online courses and webcasts and designed to meet the demands of your schedule and budget.  ACRL e-Learning webcasts are live events 60-90 minutes in length. Webcasts take place in an interactive, online classroom environment with one user/one login. A group registration allows an institution to project the Webcast to participants in the same location.  ACRL webcasts are recorded; recordings are made available to registrants shortly after the live event.

February 2017

Charting a New Course for Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses in Higher Education (February 22,2017)
Librarians often see “instructor” added to their growing list of responsibilities. This webcast dives into big-picture considerations for teaching library credit courses.  What does the future of credit-bearing information literacy courses look like?  Learn about both shared and individual experiences with incorporating the Framework, introducing new pedagogical models, internal and external challenges facing credit-bearing courses, and plans for future program growth.

What’s so super about supercomputing? A very basic introduction to high performance computing (February 28, 2017)
Offered by ACRL and LITA
This webcast provides a bare-bones introduction to high-performance computing, also known as HPC, supercomputing, and under many other monikers. This program is a unique attempt to connect the academic library to introductory information about HPC. Librarians who are learning about researchers’ data-intensive work should consider familiarizing themselves with the computing environment often used to conduct that work.

March 2017

Essentials of Usability Design for Library Research Guides (March 8, 2017)
Web design, in the form of creating online research guides, has become a big part of many librarians’ jobs, but we’re rarely taught how to do it well. Most of us learn the nuts and bolts of how to make guides, without learning the principles of how to make them usable -- the simple techniques of visual and textual design  that can help us create guides that users will understand more easily, and stick around to use.  Learn about easy to use principles of usability that can immediately improve your research guides.

April 2017

Navigating Without a Chart: Perspectives on the Basics of Acquisitions (April 20, 2017)
Are you a relatively new recruit to the world of acquisitions? Then this engaging, interactive introduction to the basics of this field is for you. Two acquisitions librarians and a library director will share their insights and diverse viewpoints while exploring various approaches and methods that can help acquisitions librarians set sail on a successful career voyage. Topics will include optimizing budgets and staff time, negotiating prices, working with vendors, resource trials, and much more.