ACRL 2012 Spring Virtual Institute Lightning Talks

Featured Lightning Talks

Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 2:30 - 2:45 p.m.

The Art of Library Collaborations: Archives and Documentaries
Learn about a two-year collaboration between a state-wide arts festival organization and a large university library that demonstrates the benefits of preserving organizational history while promoting library resources and services to a broader community.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about the successes and mutual benefits of a partnership with a large arts organization.
  • Learn about the pitfalls of a partnership with a large arts organization, and how to avoid similar situations themselves.
  • Learn about the use of online video as a means to promote services and collaborations.

Presenter(s): Greg Hatch, Head of Fine Arts and Architecture, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah; Mariam Betlemidze, University of Utah

Thursday, April 19, 2012, 2:15 - 2:30 p.m.

See it, hear it: When Oral Histories and Art Collide
Over the years, oral history has allowed our academic library to extend its physical reach beyond the traditional campus.  In 2011, one successful partnership paired excerpts from oral history interviews in our collection with a traveling exhibit sponsored by a major arts organization in the United States at a local museum.  This lightning talk will feature background on how the partnership developed, illustrate the working relationship between our library and the museum, include a discussion of benefits for parties involved along with overall project outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of how to repurpose oral history collections with organizations outside the library.
  • Learn about the importance of establishing connections even when no specific collaboration is apparent.
  • Learn how to seize opportunities to grow library collections through partnerships.

Presenter(s): Juliana Nykolaiszyn, Assistant Professor/Oral History Librarian, Oklahoma State University; Latasha Wilson, Oral Historian, Oklahoma State University

Asynchronous Lightning Talks

A Balancing Act for Collaboration Between Libraries and Information Providers
Collaboration with an information provider or vendor can be one of the most satisfying yet challenging arenas for an academic or research library because that interaction represents a balancing act between the buyer-seller relationship and a partnership for mutual benefit.  This presentation will explore the dynamics of that collaboration, success factors, and best practices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the factors that impact their collaboration with an information provider or vendor.
  • Apply best practices for collaboration with external partners.
  • Modify their project to maximize success for their institution.

Presenter(s): Valerie Ryder, Director of Information Strategy, Wolper Subscription Services

Campus-wide Collaboration Through an iPad Users Group
It's tempting to think that iPads may be the gadget zeitgeist of the day but mobile devices have long-term and long-reaching implications for higher education.  As the university community begins to embrace mobile devices, librarians need to not only position themselves as techno-guides in their academic communities, but take the opportunity to establish themselves as leaders in this area.  One way to accomplish this is to for a  user group with campus partners. This lightening talk will cover the impetus, inception, and best practices related to forming a collaborative, cross-campus group similar to the Penn State iPad User Group.

Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees will gain insight and ideas about how libraries can contribute their knowledge and expertise related to mobile devices to their academic community
  • Attendees will gain insight and ideas about how they can collect ideas from their academic community to implement in libraries
  • Attendees will identify steps they can take to begin an iPad Users Group at their institution as a collaboration between campus pårtners

Presenter(s): Emily Rimland, Information Literacy Librarian, Penn State University Libraries

Collaborating Across the Campus: Librarians and Faculty Create a Course-Specific, Online Research Guide for Students
Discover how librarians and faculty collaborated at San Jose State University to create a course-specific online tutorial and research guide designed to meet the growing demands of a popular GenEd (General Education) course, Health Science 1.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the elements necessary in a successful online learning tool.
  • Identify courses that could be good candidates for web-based library instruction.
  • Recognize the steps essential to successful collaboration with campus faculty.

Presenter(s): Ann Agee, Reference Librarian, San Jose State University

Collaborating Through Common Core Standards
The adoption of Common Core Standards for student learning has developed into a major focus of k-12 education.  States are defining educational expectations of all students and the actions of teachers and future teachers based on these standards.  This presentation will address the following issues:  (1) overview of the Common Core Standards and correlation to AASL and ACRL standards, (2) adoption of the Common Core Standards, (3) importance of librarians and the Common Core Standards (4) outreach and collaboration efforts with the community, and (5) websites and apps that can assist with addressing the Common Core Standards in libraries.

Learning Outcomes

  • The attendees will understand the Common Core Standards State Initiative and how it impacts the greater community.
  • The attendees will understand methods for outreach to the community based on the Common Core Standards.
  • The attendees will acquire a set of resources for the adoption and outreach for the Common Core Standards.

Presenter(s): Katherine Farmer, Director of Curriculum Materials Center/ Education Research and Instruction Librarian, Murray State University

Collaboration with Study Abroad Programs: Extending, Proving, and Strengthening the Academic Library
Extend your library's reach, prove your resources’ value, and strengthen your campus community by collaborating with your study abroad department. This presentation will describe a new collaboration between a study abroad office and academic library at a small, rural university. It will outline the methods of collaboration, with a focus on providing advice to new librarians who want to form collaborations on their campuses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the major information needs of undergraduate students studying abroad in order to serve those needs and support student success abroad.
  • Utilize a variety of outreach methods in order to successfully support study abroad students.
  • Describe the ways that this collaboration would support students, the campus community, and the library in order to gain buy-in from stakeholders.

Presenter(s): Tammy Ivins, Reference Librarian, Francis Marion University

Everyone Loves Local History:  How Institutions Can Collaborate to Engage the Public
Using local history as a catalyst, learn how to collaborate with area institutions to create low cost, innovative, and successful public programming.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to establish a collaborative network among local institutions.
  • Create low cost and innovative public programming around the theme of local history.
  • Plan your own public programs based on three successful examples.

Presenter(s): Alyssa Pacy, Archivist, Cambridge Public Library

Information Literacy Inside: Bringing the Research Experience to Students in a Correctional Facility
This presentation will discuss how librarians and faculty collaborate to bring the research experience to a group of students in a correctional facility. The students have no technology and few academic resources in the facility’s library, presenting unique challenges to conducting research.  An innovative research instruction program was developed to ensure these students experience the research process as other college students do and to help them feel connected to the academic library.

Learning Outcomes

  • Approach the research process from an innovative perspective
  • Understand how librarian-faculty collaboration benefits non-traditional students
  • Create a research instruction program without the use of technology

Presenter(s): Megan Dempsey, Instructional Services Librarian, Raritan Valley Community College; Nanette Peterson, Reference Librarian, Raritan Valley Community College; Jessica Darkenwald-DeCola, Instructor of English, Raritan Valley Community College

Writers in the Library: a successful and fun town/gown program
The Writers in the Library was established in 1998. It provides a forum for writers and readers to connect in a comfortable forum.   Readers for the program are from a broad range of writers:  fiction, non-fiction, playwrights, musicians and even print makers! They also range from undergraduate award winners to National Book Award winner and Poet Laureate. The Webinar will discuss how the program is a successful outreach program both off and on campus; illustrate some “tricks of the trade” and talk about how to advertise, budget and preserve the readings.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define good practices of a successful outreach program in order to provide an understanding of the complexities involved in creating one.
  • Demonstrate budgetting mechanisms in order to sustain joint support for a program
  • Explore copyright and recording of events to ensure preservation of them.

Presenter(s): JoAnne Deeken, Writers in the Library, University of Tennessee Libraries

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