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  1. What Can We Do Better?

    The Board of the Video Round Table is very interested in hearing from departing members about what we can do to better. If there is any aspect of the activities and services we currently support that can be improved, or something else we can be doing that ...

    1117619 - 01/12/2017 - 13:58 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  2. VRT Events at ALA Annual 2016

    Dear Colleagues, It may still be cold where you are today, but things are bound to look brighter this June when thousands of information professionals from all over the country will be converging on sunny Orlando, Florida. ALA Annual 2016 will be a place ...

    1117619 - 01/18/2017 - 08:37 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  3. VRT Events at ALA Midwinter 2017

    Below is the VRT schedule for the ALA Midwinter Conference in Atlanta.  Questions?  E-mail VRT! Events are open to all except where otherwise indicated.   Saturday: January 21st 8:00- 5:00 PM Notable Videos for Adults Committee (closed meeting), Marriott, ...

    1117619 - 01/18/2017 - 08:27 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  4. VRT at 2017 Annual Conference Program Proposal Form

    Asterisked Fields Must be Completed Proposal deadline is August 31, 2016. Title of session * Program description (100 words or less) * Goals & learning outcomes (100 words or less) * Target audience & estimated audience size * Program organizer As ...

    HORBAL125 - 07/13/2016 - 13:12 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  5. Mentorship Program

    Are you a seasoned professional who would like to share your knowledge and experience with a new video librarian or student VRT member? Or, are you a new media librarians looking for guidance?  If so, we invite you to take part in VRT's new mentorshi ...

    1053018 - 03/05/2014 - 15:50 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  6. Committee Volunteer Form

    Contact Name * Job Title Institution Institution Address Telephone (Work) Telephone (Home) * E-Mail * Committee Preferences Use numbers 1-5 to indicate order of preference, with 1 being the most preferred. Membership: Responsible for promoting membership ...

    1053018 - 05/29/2012 - 13:09 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  7. Notable Videos for Adults Online Suggestion Form

    You must have viewed the program in its entirety before completing this form. Title of Production * Year of Production Year of Video Release Distributor * Distributor's URL Distributor's Address Distributor's Phone Distributor's E-Mail ...

    1053018 - 05/29/2012 - 13:09 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  8. VRT Gala Program Committee

    Roster Ms. Lorraine A. Wochna (Chair, July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017)- Work Phone: (740) 593-2699 Ohio University Acq Alden Library 412 1 Ohio University Athens, OH 45701 Ms. Julia Churchill (Member, July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2017)- rushfa ...

    HORBAL125 - 12/06/2016 - 15:20 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  9. VRT Events at ALA Annual 2017

    Below is the VRT schedule for the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago. Questions?  E-mail VRT! Events are open to all except where otherwise indicated.   VRT Gala: Tuned In, Turned On! Videofreex Tape the World 7;00- 9:00 pm, Sunday, June 25 Join VRT for dri ...

    HORBAL125 - 03/14/2017 - 11:04 - Video Round Table (VRT)

  10. VRT_brochure_print.pdf

    Information for prospective and new members VRT brochure (.pdf) Who should join VRT? Any librarian who work with video collections and services in libraries or who has an interest in learning more about video in libraries. Video producers and distributors application/pdf attached to:Information Literacy Frameworks and Standards Committee

    admin - 12/08/2015 - 20:36 - Video Round Table (VRT)