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  1. Fandom

    Fandom refers to a community of people who are passionate about something, whether it’s a film, a band, a television show, a book, or a sports team. [1] The growing availability of media and social networks have provided individuals more opportunities to ...

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  2. Fast Casual

    Fast casual is a new and growing concept in restaurants, positioned between quick service restaurants (QSRs), like McDonalds, Burger King, or KFC, and casual restaurants, such as Denny’s, Applebees, or Chili’s. The fast casual concept’s hallmarks include ...

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  3. Anonymity

    Anonymity, long a hallmark of communication on the internet, is a promoted feature of applications (Whisper, Secret) and forums (Reddit) allowing users to share information secretly.    How It’s Developing Social media provides a platform to share informa ...

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  4. Maker Movement

    Do-it-yourselfers, tinkerers, hackers, entrepreneurs, and interested learners are finding opportunities to make what they want and determine their own creative paths. Makers take advantage of the availability of new technology and traditional craft tools, ...

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  5. Data Everywhere

    Data collection and management is not a new trend, but new technologies have greatly improved the opportunities to collect, store, and analyze customer data and personal information. The explosion of mobile devices, internet-connected devices, and applica ...

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  6. Collective Impact

    In the face of limited resources and persistent, big social issues (hunger, poverty, violence, education, health, public safety, the environment) organizations from different sectors are adopting common agendas to combat issues within their communities.  ...

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  7. Privacy Shifting

    The way that society and individuals value privacy will change, especially as technologies require the supply of more and more personal information; become smaller, cheaper, and more available; or monitor users and connect to the internet. Individuals wil ...

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