Responsibilities and Duties: ACRL Committee Appointees

Each committee has a chair and vice-chair as well as members appointed to staggered term lengths to facilitate the continuity of ACRL committee work. Committee vice-chairs are appointed for a one-year term as vice-chair followed by a one year term as chair. It is important that committee appointees are knowledgeable about the committee’s charge, current work, responsibilities for advancing the ACRL strategic plan, and current Board priorities.

This tip sheet summarizes some of the key responsibilities and duties of committee appointees. For more in-depth information please refer to chapters 3 & 7 of ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures (requires member log-in). URLs for all online materials and forms are provided under the ACRL Resources heading.

Responsibilites and duties of Committee appointees

• Be familiar with and understand the committee charge.
• Maintain membership with ALA and ACRL.
• Be willing and able to participate in the activities of the committee, support its mission or concern, and carry out assingments in a timely manner. 

Joint responsibilities of Chair and Vice-chair

Association and Literacy

• Be familiar with ACRL's Guide to Policies and Procedurces, report and request forms and other online resources.
• Consult with the outgoing chair about current activities, programs, and projects, so that transition is as seamless as possible. 

Leadership and Communication

• Establish and maintain a relationship with the committee’s Board and staff liaisons.
• In discussion with the committee’s Board liaison, develop an annual work plan which includes measurable outcomes to advance the committee’s work in connection to the ACRL strategic plan, Charting our Future: ACRL Strategic Plan 2020, and current Board priorities.
• Assign duties to committee members and monitor progress toward achieving outcomes.
• Copy the committee’s Board and staff liaisons on important communications about the work of the committee.


• Conduct all meetings in accordance with ALA’s "Open meetings" policy, which states: all meetings of the ALA and its units are open to all members of the press. Closed meetings may be held for the discussion of matters affecting the privacy of individuals and institutions.
• Understand that committee members must follow ALA’s standard registration requirements for the ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference.  

Duties of the Chair

• Prepare a written report of activities and committee progress to achieve annual work plan outcomes for the Board annually.
• Submit documents for Board consideration at least four weeks before the scheduled date of meeting and copy the committee’s Board and staff liaisons.
• Preside at all committee meetings or arrange for the vice-chair to preside.
• Make recommendations to the Appointments Committee Chair on reappointment of effective members.
• Notify the ACRL President and Executive Director of resignations submitted.
• Maintain and condense the committee files and pass them on to the incoming chair at Annual Conference.

Duties of the Vice-chair

• In consultation with the chair and staff liaison, arrange the date, time, and location of committee meetings with ALA Conference Services.
• Arrange to have notes taken at each meeting that capture decisions made and articulate next steps. Distribute meeting notes to committee members and the committee’s Board and staff liaisons within two weeks of the meeting.
• In consultation with the chair and staff liaison, manage the committee's budget.  Each committee has $150 to cover basic expenses.  The committee's ACRL staff liaison can assist you with the reimbursement proces.  If more than $150 is needed, consult with your staff liaison who will advise on next steps. 
• In consultation with the chair and staff liaison, request funding as appropriate for conference programs by submitting a Conference Program Proposal using the online form.

ACRL Resources

1. Committee charges and rosters are listed in the ACRL Directory of Leadership at as well as in ALA Connect at

2.  ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures can be found at

3. The ACRL strategic plan, Charting our Future: ACRL Strategic Plan 2020, reaffirms the fundamental purpose of the association and positions it for the coming years.  Review the plan at

4. Tips and podcasts on effective meeting preparation by ALA Parliamentarian Eli Mina can be accessed at (Members only)

5. Search for ALA member contact information at

6. Update your membership profile or status by calling ALA Member and Customer Service at 800-545-2433, extension 5 or visiting