Meeting Highlights

This form is helpful as a "early alert" on the major actions of your group and should be sent to the ACRL office within two weeks of your meeting. Use of this form is not mandatory! What is mandatory is a copy of the minutes from each ACRL and section committee or other unit. (Please send the minutes within one month of your meeting, even though they may not be approved until your next meeting.)



Chairperson:_________________________________Date(s) of Meeting(s):_____/_____/_____

For Committees:

Members present:

Members absent:



Summary of discussion and action; indicate progress made on objectives in the ACRL Strategic Plan:




Recommendations for Division Board action:




Attach relevant documents, e.g., agenda, work completed.

Return to: ACRL/ALA, Meeting Highlights, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795.