Publications in Librarianship: Guide for Authors

We are delighted that you are considering publishing with ACRL Publications in Librarianship. Since 1951 our series has produced books reporting research and scholarly thinking about issues important to academic and research librarians. The series is edited by an editorial board of ACRL members, appointed with the approval of the ACRL Publications Committee and is published by the ACRL staff.

Kathryn Deiss, Content Strategist, and Dawn Mueller, Production Editor at ACRL, are responsible for production and promotion of your book. Craig Gibson currently is editor of ACRL Publications in Librarianship. He and his colleagues on the editorial board work with authors to develop manuscripts that can be published in the series. The editorial board looks forward to seeing your work.

Review of Submissions for Publication

Authors or editors may submit their work in one of three ways: a proposal, a completed manuscript, or a dissertation. Authors or editors must complete a Publication Proposal Form.

Ideally authors/editors will send one or more chapters with a proposal. Each proposal is then read by three members of the editorial board and the editor. Review of proposals normally takes two months. If the reviewers think the project has merit, they will prepare detailed comments for the author/editor. The Call for Book Proposals includes a short sampling of potentially significant topics that might help authors/editors determine suitability for the PIL series.

Completed manuscripts are reviewed by three members of the editorial board and the editor. (Readers of proposals and manuscripts are not necessarily the same.) Normally this review takes three to four months. If the reviewers find the manuscript in need of revisions, they will send comments to guide that revision. If the manuscript is accepted, the editor will return it copyedited.

Dissertations are reviewed by one member of the editorial board and the editor. Normally this review takes three months. If the reviewers find the dissertation worth developing, they will send comments and suggestions to guide revision.

For all projects favorably received by the editorial board, the editor will work with authors or editors to establish a timetable for development and publication.

Project Development and Book Production

The Editor of ACRL Publications in Librarianship maintains regular contact with authors and editors as they write and revise their books. In preparing their manuscripts, authors and editors should follow Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition, for spelling and The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, for style. Should a work be more suited to a different editorial style, the author/editor should consult the editor. Initial submissions should be double-spaced with adequate margins (at least one inch on each edge) to allow for comments. All pages should be numbered consecutively in a single sequence.

ACRL Publications in Librarianship requires authors and editors to submit the final, edited version of their manuscript in electronic form. The ACRL Director of Publications will design the book, working from this electronic copy of the manuscript and will provide authors with such details as typefaces, point sizes, headings, page numbering, etc. He will also assume complete responsibility for cover design and execution, title page and verso, and the index (if not done by the author).

ACRL Publications in Librarianship is currently, and for some time, likely to remain principally a series of print on paper books. Nevertheless, we are eager to use electronic publishing to promote and supplement our printed volumes. For example, we have mounted on the ACRL website abstracts, tables of contents, and purchasing information that are related to books produced in the series. Authors are encouraged to suggest other ways to promote and supplement their books.


Copyright of published works is retained by the American Library Association. Authors/editors are asked to sign a contract with ACRL prior to publication in which the copyright for the work is assigned to the American Library Association and the rights and responsibilities of both parties are spelled out. Please read the contract carefully to be sure you understand and agree to all of its provisions. If there are any questions regarding the contract, contact the ACRL Director of Publications.

Rights and Permissions

If copyrighted material is to be included in the work, it is the responsibility of the author/editor to obtain permission from the copyright holder. A sample permission request letter is included in Appendix I. Copies of all permissions must be included with the manuscript submission.


ACRL pays 10% royalties to authors, once direct production costs are recovered. Direct costs are those directly related to the manufacture of the book itself: printing, binding, indexing (if not done by the author), and cover design.


ACRL Publications in Librarianship volumes are promoted in various ways:

  • An ACRL publications catalog, which lists all ACRL titles in print, is produced. The catalog in recent years has been in electronic form and is maintained on the ACRL Website.
  • ACRL distributes books through the use of advance purchase plans, in cooperation with ALA.
  • ACRL publications are available for sale at the ALA Store at the Midwinter Meetings and the Annual Conferences, as well as at ACRL National Conferences.
  • At the time of publication, a promotional notice will appear in C&RL News and a press release will be sent out by ALA.
  • At the time of publication, an article describing your book and its significance will appear in C&RL News.

For more information about book projects or submission guidelines, please contact:

Craig Gibson
Associate Director for Research and Education
Ohio State University
305G Thompson Library
Phone - 614-292-5466
Email -


Appendix I

Permission Request

Association of College & Research Libraries
50 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611



I am writing to request permission to reprint the following material:


Title __________________________________________________________

Pages ________________________

Date ____________________________

I would like to include the above in my forthcoming publication to be published by the Association of College & Research Libraries:

Author/Editor ___________________________________________________

Title __________________________________________________________

Pages (approx.) ____________

Date _____________

Print run (approx.)--1,000 __________

I am requesting nonexclusive world rights to use this material as part of my work in all languages and for all editions.

I will use the standard scholarly form of acknowledgement, including author and title, publisher's name, and date, unless you request otherwise.

If you do not hold the copyright, or if I need additional permission from someone else, please indicate.

Thank you for your help.




The above request is approved with the understanding that full credit to the source will be given.

By _____________________________________________

Date ______________

Additional conditions: