Call for Book Proposals

The Association of College and Research Libraries invites proposals for monographs and collections of essays that address significant issues facing our profession and its role in higher education.

ACRL Publications in Librarianship is a series of monographic and edited volumes that has reported on scholarly thinking in academic and research librarianship since 1952. While it currently has a number of projects under consideration, the editorial board is always interested in proposals and manuscripts. Below is a short sampling of potentially significant topics. Each one is open to broad interpretation.

  • Assessments: discussions of how the declining emphasis on inputs reshapes professional standards, accreditation reviews, outcome measures, and/or the kinds of user surveys that are worthwhile.
  • Institutional relationships: discussions of aligning collection development strategies with the university’s overall development and institutional standing; of assessing the effectiveness of information literacy programs; and/or of creating partnerships ("civic engagements") with the broader community.
  • Services and collections: discussions of specialized library units, such as digital collections centers and geographic information systems centers; budgeting for electronic collections; and/or the state of art of collection building in particular disciplines or types of librarianship.
  • Scholarly communication system: analytical discussions of the open-access movement; of the "endangered species" problem in monograph publishing; and/or other issues involving our relationships with other co-stakeholders in the scholarly system.
  • Library administration and education: discussions of the changing workforce; of recent MLS graduates; of non-librarian professionals in academic libraries; of the skills needed by library directors who oversee large IT units; and/or the role of library education programs in preparing academic professionals.

This list is merely suggestive—contemporary academic librarianship involves an indefinitely large range of significant topics. The editorial board will consider any topic of broad interest.

This series has fairly short turnaround times for manuscript reviews and for getting successful proposals to press. It pays attention to the marketing of titles. Its books have a large automatic audience: hundreds of libraries have blanket ACRL acquisition orders and many librarians order their own copies, or buy them at conferences.