ACRL @ 2012 ALA Annual Conference

ACRL Programs at the 2012 ALA Annual Conference
June 21-26, 2012, Anaheim, California


President’s Program (joint program with ALCTS)

Future of the Book: Innovation in Traditional Industries


AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy - Preparing College-Ready 21st-Century Citizens with Integrated Information/Media Literacy Programs in Education

Academic Library Services to International Students Interest Group - Addressing Global Diversity: Meeting the Needs of International Students in Academic Libraries

AFAS - HBCU Library Alliance - History and Accomplishments

CLS - Reference Resurrected: Models for the 21st-Century College Library

Committee on the Status of Academic Librarians - The Current Status of Academic Librarians: The Best of Times or the Worst of Times?

Copyright Committee - Campus Copyright Initiatives: Roles and Opportunities for Libraries

DLS - Embedded Librarian Best Practices: You Can Do It, We Can Help

EBSS - Ubiquitous Video: Can Libraries Offer It? (Or Can Libraries Adapt?)

Health Sciences Interest Group - NIH’s Public Access Policy and the Library: Use, Development, and Ramifications

Individual Proposal - Diving in and Learning to Swim as a New Distance Education Librarian

Individual Proposal - Ya' at' eeh!  Serving American Indian students

Individual Proposal - Grown Ups Just Want to Have Fun! Library Play Programming for College Students of All Ages

IS - Learning Styles: Fiction, Nonfiction, or Mystery?

LES - Fair Use, Intellectual Property, and New Media

Publications Coordinating Committee - Riding the Publishing Rollercoaster: Practical Strategies from Research to Writing

RBMS - The Current State of Bibliography, and Its Future as Practiced and Supported in Special Collections Libraries

Research Program Committee - Curation as a Form of Collaborative Research

Residency Interest Group - Winning on Two Fronts: How Library Residencies Are Placing Libraries at the Leading Edge of Innovation and Diversity Initiatives

STS - Preparing Tomorrow’s Science Professional

ULS - The Librarian Has Left the Building: Keeping the Knowledge Alive through Succession Planning

WESS - Documenting Sexual Dissidence and Diversity in France, Italy, and Spain

WGSS - “Insert Catchy Label Here or the End of Gen Y, Digital Natives and the Millennial Student Myth.”