Arts Section Orientation Manual -- DRAFT


First Draft: December 1990 . First Edition: July 1991.
Revised: July 1993, July 1994, July 1995, June 2002, June 2005

Contents:  Mission  |   Governance Procedures  |   Leadership  |   Publications  |   ACRL Resources  |   History

  1. Mission    

    The Arts Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries provides a forum for discussion, learning, and resource sharing between librarians and others working in or interested in the visual and performing arts.

    Many specialist librarians in the arts belong to other professional organizations, such as: Art Libraries Society of North America, Music Library Association, and Theatre Library Association.  Therefore, the Arts Section serves as an umbrella group for special librarians primarily associated with academic collections emphasizing architecture, art, cinema, music, or theater and for other librarians who have an active interest in these and related subjects (i.e. book arts, design, dance, film/video, television) whether or not it is part of their current positions.

  2.    Arts Section Governance Procedures.
    Go to this page for the latest version of the Section's governance procedures. The governance procedures describe the responsibilities of the Section's leaders and groups.
  3.    Arts Section Leadership.
    of current Section officers, committee members, and other leaders are accessible on the ACRL website.
  4.    Arts Section Publications.
    1. Arts Section Newsletter.
      1. Purpose. The Arts Newsletter provides information about the Section and other content of interest to the membership. Issues are accessible on the Arts Section website.
      2. Newsletter Editor Responsibilities.
        1. The newsletter editor's term is not specified; however, each editor should expect to serve two years: one year as the Assistant Editor, one year as Editor.  The selection can be made by the newsletter editor or the section Executive Committee, with the assistance of the Publications and Research Committee. The newsletter editor is an ex-officio member of the Section Publications Committee.  The   newsletter editor should keep in contact with all of the section officers and chairs, and should try  to keep abreast of the activities of other arts-related library and information associations.  The   newsletter editor has the opportunity to meet with other ACRL editors at the annual conference  breakfast.  The ACRL contact person is the editor of C&RL News.
        2. The newsletter editor is responsible for soliciting all material to be published.  Section officers   should be asked to provide relevant section news such as meeting reports, program   announcements, new appointments, etc.  Other news items and feature articles should be requested  from section members and non-members as well.  Related arts organizations should be asked to   send their news and announcements.  These solicitations need to occur at least one month before   the publication deadline.  The editor selects which of the submitted items will be published.  News  concerning ALA, ACRL, and the Arts Section has the highest priority.  Other items should   reflect the interests of the Arts Section membership.  A balanced representation of the various   art forms is desirable.  The editor edits the material and prepares the layout.  The design of the   publication should retain some semblance of consistency.  No changes affecting the cataloging   of the publication are to be made without prior approval by the section Executive Committee and   the ACRL Publications Committee.  Masthead information must appear in accordance with ACRL  policy.  Two people should proofread the newsletter. 
        3. The editor coordinates the publication deadlines for each fiscal year with the C&RL News editor at ACRL headquarters.  At present, the newsletter appears in the Spring and Fall; the volume number Changes with each fiscal/academic year; Fall is number one and Spring is number two of each   volume.  Biannual publication is contingent on ACRL funding; in some years only one issue may be funded.  The camera-ready copy (i.e., eight 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of paper) is sent to the   C&RL News editor at ACRL headquarters so that it arrives by the prearranged deadline.  It is  mailed out to the membership by the printer.  The newsletter editor may arrange an alternative   means of publication and dissemination, but must then take full responsibility for any cost, overrun,  delays, errors, etc.
        4. Each issue is eight standard-size 8 1/2 x 11 pages.  If additional pages are needed, the section Vice-Chair must request extra funds by December 1 of the preceding fiscal year (i.e., at least ten months in advance).  As an alternative, ACRL will support the publication of one 16-page issue per year.    If necessary, the editor could produce a single "double-issue."
        5. The presently allocated run is 10% over the section membership.  Part of this 10% is distributed to  the other section newsletter editors.  If additional copies are needed, the section Vice-Chair must  request the extra funds by December 1 of the preceding fiscal year in the section budget.
    2. Arts Section Website.
      1. Purpose. The Arts section website is an important information resource and communication tool for the Section.  It lists the current Section Officers, Committee Chairs, and Committee members, affiliates, meeting minutes, and business/activities pertaining to the Arts Section. 
      2. Webmaster Responsibilities. The website is coordinated by the Section's  Webmaster, who is also an ex officio member of the Publications Committee.
  5.    ACRL Section Resources
    1. ACRL Contact Information
    2. Resources for Working with ACRL. Includes  Forms and Guide to Policies and Procedures
  6.    Section History
    1. Newsletter archive, compiled by Thomas Caswell
    2. Minutes of meetings
    3. Lists of past leaders
    4. Election histories
    5. Old manual

DRAFT -- Revised 9 June 2005