Minutes of the Meeting of the Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee of ACRL-STS

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
Science and Technology Section (STS)
Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee
Minutes of the Midwinter meeting
3 February 2014

Via conference call


The ACRL/STS Science Resources: Discovery & Access Committee met (via conference call) on February 3, 2014 (Monday).

All members of the committee were present:  Amanda L. Whitmire, Jennifer W. Roach, Carolyn Rauber, Khue D. Duong, Laura L. Barnes, Sandra Barclay, Betty Landesman (co-chair), and Larayne Dallas (co-chair and recorder)

Introductions:  The meeting began with members introducing themselves.

Updates from STS Council 1:  Betty Landesman and Larayne Dallas shared highlights from the STS Council 1 meeting, which was held in-person during the 2014 ALA Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia (2014).  These included a call for committee volunteers and especially a call for volunteers to serve on the Program Committee for ALA Annual in San Francisco (2015).  Of particular note:  Elizabeth Berman is asking for volunteers to work on STS social media efforts.  The Oberly Award is again facing funding challenges; ALA representatives have asked for more money to back the award. 

MARC Advisory Committee:  Sandra Barclay, STS’s representative to the international MARC Advisory Committee, reported on the group’s discussions at ALA Midwinter.  She described in-depth and careful consideration of issues related to the MARC format.

Committee Status and Webpages:  Members briefly discussed the committee’s history and charge.  Conversation turned to the committee’s webpages and a need for updates.  Betty offered to provide a summary of recent committee activities.  Larayne will submit that summary and also a request for correction of the committee roster.  The lack of recent minutes posted to the committee’s site was noted.  Larayne will check ALA Connect and, if necessary, with Margaret Mellinger, past committee co-chair, to try to find minutes to post on the committee’s pages.

Past Projects / New Projects:  Betty described the committee’s work as collaborative, including an effort in coordination with the ACRL/STS Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group.  Members briefly discussed updating “Essential Readings in e-Science,” a committee-produced article that was published in 2011.  Discussion indicated a preference for taking on a new project.  Additional discussion brought the group to a new topic for exploration.  The proposed project would center on sources for open data.  The product of the project would (probably) be a guide to help librarians and others find data for use in research, school assignments, and exploration.  Further, the plan was to compile a list of lists.  Two examples of the type of product include Data.gov and Databib.org.  Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship (ISTL) was suggested as a logical way to disseminate the product. 

 To advance project planning, members decided to share ideas by e-mail and work toward a final definition of the project as well as a structure which would allow a division of tasks among the members.  Larayne would send a follow-up message asking for comments on the proposal and for strategies to assist in division of labor.  Members agreed to a comment period of two weeks, following receipt of the request for comments.

Another meeting?  Members expressed a preference for continuing work using e-mail, rather than planning another conference-call meeting or using ALA Connect.