ACRL's Scholarly Communication Initiative

In January 2002, the ACRL Board of Directors voted to begin a scholarly communications initiative, based on the report of the Scholarly Communication Task Force. Below are documents defining the scope of the initiative and describing work completed to date under the initiative.

Minutes, agendas, reports and other public documents by ACRL's Research and Scholarly Environment Committee from the most recent years are available in their ALA Connect Community. Historical documents are listed below.

ACRL's 2007-2008 Scholarly Communication Agenda 
ACRL scholarly communication agenda as presented by the Scholarly Communications Committee to the ACRL Board of Directors in May 2007.

Past Agendas:  2006-2007 Agenda
                       2005-2006 Agenda
                      2004-2005 Agenda
                      2003-2004 Agenda
                      2002-2003 Agenda

Scholarly Communications Report (June 2008)
Periodic reports on the ACRL Scholarly Communication Initiative, submitted by the Scholarly Communications Committee to the ACRL Board. 

Past Reports: June 2007
                     June 2006
                     June 2005
                     June 2004

ACRL's Scholarly Communication Research Agenda (June 2004)
A list of proposed research topics that, if successfully researched, would document the effect of scholarly communications issues on all types of academic libraries.

Assessment of ACRL's Scholarly Communications Program (June 2006; PDF)
This report provides an assessment of the ACRL scholarly communications program, which began as an ACRL initiative in January 2002 upon ACRL Board approval of the recommendations of the ACRL Scholarly Communications Task Force. The task force report recommended that the initiative be authorized for an initial three-year period, that it be assessed at the end of that time, and that it be continued as a regular ACRL program if the assessment found that the initiative was effective and worthwhile.

Principles and Strategies for the Reform of Scholarly Communication (June 2003)
This document is intended to be a foundation statement that provides overall guidance the ACRL scholarly communications initiative. 

Open Access and the ACRL Serial Publishing Program (June 2004) members only access ( Members only; PDF)
White paper by ACRL staff addressing the issues surrounding open access and exploring financial implications for ACRL were it to adopt an open access model of publication for its serial publications. The paper was presented to and discussed by the ACRL Board at its June 2004 meting. If you are not a member of ACRL and would like access to this paper, e-mail  Kara Malenfant .

Announcement of ACRL's Scholarly Communication Initiative
April 2002 press release announcing ACRL's scholarly communication initiative.

Report from the ACRL Scholarly Communications Task Force
January 2002 report to the ACRL Board recommending the scholarly communications initiative.