ACRL Information Literacy Initiatives

For those working in Information Literacy, ACRL offers a variety of initiatives related to:

   Professional Development

The ACRL Immersion Program provides in-depth training and learning opportunities for both new librarians in instructional positions as well as those instruction librarians in charge of building information literacy programs.

The IS Mentoring Program pairs librarians experienced in teaching with librarians new to instruction or to the Instruction Section. The program creates a forum for learning opportunities, networking, and the exchange of ideas between paired mentors and mentees.

The IS Professional Education Committee encourages the development of professional education for library school students and librarians with instruction-related responsibilities. Initiatives include regularly conducting a survey to ascertain the continuing education needs and interests of instruction librarians.

The IS Management & Leadership Committee promotes the effective leadership and management of academic library instruction programs through a variety of ongoing initiatives, including promoting the "Standards for Proficiencies for Instruction Librarians and Coordinators" document.

The STS Information Literacy Committee maintains an information literacy wiki to examine, review, and collect relevant science resources that can be used as part of information literacy instruction to science students and faculty.


The Best Practices Project started as an initiative of the former ACRL Institute for Information Literacy and is now overseen by the ACRL Instruction Section. The first phase of the project culminated in the approval of Characteristics of Programs of Information Literacy that Illustrate Best Practices: A Guideline.

The Standards Toolkit is a set of tools, web pages and other resources that will help you to use the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.

Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction: A Model Statement for Academic Librarians 
This document fleshes out and makes more specific the Standards, Performance Indicators, and Outcomes of the Competency Standards.

The IS Teaching Methods Committee identifies and promotes effective teaching methods of instruction librarians. Ongoing projects include reviewing new information literacy textbooks and creating an annotated bibliography related to the first-year experience.

The IS Instructional Technologies Committee publishes an ongoing Tips & Trends series promoting new and emerging technologies for use in the classroom.

   Partnerships for Information Literacy

The Community Partnerships Initiative sought to bring together librarians from school, academic, public and special libraries with community members and organizations to prepare the public to utilize information efficiently and effectively

The AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy provides a forum for sharing ideas on information literacy in K-20 environments and serves as a source of professional development opportunities in this area.


The TLT Group helps educational institutions improve teaching and learning by making more thoughtful use of information technology. TLT offer tools, information, training, and consulting that accelerate educational improvement while also helping to control the costs and ease the stresses of change.

PRIMO: Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online Database
A partnership between the Coalition for Networked Information and ACRL. This project intends to provide an effective method for librarians to display and share instructional materials that they have designed for teaching about seeking and evaluating information in a networked environment.