Welcome to the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy

We invite you to browse the IIL Web site to read announcements, learn more about IIL, about IIL programs, and about information literacy, including related publications. Please contact Carrie Donovan (cdonovan@indiana.edu) if you have questions about the ACRL Immersion Program.

IIL has three basic goals:

  1. Prepare librarians to become effective teachers in information literacy programs;
  2. Support librarians, other educators and administrators in playing a leadership role in the development and implementation of information literacy programs;
  3. Forge new relationships throughout the educational community to work towards information Literacy curriculum development.

Program initiatives include:

  1. Immersion Program
    The Immersion Program is comprised of four tracks that provide intensive information literacy training and education for instruction librarians.
  2. Information Literacy Consultants for Subject-Specific Information Literacy Standards
    The Institute for Information Literacy appoints persons to serve as Information Literacy Consultants to Sections that are in the process of adapting the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education to their disciplines (such as the Information Literacy Standards for Anthropology and Sociology Students.  For an overview of this process, see Tip Sheet #4: Developing Subject-Specific Information Literacy Standards)

Past initiatives include:
1. Institutional Strategies: Best Practices
A program that assists individual institutions in developing strategies for developing and implementing effective information literacy programs.  The ACRL Instruction Section has taken on this initiative. 

2.  Integrating Information Literacy into National Surveys
The College Student Surveys Project Group of the Institute for Information Literacy works with creators of the National Survey of Student Engagement and the Community College Survey of Student Engagement to include questions addressing information literacy into the surveys. 

IIL Organization

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Publications about the Institute for Information Literacy

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