Immersion '12 - Teacher Track: Individual Development for Instruction Skills

Immersion '12 - Teacher Track: Individual Development for Instruction Skills

Dates and location
July 22-27, 2012
Champlain College - Burlington, Vermont

Registration fee
ACRL member: $1,875
Non ACRL member: $1,975

Registration includes

  • Tuition
  • All meals during the program dates
  • Twice-daily refreshment breaks
  • Private online course and discussion list for all participants and faculty
  • Social event

Immersion Program participants are invited to stay in lodging on the Champlain College campus. Approximate costs for the 2012 program range from $35 per night (single residence hall room with shared facilities) to $52 per night (single suite-style room). Rooms will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Immersion '12 Teacher Track focuses on individual development for those who are interested in enhancing, refreshing, or extending their individual instruction skills. Curriculum includes classroom techniques, learning theory, leadership, and assessment framed in the context of information literacy. Participants selected for the Teacher Track will prepare a description of an instructional situation and a related presentation in advance of the Immersion program. During Immersion, participants will revise the presentation based on feedback from colleagues and faculty.  

Learning Outcomes
After participating in the 4.5 day Immersion Teacher Track program, you will be able to:

  • Design meaningful instructional activities that address different learning styles, recognizing different student motivations, backgrounds, and experiences, in order to address student learning needs in a coherent and systematic fashion.
  • Adopt a constructivist approach to information literacy instruction in order to develop a theoretical perspective and foundation for selecting teaching approaches and learning activities.
  • Teach from a learner-centered perspective in order to engage students in the learning process.
  • Analyze and assess personal teaching methods, habits, and styles in order to expand pedagogical repertoire and shape diverse learning situations.
  • Assess student learning in order to inform and improve practice.
  • Develop and articulate a personal perspective of information literacy in order to make its applications to professional and personal life effective and meaningful.
  • Capitalize on personal leadership characteristics/potential in order to commit acts of leadership and affect change in institutional/professional practice.

Who Should Apply?

Librarians and graduate students in library and information science programs are eligible to apply.

The Immersion '12 Teacher Track is for you if:

  • You have little or no experience as a teacher or if you have experience teaching but would benefit from a focus on the fundamentals.
  • You want to understand more about learning theory, and how to design lessons and assignments that accommodate different learning styles.
  • You want an opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your teaching.
    You need to understand the role of assessment in improving your teaching techniques and the design of lessons and assignments. You want to identify and build on your leadership skills.

How to Apply

All Immersion programs establish a learning community in which participants contribute to the success of the program through active engagement. Participation is limited to ensure an environment that fosters group interaction and active participation. A competitive application process will be used to select participants. The ACRL Immersion Program Committee reviews and selects participants. Please read through the instructions below thoroughly before you start the application process.

Application Deadline
Friday, December 2, 2011 (11:00 p.m. CST)

Application Instructions

1. Review the Characteristics for Successful Applicants and Teacher Track rubric before you start the online application form.

2. Writing the essays and responding to questions, arranging for funding and requesting letters of reference and support all take time. You are encouraged to begin early, and to prepare and submit your materials as soon as possible. Once you have begun the online application form, you can revisit your statements as many times as needed until they are complete and ready to submit. The deadline cannot be extended due to last minute illnesses or emergencies.

3. Have the following information prepared before you begin your online application form:

  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Presentations and publications
  • Letters of reference. Two letters of reference are needed. Reference letters should be in English and should be made out to the "Immersion Program Committee." You will need to cut and paste the text of the letters into the application form.

    Librarian Applicants
    Reference one.
    Letter from your director or current supervisor who can address the commitment of the institution to information literacy, your role in that process, and why you should attend.

    Reference two.  Letter from a professor, colleague, faculty member, etc., who can address how Immersion '12 will further enhance your career plans and professional development.

    Graduate Student Applicants
    Two letters of reference from professors, library supervisors, etc. who can address how Immersion '12 will further enhance your career plans and professional development.
  • Candidate statements
    Part One: In a 500-word statement, describe your approach to teaching, what and who has influenced your teaching, and your teaching aspirations/goals. Describe why you decided to apply for Immersion.

    Part Two: For each of the following four topics, write a 200-300 word statement addressing relevant issues.
  1. In light of the Immersion learning outcomes, what are the major immediate or future benefits you hope to derive from Immersion for yourself and your institution?
  2. Explain how the culture of your library and your campus affects the way that you teach and your opportunities to teach.
  3. With a foundation of information provided by Immersion faculty, participants actively and collaboratively contribute to and extend their learning in an environment that encourages creativity and risk taking. How would you benefit from and contribute to this community during immersion? (text box)
  4. Describe an example of your ability to take initiative and your potential for growth in information literacy projects.

4. Access the online application form. You may save an incomplete application, and edit or add additional information before the submission deadline date. An ID number and password will be assigned to you when you submit your proposal. Be sure to print your ID number and password and keep them in a safe place; you will need these in order to edit the proposal at a future time.

5. Please note that Immersion is an individual application process, and acceptance into the program is for an individual applicant. There is no institutional ownership of an accepted-applicant slot, and if for some reason, an accepted applicant cannot attend, another person from that institution may not be substituted. The next accepted applicant on the ranked waiting list will be offered the slot.

6. A limited number of partial scholarships are available for Teacher Track applicants. Scholarships are typically funded in the $400-600 range. You can apply for scholarship funds on the Teacher Track application form.


Notifications will be issued via e-mail in February 2012.

Questions may be directed to Margot Conahan,, 312-280-2522      .