Information Literacy Coordinating Committee

Charge: The Information Literacy Coordinating Committee is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work of its component committees in order to monitor and address a broad range of information literacy initiatives and programs in ACRL designed to support the profession and to ensure that these efforts align with the ACRL strategic plan.

Executive Committee: This committee is comprised of the ILCC chair, vice-chair, the chairs of the component committees (see below), and the past-chair of the ACRL Instruction Section. This group will provide coordination and leadership for the Coordinating Committee's activities. Roster | ALA Connect

Component Committees

  1. AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy: This committee focuses on how to prepare K-20 students to be information literate and will provide a channel of communication to the respective divisions. It will be a forum for sharing ideas on information literacy in K-20 environments and a source of professional development opportunities in this area. Roster | Website | ALA Connect
  2. Immersion Program Committee: This committee acts as an oversight council for the Immersion Program, works with ACRL staff to develop marketing and application materials, and reviews applications for the four Immersion tracks. Roster | Website | ALA Connect
  3. Information Literacy Professional Development Committee: This committee works with ACRL on all IL-related professional development offerings; manages the peer consultants’ database; collaborates with ACRL chapters to develop regional programming opportunities. This committee coordinates its activities with, and may collaborate with, the Immersion Program Committee. Roster | Website | ALA Connect
  4. Information Literacy Standards Committee: This committee oversees the development of discipline-specific information literacy standards, including soliciting and selecting Information Literacy Consultants, providing guidance for groups developing standards, reviewing drafts, and updating documentation related to the process. This committee is responsible for the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education document, which includes proposing a process to the ACRL Board for how that document should be revised. Roster | Website
  5. Information Literacy Web Site Committee: This committee administers the ACRL Information Literacy web site, appoints the Editor, and creates opportunities for ACRL sections, members and other ALA partners to participate in further developing an extensive collection of information literacy resources and initiatives. The committee guides the development of the web site as an international information literacy resource, recommending policies and procedures as needed; monitoring and responding to trends in information literacy, recommending enhancements to the Web site, and collecting relevant data for assessment. Roster | Website | ALA Connect

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