Guidelines for Funding Members of the Liaisons Assembly

  1. Only liaisons to non-library organizations whose positions are on record with the ACRL Liaison Coordinating Committee may apply for funding.
  2. ACRL units managing liaison relationships with target organizations are encouraged to contribute funding for the work of their liaison.
  3. Liaisons submit a funding proposal to the Liaison Grants Committee by August 1 of the upcoming ACRL fiscal year (FY), although proposals for unexpected opportunities may be considered after that date (see item 8 below).
    • Proposal Deadline: August 1, 2017 for FY18 = September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018
    • Note: All reimbursement requests must be submitted to ACRL by August 15 of the funded year.
  4. Funding proposals should include:
    1. A detailed description of the activities/projects proposed for the upcoming year(s) with a detailed timeline. Please include statements regarding priorities if multiple activities/projects are proposed.  Multi-year projects can be accommodated within one funding proposal.  These activities/projects may include:
      • Contact with leaders of the target organization.
      • Appointments to target organization committee or working group.
      • Publications.
      • Presentations and workshops at conferences or other events.
      • Development of outreach material for a target group.
      • Other creative activities/projects.
    2. A statement on how these activities/projects support ACRL goals and priorities as well as advance the interests of academic libraries. See ACRL’s Plan for Excellence.
    3. The fiscal year(s) that the proposal covers and a budget request outlining estimated costs and justifications.
    4. A list of clearly defined outcomes.
    5. A comprehensive assessment plan.
  5. Factors considered in evaluating funding requests:
    • Completed activities during the past year or previous working relationships with the target organization.
    • Multi-year commitments and/or activities beyond conference attendance.
    • Activities reflecting a goal, priority or outcome as articulated in the ACRL Plan for Excellence and offering potential significant accomplishments for the ACRL vision.
    • Activities having the potential to advance the interests of academic libraries.
    • Funding Evaluation Rubric
  6. Examples of reimbursable expenses:
    • Project-related supplies (excluding computer or media equipment and software).
    • Publications support (for other associations’ journals).
    • Outreach or presentation materials (e.g. handouts, brochures, newsletters).
    • Conference registration fees.
    • Travel expenses, including hotel accommodations and ground transportation.
    • Per diem or meals.  ALA per diem rate is $50/day or for individual meals reimbursement (up to $10 breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $25 for dinner).
    • Other expenses, if documented and given prior approval.
  7. Reimbursement for liaison expenses is tied to submission of reports suitable for distribution to the ACRL Board and for possible publication by August 15 of the FY funding was allotted. Reimbursement will conform to ALA/ACRL expense and reimbursement guidelines.
  8. Requests for unanticipated activities/projects/opportunities will be entertained throughout the year as funding and ACRL reimbursement deadlines allow. Liaisons are advised to provide proposals for special projects as soon as possible after they become aware of them.
  9. A liaison who has been awarded funds by the Liaisons Grants Committee for the fiscal year can request reimbursement more than once before the final August 15 deadline.  The total amount reimbursed before August 15 will not exceed the amount awarded.  The actual receipt of the funds requires a written report, receipts, and completion of the reimbursement form, in advance of your reimbursement request.  

    Submit all materials to our ACRL Staff Liaison, Allison Payne, at the address included on the form.  Please also send a message to the Chair of the Liaisons Grants Committee to indicate that you have sent the paperwork to Allison Payne, along with a copy of your progress report.  Do also post your report to the Liaison Assembly in ALA Connect.

    To request midyear reimbursement a liaison will undergo a same process as the end of the year reimbursement and submit the following:
    • progress report, including:
      • the reason for the partial reimbursement request
      • a brief report of activities that have been accomplished
      • the specific funding request amount
    • receipts
    • ACRL reimbursement form
  10. If you do not plan to request reimbursement (e.g. you do not plan to submit a funding proposal or you are unable to participate in certain liaison activities for which you proposed and were awarded funding), please notify the Grants Committee and Coordinating Committee Chairs.