Assessing Liaison Program Effectiveness

The ACRL External Liaisons Committee (ELC) will submit a Liaison Program Assessment Report to the ACRL Board of Directors at each Annual ALA Conference. The report will:

  • summarize the activities reported by the liaisons,
  • itemize the expenses and liaison activity outcomes supported through the Liaisons Grants Working Group funds,
  • document the liaison support delivered by the ELC,
  • recommend new target organizations for which the ELC might recruit and appoint ACRL liaisons,
  • indicate the extent to which the overall liaison program is or is not achieving its purpose, with recommendations for improvement as necessary.

Information that the ELC will gather to assess whether the liaison program is achieving its purpose will include reports from liaisons and sponsoring ACRL units that document:

  • how their liaison activities support a direction or priority as articulated in the ACRL Strategic Plan,
  • how well the relationship is advancing the interests of academic libraries, 
  • what specific goals and outcomes of the liaison relationship represent significant accomplishments for the ACRL vision, 
  • committee appointments, attendance at conferences, papers presented, articles published, and leadership positions held (i.e., has the individual actively participated in  and influenced the work of the target association).