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As more librarians develop point of need instruction and integrate new tools into their pedagogical practice, there is a growing need to bridge the gap between “traditional” information literacy instruction and an increasingly tech-focused academic environment. The Immersion '13 Teaching with Technology program will provide a practical and design-minded framework for evaluating instructional technologies in order to integrate them more effectively into face to face and/or online teaching. The curriculum of this program includes instructional design, online learning theories, a critical and accessible approach to instructional technology, and strategies for creating engaging and outcomes-focused instructional experiences. Participants selected for Teaching with Technology will prepare a description of an instructional situation from their own context in which incorporating, revising, or supplementing technology would enhance learning, then apply introduced strategies, tools, and concepts to their scenario throughout the program.

Teaching with Technology takes a “blended” approach that consists of an initial day-long face to face (f2f) workshop at the ALA Annual Conference followed by four weeks in an online environment. Prefaced by readings, the majority of the f2f meeting will focus on theoretical and practical applications of instructional design in an online or tech-supported environment. Issues such as learning theories, utilizing technology to assist with workflow and instruction, and pedagogy will be discussed and the participants will leave with an action plan for the online portion of the program.

At the f2f meeting participants will form cohorts that will work together for the online portion of the program with a faculty member overseeing the group. This will allow for continued interaction and the development of a community of practice as participants work on their final scenario-related assignments.

Final Assignment
Using the tools and strategies introduced in the online program, participants will take a design approach to creating a learning object or experience using selected technology tool(s) and share it with other participants.

Learning Outcomes
After participating in the Teaching wtih Technology program, you will be able to:

  • Develop a personal technology literacy framework that emphasizes practicality and accessibility in order to integrate outcomes-based instructional technology into teaching and learning
  • Utilize reflection and dialogue in order to foster a critical approach to instructional technology applications
  • Integrate instructional design methodology in one's teaching practice in order to create learner-focused, engaging, and innovative instructional experiences

Who Should Apply
Librarians and graduate students in library and information science programs are eligible to apply.  The Immersion '13 Teaching with Technology Program is for you if:

  • You are interested in taking a design approach to integrating technology into your teaching practice.
  • You want to explore practical applications of learning theory and accessibility.
  • You want an opportunity to develop and receive feedback on a technology-supported learning object or experience.
  • You want to build your skillset for online learning development.

Program Details

Dates and location
June 28, 2013
Chicago, IL

The program will be held in conjunction with the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.

How to Apply

All Immersion programs establish a learning community in which participants contribute to the success of the program through active engagement.  Participation is limited to ensure an environment that fosters group interaction and active participation. A competitive application process will be used to select participants.  The ACRL Immersion Program Committee reviews and selects participants.  Please read through the instructions below thoroughly before you start the application process.

Application Deadline 
Friday, December 7, 2012 (11:00 p.m. CST)

Application Instructions
1.  Review the Teaching with Technology Rubric before you start the online application form. 

2.  Writing the essays and responding to questions, arranging for funding and requesting letters of reference and support all take time. You are encouraged to begin early, and to prepare and submit your materials as soon as possible. Once you have begun the online application form, you can revisit your statements as many times as needed until they are complete and ready to submit. The deadline cannot be extended due to last minute illnesses or emergencies.

3. Have the following information prepared before you begin your online application form:

  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Presentations and publications
  • Letters of reference.  Two letters of reference are needed.  Reference letters should be in English and should be made out to the "Immersion Program Committee."  You will need to cut and paste the text of the letters into the application form. 

    Librarian Applicants
    Reference one. Letter from your dean/director or current supervisor who can address the commitment of the institution to information literacy, your role in that process, and why you should attend.

    Reference two.  Letter from a colleague, faculty member, LIS professor, etc., who can address how Immersion '13 will further enhance your career plans and professional development.

    Graduate Student Applicants
    Two letters of reference from professors, library supervisors, etc. who can address how Immersion '13 will further enhance your career plans and professional development.
  • Candidate statements
Part One: In a 500-word statement, address why you decided to apply for Teaching with Technology. Please also describe your approach to using technology in teaching, including what and/or who has influenced your practice.

Part Two: For each of the following four topics, write a 200-300 word statement addressing relevant issues.

1.  Describe how outcomes from Immersion match or strengthen your goals and your own and your institution’s goals.
2.  Describe an example of your most challenging or most rewarding experience using technology for library instruction.
3.  Describe your experience with online learning either as a student or an instructor and how this experience has influenced your philosophy of developing, delivering, or assessing online information literacy.
4.  With a foundation of information provided by Immersion faculty, participants actively and collaboratively contribute to and extend their learning in an environment that encourages creativity and risk taking. How would you benefit from and contribute to this primarily online community during Teaching with Technology Immersion?

4. Access the online application form.  You may save an incomplete application, and edit or add additional information before the submission deadline date.  An ID number and password will be assigned to you when you submit your proposal. Be sure to print your ID number and password and keep them in a safe place; you will need these in order to edit the proposal at a future time.

5.  Please note that Immersion is an individual application process, and acceptance into the program is for an individual applicant.  There is no institutional ownership of an accepted-applicant slot, and if for some reason, an accepted applicant cannot attend, another person from that institution may not be substituted. The next accepted applicant on the ranked waiting list will be offered the slot.

Notifications will be issued via e-mail in February 2013.

Questions may be directed to Margot Conahan,, 312-280-2522.