Immersion Teacher Track Rubric

The application process for the ACRL Literacy Immersion Programs is competitive.  ACRL's Immersion Program Committee reviews applications and selects participants for Immersion.  Applicants to the Teacher Track must demonstrate a clear match between the track outcomes and the goals of the individual. The following rubric may help Teacher Track applicants better determine if their application meets the evaluative criteria.


  • Demonstrates the ability to reflect on their experience as a teacher.
  • Shows evidence of having taken initiative in information literacy projects (in the workplace or graduate school).
  • Shows evidence of potential for growth and impact in information literacy projects (in the workplace or graduate school).
  • Articulates how they would benefit from and contribute to the collaborative learning environment at Immersion
  • Clearly articulates how outcomes from Immersion match their personal and institutional goals.
  • Demonstrates understanding of important elements of their current or future library’s and their campus’ culture.

Letters of Reference: Librarian Applicants

  • Confirm that the applicant is the right person from the institution to attend. 
  • Demonstrate the library’s readiness for, support for, and commitment to information literacy.
  • Demonstrate the institution’s commitment to information literacy.

Letters of Reference: Graduate Student Applicants

  • Demonstrates how Immersion will enhance the candidate’s career plans and professional development.


1. Information literacy instruction is a component or potential component of applicant’s job.
  ______Yes _____  No

2. Application includes two letters of reference.
  ______Yes _____  No 

3. Applicant has previously applied for the Teacher Track of Immersion.
______Yes _____  No