Immersion Teaching with Technology Track Rubric

The application process for the ACRL Immersion Program is competitive.  ACRL's Immersion Program Committee reviews applications and selects participants for Immersion.  In addition to considering background elements such as the type of institution where applicants come from and relevance of the track to current experience, the committee uses the rubric outlined below.  Applicants may find it useful in determining if their application meets the evaluative criteria.


  • Clearly describes their approach to using technology in teaching, and major influences on their current practice.
  • Clearly articulates how outcomes from their Immersion participation would match or strengthen their own and their institution's goals.
  • Exhibits an understanding of the benefits or challenges of using technology for library instruction.
  • Expresses personal commitment to and/or enthusiasm for developing, delivering, and assessing online information literacy instruction.

Letters of Reference

  • Demonstrate the library or institution's readiness, support, and commitment to online information literacy instruction.
  • Demonstrate how Immersion will enhance the candidate's career plans and professional development.