Online Courses

ACRL's online courses and webcasts and designed to meet the demands of your schedule and budgetACRL e-Learning courses are multi-week, online courses delivered through the Moodle platform.  Course activities are primarily asynchronous and require approximately three to five hours a week.

February 2016

The Library Workplace in the 21st Century (February 22-March 12, 2016) 
The library workplace has changed dramatically from what it was 20, 10, or even 5 years ago.  Our tools have evolved, library user expectations have increased and the fundamental nature of performance expectations in the 21st century workplace have changed.  This multi-week online course introduces the concept of the learning organization and plants the message of employee ownership, serving as a starting point for the shift towards employee autonomy and an ownership mindset.

March 2016

Recent Developments in Fair Use (March 21-April 15, 2016)
Over four weeks, get up to date in copyright law, with a particular emphasis on fair use. The first week will be devoted to an overview of current U.S. copyright law, with special attention to areas of the law that affect libraries.  The second week will cover fair use in the area of electronic reserve, with particular attention to the Georgia State case. The third week will cover fair use in the area of mass digitization, with attention to Authors Guild v. HathiTrust and Authors Guild v. Google. The final week will explore additional fair use cases from the last decade alongside proposals for legislative reform of copyright in the United States.   

July 2016

Designing Curriculum & Developing Educators for the Information Literacy Courses of Tomorrow (July 18-August 5, 2016)
Is your information literacy course in need of an overhaul?  Do you want to deliver exceptional learning experiences through your credit course?  This online course will focus on information literacy curriculum development, including consideration of the Framework for Information Literacy and high impact practices with regards to content development and delivery.