ACRL OnPoint Chat Archive April 8, 2010: Maximize Your Chance of Success: Advice for Writing a Winning Proposal for ACRL 2011

12:00-1:00 CST/1:00-2:00 EST/11:00-12:00 MST/10:00-11:00 PST
The deadline for National Conference proposals is fast approaching! Our presenters will help you think more strategically about your presentation options, writing, and content. This is an excellent opportunity to tap the experience of seasoned ACRL national conference leaders and organizers who can help you understand the art and science of developing a successful proposal.The session was moderated by Steven Bell, co-chair, Keynote Speakers Committee; Trevor Dawes, co-chair, Poster Session Committee; Erin Dorney, co-chair, Virtual Conference Committee; Marie L. Radford, co-chair, Contributed Papers Committee. The moderators have written winning proposals and served on previous National Conference committees responsible for selecting proposals.

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09:52 blendedlibrarian
i have an opening statement to get things going - and thought we'd first throw out a few possible topics - and then open it up for what attendees would like us to cover - how does that sound

09:56 blendedlibrarian
So, is there anyone here who wants to present at ACRL 2011?

09:56 rashford

09:57 Carissa Tomlinson
i am representing my Health Science Interest Group

09:57 lmestre
I will be proposing for EBSS

09:57 Carissa Tomlinson
and we have a few members who would like to do a panel

09:57 Kathy

09:57 blendedlibrarian
Ok - you came to the right place

09:57 millerlibrarian
yes - 2 different panel pres!

09:57 penrose_reference
we're planning a panel session

09:57 denisegaro
we want to do a panel presentation

09:57 Eric
i'm looking to do a conference paper

09:58 rashford
Yes, panel and paper

09:58 rbryan8
Yes, a possible panel

09:58 Kathy
I am interested in proposing a workshop

09:58 blendedlibrarian
what about cyber zed shed or poster - they are fun

09:58 Mary Iber
I am wondering what the appropriate format is...what is the difference between a paper and a panel.

09:58 millerlibrarian
poster also sounds interesting!

09:58 blendedlibrarian
hold those questions

09:58 Tony
I am interested in proposing a paper... and have never done so for ACRL...

09:58 lmestre
I agree: Cyber shed is a fabulous venue!

09:59 scott vine
hello everyone -

09:59 Trevor A. Dawes
Hi Scott

09:59 rashford
would like to know more about Cyber shed

09:59 blendedlibrarian
hey, member of the week just joined us:)

09:59 askoxfordlibrary
Hi everyone! This is Mary Moser and Mark Swails from Oxford College of Emory University. We're interested in submitting a paper for ACRL.

09:59 scott vine
Hi Steven -

09:59 Erin Dorney
Anyone interested in virtual conference submissions?

10:00 blendedlibrarian
we will get going in 30 seconds with an opening statement

10:00 millerlibrarian
we are talking about that as a distance librarian group erin

10:00 blendedlibrarian
Welcome to the chat.
Maximize Your Chance of Success: Advice for Writing a Winning Proposal for ACRL 2011

10:02 blendedlibrarian
Here are some possible topics for today:
getting ideas
writing the proposal
getting attention
learning objectives - need help?
inviting collaborators
paper or panel?
what if it's rejected

10:02 Rebecca Blakiston
Is there audio or is this just chat-based?

10:02 Erin Dorney
Just chat I believe

10:02 David Free
the chat is text only

10:02 Rebecca Blakiston
Ok thanks, just wanted to check :)

10:02 blendedlibrarian
If everyone has had a chance to read the above - what would you like to ask about and hear about in this chat?

10:02 Mariana@BrooklynCollege Paper or panel? What if it's rejected?

10:02 Carissa Tomlinson
I would like to know about "getting attention"

10:03 blendedlibrarian
list them

10:03 MottatClark
I am planning to submit a proposal for a contributed paper. How long should the “program short description” be? How long should the “long description” be? Thanks.

10:03 denisegaro
writing the proposal so it gets the right attention--any tips?

10:03 penrose_reference
writing proposal, getting attention, learning objectives

10:03 lmestre
Selling the proposal-- crafting it to get the attention

10:03 rashford
writing the to write a proposal that gets accepted

10:03 Tony
Tips for paper submission

10:03 Eric
learning objectives - need help?

10:03 blendedlibrarian

10:04 blendedlibrarian
just checking to see if you read the ground rule message

10:04 blendedlibrarian

10:04 blendedlibrarian
Ok - how about if we start with paper or panel

10:04 blendedlibrarian
you can get a better idea from the conference page about the details of each

10:05 Trevor A. Dawes

10:05 blendedlibrarian
paper is better if you need tenure; panel - if you want more of a discussion and conversation

10:05 blendedlibrarian
what about your experiences with each

10:06 blendedlibrarian
specific question on paper vs panel

10:06 scott vine
Conference page here -

10:06 millerlibrarian
does acrl have a preference - are they looking for more of one or the other?

10:07 blendedlibrarian
can't recall if there are more slots for papers or panels - but it's really up to you - not acrl

10:07 Erin Dorney
Should you be submitting a paper that you have already written or one that you plan to complete between proposal acceptance and the actual conference?

10:07 mmeszaro
If you know you are working on a question/area that is not getting a lot of press out there, it seems to me that you automatically have to do a paper. yes?

10:07 millerlibrarian

10:07 rashford
Same question as Erin Dorney just asked - thx

10:08 blendedlibrarian
i wrote a post at ACRLog on this paper vs panel question - see more at

10:08 Rebecca Blakiston
What about the workshop format?

10:08 blendedlibrarian
i guess you can submit a paper you have already written as long as it hasn't been published anywhere

10:09 Erin Dorney
The virtual conference is interested in both paper and panel presentations - I think interactivity in your session is key, for physical AND virtual presentations

10:09 jddacosta
What's the precise definition of "published anywhere"?

10:09 blendedlibrarian
if you have a topic in mind that isn't all the well known - could still do as panel

10:10 blendedlibrarian
as in it appeared in a journal - if you blogged about it - i think that's ok

10:10 rashford
so if the paper has been submitted for publication to C&RL but not yet accepted for publication, would that be okay to present then?

10:11 blendedlibrarian
paper probably better for a research project - panel good for a practice issue perhaps

10:11 rbryan8
We are in the midst of preparing a paper for publication, but can we propose a panel on the same topic?

10:11 jddacosta
What about if you've previously presented the topic at another conference?

10:11 blendedlibrarian
yeah i guess - as long as the timing is good -wouldn't want the paper to be read by everyone right before the conference

10:11 millerlibrarian
I think it also depends on if you signed an agreement when you submitted about publishing elsewhere

10:11 blendedlibrarian
good point millerlibrarian

10:11 millerlibrarian
with a journal

10:11 millerlibrarian

10:12 blendedlibrarian
i think it's ok if you presented elsewhere - but maybe add a new dimension or angle to it

10:12 blendedlibrarian
Ready to shift gears to a new topic - or more questions on paper or panel

10:12 penrose_reference
Yes--attention getting proposals for panels

10:12 Trevor A. Dawes
if presented elsewhere also think about the audience. If to a similar audience, you will definitely want to update the presentation

10:12 Mary Iber
if a panel, do you need to gain more members, or do they ge assigned?

10:13 blendedlibrarian
Ok penrose - let's go

10:13 blendedlibrarian
Oh - one last question - for a panel - you need to come up with the people - they need to know the subject of the discussion

10:13 mmeszaro
thanks, Mary, that was my question too

10:13 penrose_reference
How do you write the brief description?

10:13 blendedlibrarian
Let's talk about getting attention

10:14 blendedlibrarian
here’s the scenario – proposal reviewer have hundreds to review – what gets your proposal attention?

10:14 Erin Dorney
Mary - I think when you submit a panel proposal, you should have a group of panelists who are submitting one coherent proposal together

10:14 blendedlibrarian
try to have a title that is a bit catchy - not boring - who can give an example of a boring title

10:14 Mariana@BrooklynCollege It sounds like some audience interactivity, especially for panels will get attention

10:15 Mary Iber
Thanks, Erin and blended. Some conferences group like topics together.

10:15 rbryan8
Is there a minimum number of people for a panel?

10:15 Carissa Tomlinson
or a maximum?

10:15 millerlibrarian
boring title: blah blah blah blah

10:15 millerlibrarian

10:15 Andrea
Boring title: Teaching Students in the Digital Age

10:15 blendedlibrarian
How about "New Ideas for Information Literacy"

10:15 denisegaro
how long is a typical session--could affect size of panel

10:15 Trevor A. Dawes
panel is generally 3 - 5 people. Keep in mind the amount of time for the presentation

10:16 Trevor A. Dawes
Panels are 60 minutes

10:16 Rebecca Blakiston Is there a place to see example successful proposals?

10:16 blendedlibrarian
we can talk more about role of moderator in the panel - but let's talk about getting attention for a moment

10:16 penrose_reference
Ok--so how do you jazz up boring titles?

10:16 blendedlibrarian
Try to work in the theme or the location

10:16 Erin Dorney
For the virtual conference, your proposal would get attention if it includes specific opportunities for audience interactivity (polling, chat, having an audience member interject)

10:17 millerlibrarian
creativity, innovation and fun!

10:17 blendedlibrarian
you've got interdependence, philadelphia, revolution,

10:17 iowakap
freedom too

10:17 blendedlibrarian
good one iowakap

10:18 zambellab
How about "What would Ben Do? What Ben Franklin can teach us about inventing the library's future."

10:18 blendedlibrarian
I like that

10:18 penrose_reference

10:18 rashford
is there a place to see examples of successful proposals? that would be helpful-agree with Rebecca

10:18 Erin Dorney
Don't go overboard with the theme-iness though... people should still be able to understand what you're generally going to cover

10:18 filarwilliams
did I read online you can virtually present or just virtually attend?

10:18 Carissa Tomlinson
I'm wondering how specific our topic can get? The Health Science Interest Group has a panel of nursing librarians, but the focus is on a topic that could apply to a variety of librarians

10:18 blendedlibrarian
Keep it to just two Rocky references :)

10:19 Carissa Tomlinson
because of the nature of the interest group, we'd like to include nursing or health science in our description, but at the same time be inclusive to others

10:19 blendedlibrarian
If the only people who would be interested are nursing librarians - it's too specific for ACRL

10:19 scott vine
link to the virtual conference -

10:19 Trevor A. Dawes
filarwilliams: you can virtually attend or virtually present

10:20 Erin Dorney
You can virtually present (just submit your proposal) and everyone who registers for the physical conference automatically gets access to the virtual conference.

10:20 Erin Dorney
you can also register JUST for the virtual conference if you'd like (if you cant attend in philly)

10:20 Carissa Tomlinson
it wouldn't be only of interest to nursing librarians, but we'd want to include something about health sciences in our description since our group is sponsoring it

10:21 blendedlibrarian
no way of knowing if any topic is going to be better than another or what's too specific or too general - again - all in how you describe it

10:21 R Befus
If an proposal could be in multiple tracks is there a hierarchy of which tracks get the most attention?

10:21 Trevor A. Dawes
Carissa, so you'd want a title - and description - that will attract a wider audience

10:21 blendedlibrarian
anything else for getting attention - or are we ready to move on - there was a question about workshops

10:21 bigliblady
Can we see examples of successful proposals? agree with Rebecca & rashford

10:21 blendedlibrarian
we can talk a little about workshops

10:22 blendedlibrarian
i do not know about seeing successful proposals - that has been discussed

10:22 Erin Dorney
The proposals from previous years might be online somewhere

10:22 scott vine
programs from previous years - 

10:23 cathyolibrarian
I'm worried the workshops have too many attendees for good hands-on activities, and so am considering a preconference. Thoughts?

10:23 blendedlibrarian
also - a proposal that worked before might not work again - totally different people on the selection committees - could work against you - originality is best bet

10:23 iowakap
if i understand workshops should have more audience participation

10:23 blendedlibrarian
the workshops have to be really interactive - exercises - group activity - and last longer - so more activity

10:24 blendedlibrarian
anyone out there had a successful workshop proposal?

10:24 rashford
what percentage typically attends workshops?

10:24 Rebecca Blakiston What sort of technology is provided for the workshops? Any way we could get access to computers for the participants?

10:24 blendedlibrarian
i was on the selection committee one time - not that many proposals so the odds are better than paper or panel

10:25 blendedlibrarian
i doubt you could get computers for participants - don't suggest it - you'll have to work around that

10:25 Erin Dorney
If you're presenting virtually and are attending the conference in philly, we will have a room set up with a computer for you to do your virtual presentation

10:25 blendedlibrarian
again - be creative - come up with something that lots of people have been talking about and want to know about

10:26 blendedlibrarian
but not many know how to do

10:26 blendedlibrarian
Would folks like to talk about writing the proposal or other proposal questions

10:26 penrose_reference
Yes--the writing

10:27 blendedlibrarian
give yourself enough time to do proofreading and rewrites - get colleagues to review it for you

10:27 aasher
We're especially unclear how to build interactivity into a paper/panel proposal

10:27 blendedlibrarian
typos, poor grammar, etc - rejection time - not unlike submitting a job app

10:28 blendedlibrarian
harder for a paper - only 20 min - but should be able to do more for a panel

10:28 mmeszaro
I see some overlapping between first 2 tracks. If we choose one track over the other, are we boxing ourselve in?

10:28 blendedlibrarian
at last acrl we had panelists talk only 5 minutes each - all other time we invited attendees to share their views - we went out into audience and got them up to the mics

10:29 Erin Dorney
for interactivity, you could pose questions to the audience, poll by a show of hands, utilize twitter or chat feeds to get feedback?

10:29 blendedlibrarian
include ideas where attendees talk to each other

10:29 blendedlibrarian
good idea dorney

10:29 rashford
yes, twitter! :)

10:30 blendedlibrarian
in one session video segments where librairans were inteviewed were shown - then attendees reacted to them

10:31 Erin Dorney
if you present virtually, there's a built in polling feature - you can set them up before and then send them to the audience when it's the right time in your preso

10:31 Mariana@BrooklynCollege It often works well to ask a question at the beginning that gets people thinking about an issue

10:31 blendedlibrarian
it can help to have a really good moderator who can get audience involved - if panelists just come to talk/present and not ready to engage with audience - there is no interaction - so consider the moderator role

10:31 Trevor A. Dawes
mmeszaro: Not necessarily. If the proposal is strong (well written, catchy title, etc) and you said it was track A, it could be accepted and listed as track B.

10:32 millerlibrarian
do you include the moderator role and a person in the panel prop?

10:32 mmeszaro

10:32 rashford
like the idea of video segments-is the Internet connection typically strong enough at the ACRL conf to run youtube videos during a presentation or should they be hosted offline?

10:32 blendedlibrarian
i don't think it's a bad idea to talk about how your moderator will engage the attendees - sort of like phil donahue

10:33 Erin Dorney
video would work very well for a virtual presentation! :)

10:33 blendedlibrarian
no need for internet connection for video - wouldn't depend on that - you can capture and embed in slides - or use flip camera to capture right off your monitor screen

10:33 denisegaro
so for a panel there's 3-5 plus the moderator

10:33 blendedlibrarian
then embed flip video in your ppt

10:34 rashford
okay, thanks, good to know about video offline

10:34 blendedlibrarian
again - no hard and fast rules on size of panel - start first with the content - how many do you need to deliver - may be just three - but if you have a moderator - make that a fourth person

10:34 Erin Dorney
for panels, I think 4 total is a good number 3 panelists and 1 moderator

10:34 Trevor A. Dawes
it could be 3 - 5, including the moderator. Think more about the substance and how much time you have (60 mins) to present the ideas; how much interaction, etc. The content is more important

10:34 blendedlibrarian
yeah - video is good - put that in your proposal - how u will use video to create a more dynamic presentation

10:35 blendedlibrarian
Great discussion folks - thank you for your ideas - do we want to talk about the learning objectives - always a challenge

10:35 penrose_reference

10:35 rashford
yes, learning objectives - thx

10:36 denisegaro

10:36 aasher
thanks fo rthe ideas

10:36 mmeszaro
please. not sure how a provocative position paper packs in learning objectives

10:36 blendedlibrarian
first thing - don't write "they will understand..." no way of knowing how that happens - but action verbs are really important

10:37 blendedlibrarian
going off to get a few objectives from a proposal for examples back in a minute

10:38 blendedlibrarian
Ok here are three

10:38 blendedlibrarian
Recognize the characteristics and qualities of those who have presence in order to isolate and work on internalizing them as individuals

10:38 blendedlibrarian
can only do one at a time i think

10:39 blendedlibrarian
really important to have "in order to" - advice from deb gilchrist - expert at writing learning objectives

10:39 blendedlibrarian
Learn how to establish presence across a variety of situation including meetings, interviews, talks with faculty and administrators, professional programs and more

10:39 blendedlibrarian
questions about these objectives - other suggestions

10:40 iowakap
assume that a few excellent attainable objectives are better than lots

10:41 Andrea
Do the proposals need to include 3 objectives?

10:41 blendedlibrarian
for the acrl proposals you need to come up with three learning objectives - just three as I recall

10:41 iowakap

10:41 blendedlibrarian
again - action verbs really important to start with

10:41 blendedlibrarian
i have a guide for writing objectives that i always refer back to - interested folks can email me later and i'll share it with you.

10:42 blendedlibrarian
other tips for writing learning objectives

10:43 rashford
this chat log will be available afterward, is that correct?

10:43 David Free
yes, the transcript will be available by end of tomorrow

10:43 Mariana@BrooklynCollege Could we see more examples, perhaps from past years?

10:43 Trevor A. Dawes
yes, log will be available

10:43 rashford
great, thx!

10:44 blendedlibrarian
to best of knowledge acrl doesn't make old proposals available but that is being considered - a frequent question

10:44 Erin Dorney
Presenting virtually is fairly simple, and improves from year to year. It might be a good option for people who don't have the funding to travel.

10:44 blendedlibrarian
maybe you know someone who did get a paper accepted - and you can ask him/her to share it with you

10:45 Lorianne_Ouderkirk
One tip is to look at learning objectives from booklets of past conferences you attended, or a colleague has.

10:45 rashford
and did I understand that there could be a panel presentation in Philly that is also shared virtually?

10:46 blendedlibrarian
again - getting accepted is always a bit dependent on who is on the reviewing committee - what worked before - might not resonate with a new group

10:46 blendedlibrarian
so basing you proposal on an old one - might work against you - have confidence in your message and how you write it

10:46 Erin Dorney
at this time there is no plan to stream physical sessions to the virtual conference

10:46 Andrea
Question regarding the target audience and a topic for consideration. (I have never attended before.) Do you think focusing on online instruction for credit-bearing courses would be well-accepted/attended?

10:46 Erin Dorney
we're working on trying to do this for the keynote speakers at least, but it has yet to be determined for sure

10:46 blendedlibrarian
if you are not sure - ask a colleague to read your proposal -

10:46 rashford
okay, thx

10:47 Erin Dorney
the physical sessions wont be live streamed, but they will all be recorded to be uploaded later

10:47 Erin Dorney
and access to that is available to anyone registered for the conference or virtual conference (but they wont be live, just available to watch later)

10:47 blendedlibrarian
any instruction topic could be good - but keep in mind - very popular topic - again - what distinguishes your proposal?

10:48 iowakap
including workshops-uploading afterwards?

10:48 rashford
will the uploaded sessions be accessible by all? ...oh, just saw answer, only to those who registered...even after a certain period of time? never avail to public?

10:48 Andrea
Changing from passive learning online to active learning in terms of using user-generated content.

10:48 Erin Dorney
iowa - No, just paper and panel programs

10:48 iowakap

10:49 Trevor A. Dawes
be sure also to read the general selection criteria, for all formats

10:49 rbryan8
If your paper/panel proposal is rejected, can you submit a poster, since the poster deadline is later?

10:49 Erin Dorney
only those who are registered (for regular conference or virtual conference) for up to one year later

10:49 blendedlibrarian
again - instruction is always a big topic - if you are going to make that your topic - important to add a really unique angle

10:49 rashford
okay, thx, Erin

10:49 Erin Dorney

10:49 Erin Dorney

10:50 blendedlibrarian
what do others think about topics - what are really common ones that will have lots of competition for getting attention - besides instruction

10:50 Erin Dorney
for the online instruction - it might lend itself well to a virtual presentation

10:50 Trevor A. Dawes
yes, poster deadline is later, and it can be a way to present ideas that were not accepted for panel or paper

10:50 blendedlibrarian
reference desk stuff

10:50 Erin Dorney
mobile stuff will probably be popular?

10:50 Erin Dorney
UX perhaps

10:50 iowakap
blended service desks

10:50 blendedlibrarian
i agree

10:51 blendedlibrarian
so - work on trying to come up with something that hasn't been presented again and again

10:51 lmestre
We did a virtual discussion concerning online instruction in January for ALA and it worked really well

10:51 iowakap
would safety and security in libraries be of interest?

10:52 Erin Dorney
of people or objects?

10:52 Andrea
Thanks Erin--I will consider that. Having access to the internet would be good for the virtual attendees.

10:52 iowakap

10:52 blendedlibrarian
anything could work - all depends on how your position it and writing it up creatively - ALA - was that a competitive process to get selected?

10:52 millerlibrarian
Thanks everyone!

10:52 Mary Iber
Can you say more about originality of the ideas? Sounds like an old idea with a new twist could also work

10:52 lmestre
Yes, though through ACRL instruction session

10:52 blendedlibrarian
safety issues - always good - especially staff development -

10:52 Lorianne_Ouderkirk
I think that you can write about a variety of things as long as they fit into the theme and goals of ACRL.

10:53 Erin Dorney
creativity is king!

10:53 blendedlibrarian
Just a few minutes left - sorry we didn't get to all the questions - any remaining burning questions - or does ACRL need to do a virtual workshop on "improving your chances"

10:53 blendedlibrarian
would you like to hear more of these kinds of tips

10:53 evkm
virtual workshop is a great idea!

10:54 blendedlibrarian
are we giving advice that will help?

10:54 Andrea
I agree with evkm -- virtual workshop would be great!

10:54 iowakap
yes this was helpful

10:54 Andrea
Yes, thanks for the advice!

10:54 rbryan8
Yes, thank you:)

10:54 bigliblady
yes, this was good!

10:54 rashford
yes, helpful

10:54 blendedlibrarian
Ok David - can we do a workshop?

10:54 Tony
A virtul workshop might be more helpful than a chat; though this was informative.

10:54 Erin Dorney
Anyone with virtual conference questions can contact me at any time or Scott Vine we're the virtualt conference co-chairs

10:54 lmestre
It would be great to have some mock-up of a reviewer going through a proposal and critiquing it so we could get a sense of what they might be looking for

10:54 penrose_reference
Many thanks to all!

10:55 blendedlibrarian
ok lmestre - good suggestion

10:55 David Free
steven - get in touch with margot and mary jane and tell them the workshop idea

10:55 scott vine
Thanks to Steven and all - well done -

10:55 Mary Iber
This is helpful. There's a reputation that it's really hard to get a proposal accepted at ACRL, and to those of us who haven't tried before, it's helpful to have some guidance.

10:55 blendedlibrarian
trevor - can you give any suggestions on what you look for as a reviewer - what catches your eye or turns you off

10:56 Trevor A. Dawes
I think we've covered the basics here already - title, description, originality/creativity

10:56 blendedlibrarian
hey - i've been rejected like 15 times - but I've had a few accepted too - have to be persistent - and think differently!

10:56 blendedlibrarian
Not all in one year

10:56 rashford

10:56 Trevor A. Dawes
when you're reviewing hundreds of proposals for 40 or 50 slots, you need to have these ways (and others) of standing out

10:57 lmestre
Oh-- last ACRL our panel proposal was rejected but we were encouraged to resubmit as a round table discussion which we did and had a good turn out.

10:57 Mary Iber
Is practicality of the idea a factor, or might it be philosophical?

10:57 rashford
good to know Imestre

10:57 blendedlibrarian
If it's your first time - maybe just set sights on roundtable or poster - try for paper or panel - but if you don't get accepted - try for the other

10:57 Trevor A. Dawes
the suggestion was made earlier that rejected panels and papers can be re-submitted as posters.

10:57 blendedlibrarian
if you get accepted for poster or roundtable - will make you feel like you've broken the ice with ACRL

10:57 rbryan8
Also try Cyber Zed Shed if it fits your topic

10:58 blendedlibrarian
Then you gain confidence - next time you will do better

10:58 rashford
do we have time to ask how roundtable and Cyber Zed shed are different from poster sessions?

10:58 Erin Dorney
This is the first time we've included virtual presentations in the call for proposals, so it's certainly worth a shot

10:58 Lorianne_Ouderkirk
Can you be accepted to paper and cyber zed shed? on different topics of course.

10:58 Trevor A. Dawes
you may be accepted for several things; all reviews are blind

10:58 Lorianne_Ouderkirk
That's true. Thanks.

10:58 Erin Dorney
who knows how many proposals we will get because it's the first time we've accepted proposals for the virtual conference - might have some different odds ;)

10:59 blendedlibrarian
my suggestion - submit 2 or 3 ideas - increase your odds - that has worked for me in the past

10:59 rashford
Also, Erin, what virtual system is used? Elluminate, Adobe Connect, or was that already discussed?

11:00 Erin Dorney
probably connect this year

11:00 blendedlibrarian
Well thanks to everyone who attended today - we apprecciate you being here today

11:00 Erin Dorney
Not 100% yet, but that's what we're leaning towards at this point

11:00 blendedlibrarian
and thanks to our experts - many good ideas

11:00 Andrea
Thank you all!

11:00 iowakap

11:00 Erin Dorney
thanks everyone

11:00 Trevor A. Dawes
feel free to contact me (tdawes [at] princeton [dot] edu) with questions about posters

11:00 Kara Malenfant
If any of you have other ideas on topics to cover in upcoming ACRL OnPoint chats, please let me, David Free or any ACRL staff member know.

11:00 David Free
Thanks for coming everyone. Great suggestions!

11:00 rashford
thanks all

11:01 David Free
Transcript by tomorrow. Check ACRL Insider, Facebook etc

11:02 blendedlibrarian
Good luck to all of you on your proposals

11:02 blendedlibrarian
The deadline is about a month away

11:02 guest6092026

11:02 blendedlibrarian
for papers and panels

11:04 blendedlibrarian
Goodby everyone - I hope you will be in philadelphia next year for ACRL - we will have a great event for you

11:05 blendedlibrarian
coming soon - our three keynote speakers will be announced