ACRL OnPoint Chat Archive December 2, 2009: Job Seeking in a Tough Economy

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Aspiring academic librarians may find job seeking difficult in today's economy, given budget cuts and hiring freezes at many colleges and universities. Join this month's chat whether you're a new librarian looking for tips or an experienced one with advice to share. Discuss how to stay current while "waiting" for your first academic librarian job. Is teaching as adjunct faculty in a subject area an appropriate "path" to academic librarianship? Would it be better to work as any kind of librarian, such as in a public library? What will make your resume shine in the hands of a search committee? This month’s chat is convened by: Mara M.J. Egherman, graduate student in Iowa's SLIS school; Karin Durán, Eric P. Garcia, and Mara L. Houdyshell, reference and instruction librarians at California State University-Northridge and authors of "From the inside out and the outside in: The academic library interview process in a tight economy", C&RL News, April 2009, Vol. 70, No. 4.

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Chat Log Archive

Convener Mara E
Good afternoon everybody. Our ACRL OnPoint topic for today is job seeking in a tough economy. New grads and other job seekers may not find an academic librarian position right now.

12:00 Convener Mara E  - So what is the best was to position ourselves for a future job? Other, non-librarian academic job, like teaching? Other non-academic library job?

12:00 Convener Mara E - What do those of you on hiring teams want to see on a cv?

12:01 Convener Mara E
Or is everybody else here today seeking employment like me?

12:02 Sabrina - jobseeker here.

12:02 agrundmann - me too.

12:02 Rachel Slough  - me too

12:02 Shannon - I'm a recent grad -- jobseeker.

12:02 jkirsch11  - Me too

12:02 monifa.c - Me too.

12:02 BDENS - Job seeker.

12:02 wood9220 - Yes. I'm in Everett, WA. I've been looking for over a year.

12:02 JStrong  - Yes, MLIS student here

12:02 nbertolo  - Recent grad here.

12:02 JS  - Current MLIS student here

12:02 Convener Mara E  - Okay well hopefully by the end of the hour we can get input from folks on a hiring committee somewhere...

12:03 anitazavrrr  - Also a recent grad & jobseeker

12:03 Sabrina  - did anyone invite a hiring team member?

12:03 Stephanielg  - Organizer, NYLibrarians Meetup and mentor to many SILS students. Academic Librarian here in NYC.

12:03 Convener Mara E -Several articles point to ways to match skills from job to job, wherever they might be.

12:04 Stephanielg
Have LinkedIn or other social media tools been helpful to those in either interviewing or search committee positions?

12:04 Kara Malenfant  - Sabrina, three of our conveners, along with Mara E, have been on hiring teams.

12:04 Kara Malenfant  - They are Mara M.J. Egherman, graduate student in Iowa's SLIS school; Karin Durán, Eric P. Garcia, and Mara L. Houdyshell, reference and instruction librarians at California State University-Northridge

12:05 Kara Malenfant
Check out their article"From the inside out and the outside in: The academic library interview process in a tight economy", C&RL News, April 2009, Vol. 70, No. 4.

12:05 Sabrina  - thanks Kara and Stephanie

12:05 Convener Mara E  - Stephanielg, do you recommend other strategies?

12:06 Stephanielg  - I did read the article in question, but little or nothing is hinted at concerning my question.

12:06 Convener Mara E  - I've heard many people have luck with LinkedIn, should that be a focus, as opposed to conference attendance, say?

12:07 nbertolo  - I have posted a profile to Linked In but it has not helped me find work yet.

12:07 nbertolo  - I suspect face-to-face might be better.

12:07 agrundmann  - I'm in the same situation as nbertolo - I think I haven't built up enough of a network yet.

12:07 Convener Mara E  - Our co-conveners will be with us shortly.

12:07 Stephanielg  - is a web-based program for online interviewing. is also.

12:08 JenWaller  - I'm not sure you can make any one tool a focus. I'm guessing LinkedIn is helpful, but it's only one piece of a larger job-searching and networking puzzle.

12:08 nbertolo  - Yes, I agree with Jen

12:08 wood9220  - I'm looking for free or low-cost tech training...Visio, Sharepoint, etc. Any ideas?

12:08 Stephanielg  - Also, by wisely utilizing Web2.0 stragegies, one can push content, be in publications, presentaitons (Slideshare, etc.), wikis with reference tutorials, LibGuides (FB).

12:08 Sabrina  - Acad. librarians (university) have laughed in my face at the notion of Linkedin. Though I love it, traditional additions to a CV like conference sessions and published articles have more credence than blogs and Web 2.0.

12:09 nbertolo  - It is because traditional work is peer reviewed. The web isn't.

12:10 Stephanielg  - But I'm suggesting fusing them with the web. "Shameless self-promotion" if you will. And keep your FB and LI professional. Blogs can be peer-reviewed. An example might be those of professional organizations.

12:10 Sabrina  - nbertolo-yup. Unfortunately it can take years to get peer-reviewed articles published. Dilemma for jobseekers.

12:10 nbertolo - How can I get my blog peer-reviewed?

12:10 Stephanielg  - I see Yale's Joe Murphy publishing his papers online. Why not?

12:11 Convener Mara E  - Utilizing sources such as the ALA NMRT resume reviewing service can help get one ready for the job market

12:11 Stephanielg  - Agreed. nbertolo--Perhaps we should push to get blogs reviewed by peers.

12:11 Convener Mara E - I've been advised to try and have both online and traditional print publications on my cv.

12:12 Sabrina  - @Mara E-advised by hiring managers?

12:12 Stephanielg  - I know that visualization is critical to self-marketing. Most academic librarians need to know about development, grant-writing, etc. Samples of this may indeed be posted on one's homepage or LI.

12:12 Joni S  - I'm still a student, but I've been advised that it would be difficult to make worthwhile connections at national conferences because of the size. Is that true?

12:13 Convener Mara E  - Sabrina, yes, by the head of HR of a major research library, and the library director.

12:13 Stephanielg  - Start at the chapter level. Get a mentor for national conferences. That's what we do @ AJL. ALA does it for certain.

12:13 Joni S  - Thank you.

12:14 anitazavrrr  - Joni, I attended ALA in Chicago this summer and it was a great experience in terms of networking

12:14 Kara Malenfant  - Hi Joni. I actually got my first job at an academic library because I was at an ALA Annual Conference and used the job placement center. So I had a 15 minute mini interview on site.

12:14 JenWaller  - Joni, that has not been my experience. However, I think to get the most out of a national conference it's important to prepare ahead of time.

12:14 Joni S  - Great, that's good to know, Kara.

12:14 anitazavrrr - but despite lots of people's insistence that conferences are good for finding a job...not so much

12:14 Kara Malenfant  - Not sure my experience is typical, though, Joni,

12:14 Stephanielg  - Yes, Ellyssa Kroski once gave a workshop preparing for such conferences using web2.0 technology.

12:14 anitazavrrr  - the hiring center was basically empty

12:14 Convener Mara E - ALA has a new “Getting a Job in a Tough Economy” toolkit

12:15 nbertolo  - Is it feasible for a person from Canada to have a mentor in the U.S.?

12:15 Sabrina  - Anyone tried this ALA toolkit? No satisfaction here. Maybe I'm missing something.

12:15 Stephanielg  - Do people know Ellyssa's book, "Web2.0 for Librarians & Information Professionals." I think because it's a couple of years old it is more moderate in its approach for both networking and project management.

12:16 Stephanielg  - ALAConnect seems to be a good forum for the exchange of ideas, especially for SILS students.

12:18 anitazavrrr  - I've been having success in getting interviews, but so far no offers. As I finished my MLIS in early august, I'm starting to worry that my experience is getting out of date

12:18 nbertolo  - Is it possible for someone who has already graduated to have a mentor?

12:19 Convener Mara E  - Our co-conveners are having difficulty getting to the chatroom, perhaps other participants are too...

12:19 anitazavrrr  - nbertolo - I have a mentor through NMRT, they sent out some emails a while back asking for interested mentors and mentees

12:19 JenWaller  - Anitazavrrr, I have a similar worry. I feel like I'm losing brain cells each day I'm out of school!

12:19 agrundmann  - Any suggestions for how to stay relevant since it may take quite a while to find a job? I'd had people recommend volunteering, but in my experience Academic libraries don't take volunteers - especially for professional-level work...

12:19 nbertolo  - Thank you anitazavrrr. I will look into it.

12:20 Convener Mara E  - nbertolo: Iowa Library Association sets up mentorships, maybe your state org does too

12:20 nbertolo  - I have been taking part in web and audio conferences from home. It costs, but ...

12:20 anitazavrrr  - I have an "internship" (read: volunteering) at the public library, but it doesn't seem like enough

12:20 nbertolo  - Thank you Mara.

12:20 Stephanielg  - Public libraries seems to be THE starting place for academic hopefuls. Go for reference, BI, outreach, etc.

12:21 nbertolo  - It is also difficult to get into public libraries right now.

12:21 Joni S  - Yeah, an academic librarian offered to let me volunteer with her, then her supervisor said she has to prioritize current students, so she had to retract her offer

12:21 Stephanielg  - You can also collaborate with academic librarians, too. I attended an unconference in CT in June that did just that. It's the way to get one's foot in the door.

12:21 anitazavrrr - Yes, actually public libraries seem to be suffering even more

12:21 agrundmann  - I think I'm seeing fewer public library postings in my area than academic, actually...

12:22 wood9220  - Most of the library jobs I'm seeing are for Managers, Directors and Dept. Heads.

12:22 Convener Mara E  - So what about teaching, like as a lecturer at a community college? Does that help a person be prepared for library instruction in the view of those who hire?

12:22 Convener Mara E  - Welcome Mara H and Karin, our co-conveners from California.

12:22 Stephanielg  - Back on the effectiveness of blogs, they seem like one way the people ARE landing jobs. Community Colleges seem to be good. What about online teaching?

12:22 Joni S  - Or maybe teaching in an extended learning or community education class?

12:23 Kara Malenfant  - Hi nbertolo. ALA has recently launched "mentor connect" within ALA Connect

12:23 mara H.l  - Any kind instruction experience is helpful!

12:23 nbertolo  - Thank you Mara.

12:24 Kara Malenfant  - MentorConnect is an informal mentoring network implemented within ALA Connect that allows all ALA members to participate and only requires that you actively choose to join the network in order to begin serving as a mentor or seeking a mentor.

12:24 karin.duran  - Many academic libraries don't want to take professionals as volunteers because of the trianing that might be involved but if you are willing to commit your time for perhaps 6 months or longer, your chances would be better.

12:25 karin.duran  - Aslo, you could volunteer with one of the librarian association to help plan programs, conferences, do the website, etc.

12:25 Sabrina Plea to any potential ALA MentorConnect mentors: please don't sign up unless you'll respond to questions!

12:26 agrundmann
 -volunteering with library associations sounds like a great idea, thanks!

12:26 Convener Mara E  - Karin, yes I've found the state library assn (ILA for me) is very happy to have committee help, and that way I get to interact with working academic librarians.

12:26 Sabrina About volunteering--community colleges need more help than university libraries in my area. Very glad to have project assistance or cede complete project management, esp. with upgrading technology and outreach.

12:26 Kara Malenfant  ALA has a program called "student to staff" where students assist and work at the ALA Annual Conference.

12:27 Convener Mara E  - Sabrina, yes--our local cc has a 54% increase in enrollment for spring!

12:27 Joni S  - Were the jobseekers here willing to relocate?

12:27 Stephanielg  - Never heard of the "student to staff". This is good!

12:28 karin.duran  - Participating in your local, regional associations could also help with developing your network. Colleagues you meet at local events/workshops might provide some good leads or maybe possibilities for collaboration on research

12:28 Sabrina - If nothing else, joining associations gets you away from your computer!

12:28 nbertolo  - :)

12:29 Stephanielg - I'm always asking for guest bloggers. My Meetup has positions available as Assistant Organizers. See for details.

12:30 karin.duran  - You might also want explore research and publication opportunities taking advantage of your recent academic experience. Look for possibilities in library literature but also in related fields such as education

12:30 Sabrina - To hiring managers: what do u think of federal librarian experience on a CV?

12:30 Stephanielg  - It's also a good way to get support and feedback. We also encourage members to present to our members. See Our next such presentation will be in March 2010 on Twitter.

12:31 Convener Mara E  - Sabrina and everybody, I have also looked at federal jobs. Certainly working at LC would count as "academic," right?

12:31 mara H.l  - Sabrina -- are you talking about experience as a gov docs librarian?

12:31 karin.duran  - Managemnet experience of all kinds is valuable because there are always common threads, especially in interpersonal relations and communication that work in all environments

12:31 Stephanielg  - How many of you out there are second-career librarians? Are you looking for managment positions? Tenure? What if any might be your transferrable skills?

12:31 Sabrina - Also to hiring managers: how long should cover letters be? CVs? (for a recent grad) I've heard the applications are very different than guidelines for public and business sectors.

12:32 nbertolo  - Stephanilg. I am a second-career librarian.

12:33 JenWaller  - Stephanielg, count me as a second-career librarian with lots of marketing management and project management background!

12:33 nbertolo  - I would like to eventually have a management position, but librarianship is quite different from private business.

12:33 BDENS  - I'm a 2nd carreer librarian, my prior experience was in arts production, events and education (I browsed). Everything I did was helpful, but for different reasons.

12:33 Convener Mara E  - Sabrina, often your campus, whether you are enrolled or alum, has a placement office for cover letter advice. Also ask the head of HR at your SLIS library if s/he would review letters you've sent.

12:33 karin.duran  - As a member of seach committees, I appreciate a 1 page letter that concisely connects to the job under consideration and I then look for important details in the CV

12:34 Stephanielg  - @Karin do you like this to be electronic with links to additional information, examples, etc.?

12:34 mara H.l  - One thing I would add about coming into a management position in the library from the private sector is respect the suppoprt staff!

12:35 Stephanielg  - I have issues with HR v. Library search committees. How perceptive are HR staff compared to the "good old days" when librarians searched independetly of HR?

12:35 karin.duran  - Stephanielg: Electronic links have been a boon to both the candidate and the reviewers because they save space but provide the opportunity for good detail as needed.

12:36 Stephanielg  - Yes!

12:36 JStrong  - I am a second-career librarian. I'm currently a Sales Manager in academic publishing. I'm wondering how to make the switch over to libraries (in 1st year MLIS program now)

12:36 Sabrina - @Mara-working with gov docs and many other types for fed. agencies. serving adults: scientists and military.

12:37 Stephanielg  - What if any career coaches are available through ACRL or ALA to make the necessary transitions?

12:37 JStrong  - (would-be librarian, i should say ;)

12:37 Sabrina - @karin.duran--great idea for saving space on paper w/links.

12:37 anitazavrrr  - It seems like, as a recent grad, I'm in competition against librarians with several years of job experience. Anyone have any advice for how to overcome that obstacle? It feels like no one is hiring entry level...

12:37 karin.duran  - It would be prudent to ask who is involved with the process so that you can know how to create your cover letter/CV. HR staff are often only looking for buzz words from the job description as they sort so create accordingly.

12:37 Convener Mara E - Stephanielg: it seems that for some jobs you write to the HR office and for some, directly to a librarian. Is it to aggresive to write to the dept directly even when the ad says to submit materials to HR?

12:38 Sabrina - @anitazavrr: I know it's not academic, but look at USAjobs. Govt hiring entry-level.

12:38 Stephanielg  - I'm not on a search committee and to be honest, am not up on current legal stipulations, never mind etiquette.

12:39 mara H.l  - Sabrina --If you have been able to wrap your head around gov docs you have a very marketable niche. Many of ud tend to roll our eyes when we get gov doc questions, so if you can market your skills well, youi should be in demand.

12:39 karin.duran  - antiazavrrr: As a librarian with LOTS of years of experience, I find that newer librarian can and shold focus on coursework and expertise that I don't have such as various levels of technical expertise or research

12:39 JStrong  - I like the idea of career coaches available in the library associations to help with transitions -- do they exist?

12:39 Stephanielg  - Entry level has always been word-of-mouth. Therefore, again, I say--networking and social media. You need to "know" people (I'm not plugging cronyism). But jobs get filled from the inside.

12:40 Joni S  - Is it good practice to "cold-call" a librarian to ask about job openings?

12:41 Sabrina - Do academic jobs get filled from the "inside"? With such a formal hiring process, it seems universities are open to all applicants. I've found an exception with adjunct community college hiring.

12:41 anitazavrrr  - well thank you all for doing this, I need to head out but will be sure to check the transcripts later!

12:41 Stephanielg  - Karin--nice to know that you value skills that you don't have. Next question, though, will staff be acknowledged for what they contribute? This does not always happen.

12:42 Stephanielg  - Adjuncts seem to be the trend, but what about publish or perish and tenure?

12:43 Stephanielg  - There is also the area of service, interaction with faculty, outreach to students, liaising with their respective groups. Can this be done by SILS students during their internships?

12:43 mara H.l  - Joni -- I don't know if cold calling is the best way to go. I would do that as a "last choice' option. Better to search an organizations web site or contact the HR dept. first.

12:44 Joni S  - Thank you

12:44 karin.duran  - The candidate should be descriptive of specific tasks/duties/skills acquired as part of a previous position. MAKE THOSE CONNECTIONS YOURSELF!

12:44 Convener Mara E  - Karin, you mean to outline transferable skills in your cover letter?

12:45 Shannon  - I work at a University, and I believe it is required that job openings are posted. However, I think a lot of times that's just for show and the job goes to an internal candidate

12:45 karin.duran  - Mara E: Yes, make it clear

12:45 Stephanielg  - I did that for many years. Trouble was that I was coming from a high-school environment. Rebranding myself was immensely difficulty!

12:46 nbertolo  - Shannon. You are correct. I have been interviewed for a position that went to an internal candidate. I was not happy they wasted my time like that.

12:46 karin.duran  - Shannon: Yes, that may be true but sometimes the outside candidates are so strong that people might change their mind.

12:46 Sabrina - Stephanie--did you consider junior college as a bridget between HS and Univ?

12:46 JenWaller  - nbertolo, look at it as good interviewing practice!

12:47 Convener Mara E  - Jen, right, we have to keep our thoughts positive!

12:47 mara H.l - To add to Karin's comment. If you interview and are not hired, they might keep you in mind for the next time around.

12:47 Stephanielg  - I was too settld at my current job. I just kept plugging at it. Of course, I applied for everything!

12:47 Sabrina - @JenWaller--the value of looking at the bright side during a tough and long search

12:47 nbertolo  - I'm trying but getting jaded.

12:47 karin.duran  - Time for another meeting. Thanks for the lively chat.

12:47 Stephanielg  - Thank you all.

12:47 Sabrina - Bye karen!

12:48 Shannon  - Oh yes, I definitely need more interviewing practice!

12:48 Sabrina - I'm still confused about following unspoken application expectations, but moral support was great here. Thnks

12:49 Convener Mara E  - Karin, thanks for your contributions. Conveners Mara H and I (Mara E) are still here if there are remaining comments or questions.

12:49 Sabrina - Re: interviewing--hate the books/blogs that tell you to recite answers from memory. I hope knowledge and enthusiasm will suffice.

12:49 mara H.l  - Yes. any other questions?

12:49 JenWaller  - I have an unanswered question from above. Would you like me to copy and paste it here?

12:50 mara H.l  - Yes -- thanks!

12:50 Kara Malenfant - And if you have ideas foa a future chat, just let me know. Our aim is to do one informal chat per month on a hot topic.

12:51 Convener Mara E  - Also we conveners will review the discussion at the end and try to address remaining items for the logged record.

12:52 nbertolo  - Thank you all. You have been a big help and I have come away with a few leads to follow. I will sign out now. Cheers and good luck to everyone!

12:52 mara H.l  - Sorry, I should have directed my rsponse to Jen -- please copy and paste the question!

12:52 JenWaller  - Good luck to you, nbertolo. Keep your chin up!

12:53 Convener Mara E  - Don't forget all the tips available on job searching at ALA Joblist, LIBJOBS, and LibGig. Also if you become a fan of ALA JobList on Facebook, you’ll get regular, helpful posts on this process.

12:53 mara H.l  - Apologies that Eric G. could not be with us today. He had coflicting library engagements.

12:53 agrundmann  - I have a last-minute question. How strict is the usual requirement for "2 years experience"? Many times these jobs look entry-level. Am I wasting everyone's time if I apply to these (I'm just graduating this month)?

12:54 Sabrina - The hardest part for jobseeking is never knowing HOW you did or WHAT you did wrong or right during application/interview process! Can moderators tell us any common mistakes of applicants?

12:57 Convener Mara E  - Jen, I've scrolled up as far as I can and don't see your question. Are you still there to repost it?

12:57 JenWaller  - I will post it a fourth time :-

12:58 Kara Malenfant  - Jen, your question may be too long. It may not post to us (but appear to you that it has) you may need to break it up

12:59 Convener Mara E  - Thank you Kara, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find the question.

12:59 JenWaller  - Kara, thank you! I'm guessing that's what is happening! I had no idea!

12:59 Kara Malenfant  - Wish Meebo would actually give an error message!

12:59 JenWaller  - I have heard two conflicting strategies for job searches, and I'm hoping someone here can clarify. Strategy one: apply to everything and cast a wide net....

12:59 mara H.l  - agrundmann --- You might want to call or contact someone before submitting your application to see if related, applicable experience can be substituted. It's worth a phone call or an email.

12:59 JenWaller  - Strategy two: only apply to positions for which your are exactly qualified, otherwise it's a waste of the search committee's time. Opinions?

13:00 Sabrina  - On qualifying w/years exp: I have a year's worth of paraprofessional exp. Does this count as a year of exp?

13:00 agrundmann  - Thanks Mara - I'm never sure what the protocol is for contacting someone to ask questions.

13:01 wood9220  - Jen - I asked a hiring librarian at an ACRL conf. about something similar. She said if you have 3 yrs exp. and apply for a job asking for 5 yrs. exp. She assumes you didn't read announcement carefully.

13:01 agrundmann  - Sabrina - that's kind of what I'm wondering. Do support staff/student assistant/internship experiences count? Or just jobs as an actual, MLIS-holding librarian?

13:02 Sabrina  - Ok, same advice applies to paraprof. exp. Depends on the hiring managers. I'll call/contact ahead.

13:02 JenWaller  - wood9220, That's helpful to know.

13:02 JenWaller  - Thank you.

13:03 Convener Mara E  - Jen, yes your two part question is visible. I would guess Mara H. is working on a response.

13:03 JenWaller  - Thanks, Mara E!

13:03 mara H.l  - agrundmann -- I would try to contact the committee chair (if a name is give), or if the job posting is through HR, check with them (they may be able to refer you on to someone specific if they don't have an answer).

13:03 agrundmann  - Thank you!

13:03 wood9220  - Jen - Especially in today's job market, stick to what you qualify for. You can stretch it a bit, but casting a wide net might just end up exhausting and frustrating.

13:04 Shannon
As a new grad, if I only applied to jobs I was exactly qualified for, I wouldn't be applying for anything. However, I haven't the time or desire for the level of rejection that comes with strategy 1, so I've been working the middle

13:04 Convener Mara E  - This is where the "argue for your transferable skills" comes into play...

13:05 JenWaller  - Thanks, wood9220 and Shannon. Those are both good things for me to keep in mind.

13:05 Shannon  - I never know how transferable skills relates to years of experience.

13:05 JStrong  - Yes, I can't tell what I'm qualified for - no library experience, primarily customer service and sales, and lots of database customization... but it sounds like I should not apply for anything until i actually have the MLIS degree still, right?

13:05 mara H.l  - jen --I think you could safely apply for both type of positions. It's just with specific positions, you need to carefully sculpt your resume to the job description.

13:05 wood9220  -Can someone tell me the top five "transferable skills" for a librarian? Good communication skills sounds so generic!

13:06 Sabrina - Maybe in your last semester or year, since it takes a long time to hire in academia.

13:06 agrundmann  - JStrong, sometimes you can apply while still in school as long as you'll have the degree by the start date. I recently interviewed for a position while still in school.

13:06 Sabrina - I thought any teaching skills help.

13:06 JenWaller  - Thanks, Mara. I have one fairly "generic" C.V., but it sound like I probably need to re-think that.

13:06 Convener Mara E  - JStrong: Many of the job postings out there are for start dates from Jan-March, so if you're a May grad, it might be a bit early. But study the postings to be ready.

13:07 BDENS  - Woof9220: committee work is a huge thing, I'd emphasise any collaborative work you've done.

13:07 Sabrina - transferable skills differ depending on tech svcs or public svc positions

13:07 Shannon  - I have a generic CV/resume, but I put a "relevant skills" section at the top that I tailor for each application. I figure this cuts down on the risk of typos

13:07 JStrong  - Thanks for the feedback. I won't be graduating for another couple of years... just have my 15 years of book publishing experience.

13:08 Sabrina - What do hiring managers think of "Relevant Coursework" section on a CV?

13:08 wood9220  - Shannon - great idea!

13:08 mara H.l  - wood9220 -- I think if you state that you have "good communication skills" you should give a few concise, specific aeamples (can't think of a "top five")

13:09 Convener Mara E  - Thanks everybody for participating. There is an opportunity to "chat about the chat" later on the ACRL site, but I forget what its called. Kara or David, do you know what I'm referring to?

13:09 mara H.l  - JenWaller: Sometimes having someone else read the job sdescription then read your resume is a good way to get feedback on how the two match

13:10 JenWaller  - Good suggestion! Thanks, Mara H.

13:10 Sabrina - Good communication skills demonstrated in cover letters, publications, and presentations. Would a blurb from a satisfied customer do well for verbal communication skills?

13:10 David Free  - Mara - I think you are referring to the earlier Insider post. I'll add a note to the archive post to continue the convo there. And link from OnPoint page

13:10 David Free  -

13:11 JenWaller  - I'm signing off. Thank you all for the discussion and for your opinions. Greatly appreciated!

13:11 Kara Malenfant  - Again, if you have ideas for other topics in the future just let us know.

13:11 agrundmann  - Yes, thank you to everyone and good luck to my fellow job-seekers!

13:11 Convener Mara E  - David, yes, ACRL Insider--that was it. This is clearly a topic that will be relevant for awhile...folks don't forget to send chat topic ideas for the coming months to Kara.

13:12 Sabrina - thanks. bye!

13:12 Shannon  - Yes, thanks and good luck to everyone!

13:12 Joni S  - Thank you!

13:12 Convener Mara E  - Thanks for the mentoring by you all on hiring committees. Good luck to employment seekers. I enjoyed co-convening this session.

13:13 mara H.l  - Sabrina : I don't think that would be the best way to go. It sounds sort of like, "and here's another satisfied customer." Definitey don't think it would be appropriate for an academic position app.

13:13 wood9220  - Thank you all.

13:13 mara H.l  - Thanks Mara E. From Mara-to-Mara

13:15 JStrong  - Thank you!