ACRL OnPoint Chat Archive November 12, 2009: Getting Involved With ACRL

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In this discussion, ACRL Vice-President Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and Executive Director Mary Ellen Davis answered questions about the wide variety of ways to make the most of your membership by getting involved in ACRL. Learn how and when committee appointments are made along with other ways you can become more active in the ACRL community and contribute to the profession.

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11:01 LisaHinchliffe Hello Everyone! This is the "official start" to the chat.

11:01 LisaHinchliffe Today, this OnPoint Chat is about getting involved in ACRL.

11:02 LisaHinchliffe We will answer your questions about the wide variety of ways to make the most of your membership by getting involved in ACRL

11:02 LisaHinchliffe Committee appointments and other ways to be involved.

11:02 LisaHinchliffe We are very informal in this environment of course since it is a chat room.

11:02 LisaHinchliffe You can test my typing skills! :)

11:03 LisaHinchliffe I'm Lisa Hinchliffe, Vice-Pres of ACRL

11:03 LisaHinchliffe Mary Ellen Davis, Exec Director, is also with us today

11:03 Mary Ellen Davis Hello!

11:03 LisaHinchliffe This is driven by your questions so .... what do you want to know?

11:03 LisaHinchliffe :)

11:03 Mary Ellen Davis Welcome to our chat! We are happy to answer your questions about how to best engage with ACRL.

11:04 JennyinMA How competitive are committee appointments - does ACRL receive a lot of applications for these volunteer positions?

11:04 Mary Ellen Davis It depends on the committee. We do get several hundred volunteers but that is for all ACRL and all ACRL section committees.

11:04 LisaHinchliffe But, it also depends on the committee

11:04 David_Oar I noticed that the CJC section announced 2010 positions this week. What tasks are generally involved for section appointments?

11:05 LisaHinchliffe Some are very popular.

11:05 LisaHinchliffe It depends on the section.

11:05 LisaHinchliffe You volunteer within the sections and each is different

11:05 JohninVA Do you recommend spending time e-mailing w/ comm. chairs to get to know what they're up to? Or do they even have time to talk about this?

11:05 guest134441 For new MLIS students with limited experience, are there certain ways you suggest getting involved?

11:05 Mary Ellen Davis The chairs are asked to recommend individuals for appointments so if there are particular committees you are interested in you may want to reach out to the chair.

11:05 LisaHinchliffe Reading the committee charges are good ways to learn what work there is and minutes of past meetings.

11:06 Karen I'd love to be involved on an ACRL committee but probably can't commit to attending ALA conferences in-person. Are virtual opportunities available (Karen from the Maricopa Community Colleges)

11:06 LisaHinchliffe We do allow virtual members.

11:06 LisaHinchliffe Some committees do have to do work at conferences but we are working on being flexible

11:06 JohninVA Related -- is there an online list of committees w/ virtual membership?

11:06 Mary Ellen Davis Many of the committees now have communities in ALA Connect. Some of open; some are closed but depending on the committee you may be able to see some work.

11:06 LisaHinchliffe There is no single list

11:06 LisaHinchliffe Sections manage their own committee

11:07 MelissaGold What is the time-line for committee appointments? And, is the application the same as for general ALA?

11:08 LisaHinchliffe The timeline is common across all of ALA

11:08 Mary Ellen Davis All committees are eligible for virtual membership but the work of the committee is taken into consideration before virtual members are added.

11:08 LisaHinchliffe and the form is similar but has to be filled out at the level of appointment

11:08 LisaHinchliffe so, there are ala appointments

11:08 LisaHinchliffe acrl appointments

11:08 LisaHinchliffe and acrl section appointments

11:08 Mary Ellen Davis ACRL is encouraging its commtitees to be year round operations--rather than work tied to two meetings a year.

11:09 LisaHinchliffe ALA VP appoints to ALA committees

11:09 LisaHinchliffe ACRL VP appoints to ACRL committees

11:09 LisaHinchliffe ACRL Section Vice-Chairs appoint to Section Committees

11:09 Mary Ellen Davis How many of you are now or have been on an ACRL committee, Task Force, etc.?

11:09 LisaHinchliffe complex but let's decisionmaking be with the group that the committee lives within

11:10 David_Oar I haven't yet been involved in ACRL or section committees

11:10 calida.barboza Mary Ellen, I'm on the 2011 ACRL virtual conference committee.

11:10 JohninVA Haven't been on any ACRL committees, task forces, etc. -- trying to figure where to start.

11:10 LisaHinchliffe There are other ways to be involved in ACRL than committee service also

11:11 JennyinMA How Lisa?

11:11 LisaHinchliffe Here's the PDF!

11:11 Karen A few years ago I was my state's ACRL/ARLD chair so served as a rep to ACRL, but not any other committees.

11:11 JohninVA LH: I've seen mention of work on publications -- do you think that's relatively easier or harder than getting committee appointments?

11:12 Mary Ellen Davis Here is a url to the Top 10 ways to get involved:

11:12 Mary Ellen Davis

11:12 Mary Ellen Davis ACRL is also looking for Legislative Advocates as another way to be involved.

11:12 LisaHinchliffe JohninVA - I think everything is somewhat relative because it is also related to the skills and interests you have

11:12 Mary Ellen Davis ACRL needs e-learning presenteres, authors, etc.

11:12 leederk Has ACRL ever tried to get a master list going of committee opportunities?

11:12 LisaHinchliffe If you are most passionate about writing, then publication is easy.

11:12 LisaHinchliffe Oh, we have a master list of committee opportunities

11:13 LisaHinchliffe Just not a list of which currently have virtual members

11:13 LisaHinchliffe Let me get the link

11:13 Mary Ellen Davis I was asked how committees work year round. They use ALA Connect, email, phone calls, google docs, chat, whatever works for them.

11:13 JohninVA Ah, thanks. Love writing & editorial work, so maybe that's a route to look into.

11:13 leederk Thanks, Lisa!

11:14 David_Oar While Lisa is getting the master list... I looked at the first PDF and am a bit surprised that committee work is estimated as a month of time annually!

11:15 David_Oar Maybe I'm not that surprised, as local committees take that. But it does sound like a committment when estimated that way.

11:16 JohninVA Like the breakdown by time commitment. Nice.

11:17 LisaHinchliffe Yes, committee work can be intense

11:17 LisaHinchliffe Here is the list of committees

11:17 David_Oar I suppose playing a part in the results would be worthwhile though!

11:18 LisaHinchliffe Yes,

11:18 LisaHinchliffe So, it is worth being away of what time you have

11:18 JohninVA Is it necessary to have state/local service under your belt before "going national?"

11:18 LisaHinchliffe Better to do a smaller thing well than a large thing poorly

11:18 LisaHinchliffe No, definitely not necessary to do state/local first

11:18 Mary Ellen Davis I think we lost a connection

11:19 Mary Ellen Davis We seem to be back in now.

11:19 AustinIsHere Hey

11:19 Mary Ellen Davis Sorry for the technical difficulty

11:20 LisaHinchliffe And if you would find it interesting

11:21 JohninVA If you're looking for virtual service opps, do you recommend any particular kinds of work in particular?

11:22 LisaHinchliffe I think becoming a memvber of groups in ALA Connect is a good step

11:22 Mary Ellen Davis Yes, any ALA member can create his/her own community in ALA Connect.

11:22 Mary Ellen Davis

11:22 LisaHinchliffe Or join groups that are already there

11:22 Mary Ellen Davis If you haven't logged in give it a try.

11:23 JohninVA OK, sounds good. I've seen mention and didn't know how it different from other online pro networks.

11:23 caitlinshanley It is my understanding that one way to get started in committees is to seek appointment as an intern...could you explain that process? How is it different than regular committee appointment?

11:24 Mary Ellen Davis ALA Connect is a virtual space that compliments the f2f work

11:24 MelissaGold This may have been asked (lost connection temporarily), but is there a list of committees WITH openings?

11:24 LisaHinchliffe ALA has an "intern" category but ACRL does not at the ACRL level. Some of the sections still have them. So, it depends on the group.

11:24 JohninVA Ah, thank you MED -- hadn't heard it put quite that way before.

11:25 LisaHinchliffe All committees have openings every year essentially because we rotate appointments.

11:25 LisaHinchliffe So here is the committee list

11:25 LisaHinchliffe at the ACRL level

11:25 LisaHinchliffe Section lists are listed on the Section websites

11:25 LisaHinchliffe Or, if you happen to have a copy of the ALA Handbook of Organization - they are all in there too

11:26 LisaHinchliffe If there is a particular section of interest, I can quickly send that link.

11:26 Kim Oh, when I asked I was thinking more of a list that indicated which committees *need* members. Is there a list like that, Lisa?

11:26 LisaHinchliffe Well, because there are openings on all - they all "need" members

11:26 LisaHinchliffe But, we don't know how many volunteers we have for each until the volunteer period closes in December

11:27 LisaHinchliffe And, in some sections, they have committees without enough volunteers - but then it depends if you are interested in that section

11:28 LisaHinchliffe If folks have particular interests, I have also chatted with them to find the place that matches them in ACRL

11:28 LisaHinchliffe I believe there is likely a place for everyone someone in ACRL!

11:28 LisaHinchliffe :)

11:28 David_Oar Are volunteers always welcome? Or is there a limit for volunteer based committees?

11:28 LisaHinchliffe David - do you mean volunteers who aren't appointed but work with the committees anyway?

11:29 LisaHinchliffe Or, volunteers elsewhere - like during the National ACRL Conference we always need volunteers onsite to help with room monitoring, summarizing sessions, etc.

11:29 David_Oar I guess. Or perhaps how many are typically on committees? I assume it would be unworkable if you are lucky enough to get too many volunteers?

11:29 LisaHinchliffe Yes, we often have more volunteers than we have committee slots

11:30 LisaHinchliffe So, that is why we have other options besides just committee service for being involved

11:30 Kim But then there are some committees and sections that get overlooked, too. (speaking for one of them!)

11:30 David_Oar Good to hear! I understand that appointed positions are appointed. But it sounds like you can get involved with most committees where you can provide service.

11:31 David_Oar Which committee or section, Kim?

11:31 Kim I'm in the University Libraries Section (ULS) and we often have openings on our committees.

11:31 LisaHinchliffe I think the main strategy is to be clear when you volunteer the passion you have for the work and interest.

11:31 LisaHinchliffe I think CJCLS (community colleges) also often has openings

11:32 David_Oar Wonderful! CJCLS works for me!

11:32 LisaHinchliffe College Library Section is very virtual in their work

11:32 LisaHinchliffe CJCLS is a great group. My first job was in a community college and it was a wonderful ACRL group to connect with

11:34 LisaHinchliffe You might find the article in C&RL News on how to volunteer useful as well

11:34 LisaHinchliffe

11:34 LisaHinchliffe So, we've matched up David - can I help out anyone else with finding a place that might match their needs?

11:36 LisaHinchliffe Or, other questions I might answer?

11:36 caitlinshanley I've got to run to a class, but thank you for this session! This has been helpful.

11:37 MelissaGold I'm looking for more involvement...I'm a member of STS and IS, and an intern for an Instruction Section committee. But, I was hoping to do more...

11:37 LisaHinchliffe Did you see the PDF?

11:37 MelissaGold Yes. I'll probably look more specifically at the committees...

11:37 LisaHinchliffe

11:37 LisaHinchliffe ok, good

11:38 MelissaGold I guess it's just hard to gauge how much involvement there will be in each committee

11:39 LisaHinchliffe Caitlin - thanks for joining. If you are a student (and thus running to class) you might also be intested in ACRL New Members Discussion Group

11:39 LisaHinchliffe The NEw Members group is open to all new members

11:39 LisaHinchliffe Just safe (somewhat) to assume students are new members

11:39 LisaHinchliffe Melissa - yes, it is hard to.

11:40 LisaHinchliffe It can vary from year to year too.

11:40 LisaHinchliffe And, the impact of the economy isn't really known yet either.

11:41 MelissaGold ok, that makes sense

11:41 LisaHinchliffe Whew - always nice when I make sense! :)

11:41 JohninVA Thanks for the useful chat, and for the links -- got to get to a meeting -- cheers

11:41 LisaHinchliffe Ah yes - meetings! :)

11:42 LisaHinchliffe Thanks for joining and good questions.

11:42 Kim This was a nice idea, Lisa. Thanks.

11:42 LisaHinchliffe As we wrap up, please know you can always email me and Mary Ellen Davis if you need anything

11:42 LisaHinchliffe And, also, if you have ideas for future chat topics.

11:42 Karen Thanks for the great ideas. Bye!

11:42 LisaHinchliffe We'd love to hear them.

11:44 LisaHinchliffe Any other questions?

11:47 David_Oar Thanks Lisa and Mary Ellen! I really appreciated the accessible tone, useful answers, and links to practical documents!

11:47 LisaHinchliffe You're welcome!

11:48 LisaHinchliffe We're always glad to help and in case you have noticed Mary Ellen isn't logged on any more ... her computer isn't happy with meebo today so she and I are on the phone together so you have been getting her ideas through me. :)

11:49 LisaHinchliffe I'll hang out here for a bit longer but maybe let's wrap up with formal chat by saying thanks for joining and watch for the next discussion in December

11:49 LisaHinchliffe On job seeking

11:49 LisaHinchliffe in this economy

11:50 LisaHinchliffe Thanks so much for joining us today!

11:50 LisaHinchliffe We look forward to having you involved in ACRL!

11:56 LisaHinchliffe Have a great day everyone - email me or Mary Ellen for any follow up you need!

11:56 LisaHinchliffe Bye!