ACRL OnPoint Chat Archive June 17, 2009: ACRL 101: Getting to Know YOUR Conference

(10:00 am. Pacific | 11:00 a.m. Mountain | 12:00 p.m. Central | 1:00 p.m. Eastern)
Is this your first time attending ALA? Join us for a discussion on how to get the most out of your time in Chicago. We'll provide insight into the structure of the conference, what's open to everyone, and how to identify programs in your professional interest as well as answer any questions you may have about attending ALA. Merinda Hensley (Instructional Services Librarian, UIUC) and Allie Flanary (Faculty Librarian, Portland Community College) of the ACRL New Members Discussion Group will convene this chat.

Transcript Archive:

10:00 merinda.hensley Okay, my clock says 12:00 CST, so let's get started.

10:00 Tina Reimers Hi. I'm Tina. I'm in South Bend, IN and I finish my MLS in December. This is my first annual. I attended the ACRL virtual conference this year.

10:00 Josh S Oh, you might Belle.

10:00 Allie Flanary sounds good. Welcome, everyone!

10:01 merinda.hensley Today's session is "ACRL 101: Getting to Know Your Conference"

10:01 merinda.hensley Everyone in the right place?

10:01 Josh S Yes.

10:01 Tina Reimers y

10:01 merinda.hensley :)

10:01 Karen Jordan Yes

10:01 Janice y

10:01 merinda.hensley My name is merinda.hensley and I'm an Instruction Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

10:01 dksturges y

10:01 Allie Flanary Good stuff. Just like at conference, feel free to bail if you're in the wrong session. :D

10:01 petemcd Y

10:01 Belle Jones Yes

10:02 merinda.hensley I have been the Convener for the ACRL New Member Discussion Group for two years.

10:02 Allie Flanary And I'm Allie Flanary, Faculty Librarian at Portland Community College.

10:02 Allie Flanary I'll be the incoming convener.

10:02 merinda.hensley Allie will be my successor:)

10:02 merinda.hensley We're here to answer any questions you may have about navigating the ALA conference coming up in Chicago.

10:02 merinda.hensley Or conferences in general.

10:03 Karen Jordan Do we just start throwing out questions to you?

10:03 merinda.hensley So, the first topic I had to talk about is time management

10:03 merinda.hensley yes, Karen, you can throw questions at us.

10:03 LEKushmaul There just seems like there is too much to do!!!

10:03 Allie Flanary @karen We have some lose topics, but just toss them out there!

10:03 Belle Jones Thanik you!

10:03 merinda.hensley but I will cover a few things as well.

10:03 merinda.hensley Let's call them tips!

10:03 Belle Jones Oh yeah LEK

10:03 merinda.hensley Time management at the conference is tough!

10:03 merinda.hensley Just realize that form the very beginning.

10:04 Allie Flanary Too much to do is totally true! thus the time management bit. :D

10:04 merinda.hensley There is no way to do everything.

10:04 annie.epperson I think time management will help with all the questions I have - travel time between sessions is part of my anxiety

10:04 merinda.hensley Right

10:04 merinda.hensley everyone understands that Annie

10:04 Karen Jordan I would like to know where to go to first.

10:04 merinda.hensley you can be late.

10:04 merinda.hensley everyone is

10:04 Allie Flanary it's like getting from homeroom to gym...there are always stragglers!

10:04 merinda.hensley jsut be quiet about coming and going

10:04 Belle Jones Bring a program or you're suck

10:04 guest263139 Hi, My name is Lisa Li. I have too many events during Saturday and Sunday

10:04 merinda.hensley good to make sure your cell is truned off too

10:04 merinda.hensley that way you can be more discrete

10:05 Allie Flanary I have learned to make a schedule of everything I want to attend, even the overlapped sessions

10:05 merinda.hensley has everyone looked at the conference schedule yet?

10:05 annie.epperson Belle, do you bring a program that you print before traveling?

10:05 merinda.hensley…

10:05 Allie Flanary because it never fails that a "must attend" session turns out not to be to my liking. and then I bail to another session on my list.

10:05 Belle Jones Yes and it's a mistake.

10:05 Belle Jones Things change

10:05 Belle Jones new things are added

10:05 Janice I looked at the program but was completely overwhelmed. It's my first ALA.

10:05 merinda.hensley It is good to pick between a few things in the program.

10:05 Belle Jones I went to ACRL and spent the first two days confused.

10:05 Josh S what does a "typical" session look like? Presentations? Do many require audience participation?

10:05 merinda.hensley if you sit towards the back of the room and the end of an aisle

10:05 LEKushmaul I got a pre-program from American Libraries Journal.

10:06 annie.epperson Yeah, that is what I have found. A massive waste of paper that I throw out after hauling it around!

10:06 Allie Flanary the Event Planner can help you with this as well…

10:06 merinda.hensley you can easily come and go if a session isn't what you thought it would be

10:06 merinda.hensley and no one will think anything bad about you if you go

10:06 Belle Jones yes annit

10:06 merinda.hensley we all do it

10:06 Belle Jones annie

10:06 Allie Flanary @Josh good question...we'll talk session types in a few minutes!

10:06 Belle Jones thanks merinda

10:06 Belle Jones i'm concerned about being rude

10:06 merinda.hensley there is an acronym unscrambler at the beginning of the program

10:07 merinda.hensley in case anyone isn't familiar with terminology

10:07 merinda.hensley this can help you get started

10:07 Belle Jones great

10:07 merinda.hensley but how do you decide what to do?

10:07 Allie Flanary @Belle no need to worry about that at all, but it takes a few times before you feel like people are watching you leave...they aren

10:07 Allie Flanary aren't!

10:07 merinda.hensley esp if this is your first conference?

10:07 Belle Jones lol

10:07 Allie Flanary conference tracks are helpful!

10:07 merinda.hensley pick things that are not only relevant to your job, but things that interest you

10:07 Belle Jones What's that

10:08 merinda.hensley and if you don't ahve a job yet, pick the places where you think you will meet people

10:08 merinda.hensley that might hire you:)

10:08 merinda.hensley @belle - you mean conference tracks?

10:08 Belle Jones yes merinda

10:08 merinda.hensley there are different track, or topics, put on by the different sections

10:09 merinda.hensley did you open the pdf i sent you?

10:09 merinda.hensley let me find the apge number

10:09 Allie Flanary such as admin & leadership

10:09 Belle Jones no

10:09 Allie Flanary authors, lit, cultural programming

10:09 FlLib Something to take into sure to pick programs in close proxity to each other, because there can be long distances in Chicago.

10:09 Allie Flanary children and YA

10:09 merinda.hensley page 40

10:09 Allie Flanary things like you can "track" your way to specific programs that fit into an area of interest

10:09 merinda.hensley yes,, @FlLib

10:09 merinda.hensley that is important

10:09 LEKushmaul How do you tell if things are in close proximity?

10:09 Allie Flanary @LEK you'll get good with that map of hotels and such!

10:09 merinda.hensley when you are examining the program, you need the map too

10:10 Belle Jones good question

10:10 Belle Jones wow. this is work

10:10 merinda.hensley…

10:10 Allie Flanary Belle it will seem that way at first but there's a flow

10:10 merinda.hensley Yes, it is work

10:10 merinda.hensley and you'll have more fun if you plan what you'd like to do ahead of time

10:10 Belle Jones ok thanks

10:10 merinda.hensley in chicago, things are pretty spread out

10:10 merinda.hensley there are buses

10:11 merinda.hensley i think gale sponsors them, right allie?

10:11 LEKushmaul I've already made a list of what I think I want to do--even though some overlap. But getting from place to place is worrying.

10:11 merinda.hensley you can take them for free between the hotels

10:11 Allie Flanary shuttle buses are key! thanks to Gale for sponsoring!

10:11 Belle Jones by the third day i was prepared. the first day i left my program. my ID. I had to keep walking back to the hotel. ACRL only had 3,000. I think ALA has 40,000

10:11 merinda.hensley all you need to do is wear your name tag

10:11 merinda.hensley and no one will bother you getting on or off the bus

10:11 Allie Flanary you're surrounded by librarians. feel free to ask questions.

10:11 merinda.hensley the same is true for getting in and out of hotels

10:11 merinda.hensley good point, allie!

10:12 Belle Jones lol@allie

10:12 Allie Flanary you'll also find yourself the recipient of unsolicited advice. we're friendly that way at conferences.

10:12 LEKushmaul Does anyone know if the subway or EL system goes near the conference center?

10:12 merinda.hensley everyone is very friendly

10:12 merinda.hensley we were all new once:)

10:12 merinda.hensley i am not sure about the EL

10:12 annie.epperson I don't see a map in the preliminary program. Should I print the one from the website and carry it with me?

10:12 merinda.hensley yes, bring the map!

10:12 Allie Flanary I am a complete newbie to Chicago. I'll be learning a lot as I go!

10:12 merinda.hensley that is the most important thing you will need

10:12 FlLib Yes Annie, from the ALA website, print that one

10:13 Belle Jones Airtran flies into midway. one hotle told me it's 45 miles away and the other said it's 70 miles away

10:13 Allie Flanary sometimes I mapquest or Gmaps a few things before I leave home.

10:13 merinda.hensley the conference center is ways from the hotels

10:13 mpetrowski There is a subway stop at the corner of Randolph and Michigan Avenue that is the fastest way to get to the McCormick Convention Center.

10:13 petemcd Good question about the EL. I believe the conference center is at least a 6 block walk from the nearest El stop...

10:13 merinda.hensley so, for example, the ACRL new member discussion group meeting will be on sautrday morning

10:13 Allie Flanary any restaurants or attractions I want to be sure to hit, I map from my hotel and using public transit (no printers at ALA)

10:13 merinda.hensley at the intercontinental

10:13 jonstahler @LEKushmaul: you'll want to take the busses provided to the McCormick center. The El doesn't come too close, unfortunately.

10:13 Belle Jones why are the hotels so high

10:13 FlLib both Midway and O'Hare have EL stops to downtown, but it will be 45 min to 1 hour each way

10:13 Josh S That EL stop is still a pretty lengthy walk still.

10:13 merinda.hensley you'll have to plan ahead if you would like to be there on time and not miss anything

10:13 Belle Jones that is lonf flib

10:14 Allie Flanary (we'd like for you to be there! At ACRL New Members Discussion Group, I mean)

10:14 Belle Jones long

10:14 jonstahler for reference 8 blocks in chicago is roughly a mile.

10:14 merinda.hensley but if you find it not to your liking, you can always leave and head somewhere else

10:14 Allie Flanary so Josh asked about session types earlier

10:14 merinda.hensley thanks, allie

10:14 annie.epperson Are there ALA shuttles from Midway to the hotels? I've booked a commercial shuttle, but would love to unbook!

10:14 Allie Flanary @annie, nope, sorry

10:14 LEKushmaul Isn't there a newbie discussion on Friday afternoon also?

10:14 Belle Jones why does ALA spread things out

10:14 dksturges I suggest - DON'T wear your name tag/conference badge out in general public as you're walking along - in library land, okay, but not in the city. I lived there for years and never had a problem but remember - it's a city.

10:14 merinda.hensley no, you'll have to use the commercial shuttle

10:15 merinda.hensley YES @dksturges

10:15 FlLib Take the EL Annie, GALE shuttles are only btw conference hotels and Conv Center

10:15 mpetrowski No ,there are no ALA shuttles from airport to Chicago. Take the blue line from O'Hare or the orange line from Midway. I do it all the time.

10:15 LEKushmaul Is there a code on the programs that let's me determine where it will be?

10:15 merinda.hensley Hi Mary Jane!

10:16 merinda.hensley yes, there is a code in the program and on the map

10:16 Allie Flanary The Annual wiki is a great place to check for this kind of local info and tips…

10:16 merinda.hensley I sent links to both

10:16 merinda.hensley and the wiki is very helpful too

10:16 merinda.hensley here is one event that i think new members would be interested in

10:17 merinda.hensley and acrl has loads of programs, too

10:17 mpetrowski We have 24 programs

10:18 Allie Flanary wow, that's a lot! I'm excited.

10:18 merinda.hensley I am very involved in the Instruction Section

10:18 LEKushmaul I don't see what it was that you said new memebers would find interesting.

10:18 Allie Flanary speaking of programs, what's say we give a brief rundown on the types of things scheduled at ALA?

10:18 guest263139 Where can I find those programs

10:18 annie.epperson I recieved a very helpful list of ACRL programs from ACRL Insider

10:18 merinda.hensley and they are having some interesting programs too

10:18 Tina Reimers yes, allie, please

10:18 merinda.hensley you can find them in the program

10:18 merinda.hensley…

10:18 Belle Jones resume reviwers?

10:18 mpetrowski Here's the link to our programs: ACRL Annual Conference program listing at…

10:19 Tina Reimers i'm wondering about committee meetings

10:19 Allie Flanary I always like discussion groups, and not just because we're involved with one!

10:19 Allie Flanary but I like getting time to spend with peers from all over the place, discussing things we're passionate about on the job.

10:19 merinda.hensley @ belle you're talking about Placement Services

10:19 Allie Flanary committee meetings are just what they sound meetings of some committee or other

10:20 Belle Jones yes

10:20 Janice I am looking at a program track (p. 45). I do not see locations noted. Where do I find where a program is located?

10:20 Katherine O'Clair I love the discussion groups

10:20 Allie Flanary and for the most part you can attend, if you'd like to

10:20 merinda.hensley that information is on page 14 of the program

10:20 Belle Jones merinda an allie how can i join a committee

10:20 merinda.hensley @ Janice- it will be in the formal description of the program

10:20 Rachel Slough I had heard about the possibility of conference mentors for first time attendees. Could you explain more about that please?

10:20 merinda.hensley you can attend anything that is not closed

10:21 Janice So .. not the preliminary -- but the final program?

10:21 merinda.hensley Mary Jane - those are just the Executive meetings, correct?

10:21 FlLib Janice, use the EVENT Planner on he ALA to get locations before conf they will give you a printed program w/liocations, but plan ahead

10:21 Allie Flanary the program will tell you explicitly if a meeting is closed, usually in the daily schedule part

10:21 merinda.hensley Otherwise, feel free to attend everything

10:21 Allie Flanary Belle, it depends on the committee, honestly!

10:22 Allie Flanary But the best way to start is to let someone on the committee know you're interested.

10:22 Katherine O'Clair i am a conference mentor

10:22 merinda.hensley you can feel free to drop an ahead of time and a committee member

10:22 Belle Jones ok

10:22 Belle Jones thx

10:22 Tina Reimers the itinerary planner has been a big help

10:22 merinda.hensley they will tell you if you can sit in on a meeting

10:22 Karen Jordan How can a new member sign up with a mentor?

10:22 merinda.hensley you just ahve to recognize that the committee is there to do work

10:22 Allie Flanary Katherine do you have info on getting a mentor for conference?

10:22 Belle Jones Katherine what are discussion gropups? Do you mean e-mail or in person

10:22 merinda.hensley so it's best to save your questions for after

10:22 mpetrowski There's info on the ALA Ambassador program in the ALA Conference wiki.

10:22 Katherine O'Clair @karen…

10:23 merinda.hensley @belle…

10:23 Belle Jones thanks

10:23 mpetrowski The Ambassador Program pairs up first-time attendees with a buddy.

10:23 Allie Flanary I think if you registered and checked first time attendee you'll get an e-mail asking if you'd like a conference buddy.

10:23 Belle Jones cool

10:24 Tina Reimers have those emails gone out yet?

10:24 Allie Flanary another type of conference session I really enjoy are the Presidents Programs

10:24 guest263139 How could I register? Lisa

10:24 Allie Flanary (listed on page 10 of the prelim schedule)

10:24 Karen Jordan @ Mary Jane - Thanks for the Mentor/Mentee link

10:24 Katherine O'Clair I think the deadline for the NMRT mentoring program was Monday

10:24 merinda.hensley No need to register for discussion groups, just show up

10:24 merinda.hensley Our meeting topic for the conference is “The Publication Process: Getting Published in LIS Journals.”

10:24 petemcd I'm sorry, I have to go on to my next meeting...thanks for the great info, Merinda and Allie! :)

10:25 Allie Flanary hope to see you in Chicago pete!

10:25 merinda.hensley Thanks for coming, petemcd!

10:25 petemcd Great, thanks..and see you there!

10:25 merinda.hensley We are trying something new this time

10:25 Belle Jones later

10:25 merinda.hensley We'll have three short presentations on the theme and time for questions and comments

10:25 Belle Jones ooh

10:25 petemcd Bye.

10:25 Belle Jones please record it merinda

10:25 FlLib My advice...fill your schedule with everything you'd like to attend, then feel happy if you can get to 1/2...don't let it overwhelm you, there will be other confs

10:25 Allie Flanary yes, I agree with that advice.

10:25 merinda.hensley @FlLib good advice!

10:25 Allie Flanary Make a schedule, but don't panic when you abandon it!

10:26 merinda.hensley talk to others, too

10:26 mpetrowski And don't forget the poster session!

10:26 Belle Jones lol@allie

10:26 merinda.hensley ask what they are going to

10:26 Katherine O'Clair and schedule breaks

10:26 DAKING64 hey is there any girls on here

10:26 merinda.hensley you can get a feel from really great programs if everyone is talking about it:)

10:26 Allie Flanary I often end up abandoning a scheduled day, because I find a great conversation partner and follow along to wherever they are headed for a few hours.

10:26 Allie Flanary It's a great way to get new experiences and ideas.

10:26 merinda.hensley @belle - I wish we had the capability to record our session

10:26 mpetrowski Have you seen the LJ conference picks? Lots of ACRL programs made the cut!

10:26 merinda.hensley ACRL is still working out ways to address virtual needs

10:27 Allie Flanary Also? Don't forget your back channels. I am an avid Twitter user. I always make new conference friends via Twitter Tweetups (meetings with other Twitter users, at conference)

10:27 Belle Jones well can you e-mail a handout

10:27 FlLib American Lib and Lib Journal give advice for can't miss programs

10:27 mpetrowski ALA is posting content for many sessions afterwards.

10:27 Belle Jones lol

10:27 Allie Flanary so don't be afraid to put yourself out there a little bit.

10:27 Belle Jones i want t opublish

10:27 Allie Flanary Belle... come join us on ALA Connect!

10:27 merinda.hensley @belle - yes

10:27 Allie Flanary I promise to post any handouts and such there.

10:28 merinda.hensley drop me an email

10:28 merinda.hensley ---------------------

10:28 merinda.hensley and at ALA connect

10:28 Allie Flanary see? this is totally how conference flows as well.

10:28 merinda.hensley thanks for the reminder, Allie!

10:28 Belle Jones yay

10:28 Allie Flanary "I like what you're doing...can we follow-up on this again?"

10:28 Allie Flanary then you swap cards.

10:28 Allie Flanary SO BRING YOUR CARDS!

10:28 Allie Flanary no job? MAKE YOUR OWN CARDS!

10:28 Belle Jones ala connect?

10:29 dksturges (Speaking of putting yourself out there ... Bring your knitting/crocheting/handwork! This is always a great conversation starter! And a great way to meet people.

10:29 merinda.hensley And write down how you met the person on the back of the card - so you don't forget:)

10:29 Allie Flanary ALA connect is the ALA social networking-type website

10:29 Belle Jones i feel so bad. what is that? a news letter?

10:29 Belle Jones oh

10:29 Belle Jones cool

10:29 Allie Flanary @dk you are absolutely right about yarncrafts!

10:29 Allie Flanary @belle

10:29 Allie Flanary it's free

10:29 Allie Flanary and you don't need to be a member to join Connect

10:30 Belle Jones I'd like to add if you're not a librarian make some cards. Show you're creative skills.

10:30 FlLib Do fun things too, socials, vendor breakfast/lunches, exhibits

10:30 mpetrowski Here's the ALA Connect link:

10:30 Belle Jones awesomw allie

10:30 Allie Flanary there are LOTS of socials

10:30 Belle Jones that's you're new name

10:30 Belle Jones lol

10:30 merinda.hensley @FlLib yes!

10:30 Allie Flanary and honestly? they scare me a little. but it's so so worth it to attend!

10:30 Belle Jones thx

10:30 merinda.hensley lots of socializing

10:30 merinda.hensley i love the programs but meeting people at conference is the best!

10:30 Allie Flanary there's a gaming night on Conference Friday

10:30 merinda.hensley and you never know when you'll meet jsut the right person

10:31 FlLib ALA wikis lists socials and vendor meals...some require RSVP, so check

10:31 Belle Jones And you need cards to place in the giveaway bowls

10:31 merinda.hensley standing in line for a sandwich or riding the gale bus!

10:31 mpetrowski In the ALA Conference wiki there is a list of events with free food and info about the gaming pavilion in the exhibit hall.

10:31 Allie Flanary there's a CJCLS (Community & Junior College Libraries section) get together and dinner

10:31 Allie Flanary Merinda, there's an Instruction Section soiree, I'm sure, right?

10:31 merinda.hensley the vendor socials are great!

10:31 merinda.hensley Yes, Friday from 5-7pm

10:31 mpetrowski The May issue of C&RL News has all the social events and tours lists.

10:31 Belle Jones I hope hunks will be there

10:31 Belle Jones lol

10:32 FlLib hahaha Belle hahahaha

10:32 Belle Jones oops did i say that

10:32 sbierdzi What is the dress code at ALA?

10:32 Belle Jones good question

10:32 merinda.hensley…

10:32 FlLib If you will in any way be job hunting - dress the part! otherwise, anything goes

10:32 mpetrowski Well, definitely for the Inaugural Ball Tuesday night!

10:33 merinda.hensley @sbierdzi

10:33 merinda.hensley if you are job hunting, dress nice

10:33 Allie Flanary bring a mix.

10:33 merinda.hensley not suit nice, but still nice

10:33 Belle Jones oh wow a ball

10:33 Allie Flanary conference always requires me to have the strangest assortment of clothing.

10:33 merinda.hensley but you can wear casual stuff if you are just going to meetings and such

10:33 Rachel Slough And does looking for a job in a year still constitute the dress as if for job hunting?

10:33 merinda.hensley but it is good to feel comfortable and be yourself

10:33 Katherine O'Clair comfortable shoes! lots of walking

10:33 mpetrowski I would suggest business casual.

10:33 Allie Flanary @Rachel I'd say dress up if you're actively seeking a job

10:34 dksturges I was warned that so far, Chicago has been cool this year - but I wouldn't count on it! Dress in layers - bring a jacket/shawl just in case - the hotel/conference rooms could be chilly.

10:34 merinda.hensley then i would dress like i wanted someone to remember me and not my clothes:)

10:34 sbierdzi Thanks. I like comfort, especially in shoes!

10:34 FlLib Carry a sweater/shawl for cold meeting rooms

10:34 Belle Jones I dress as if I'm going to work. I wanna be prepared and make a good impression.

10:34 Allie Flanary yes, you may find yourself air conditioned into an ice cube!

10:34 Katherine O'Clair Yes FlLib

10:34 merinda.hensley no reason to wear heels

10:34 Allie Flanary @Belle that's a good plan

10:34 Allie Flanary heels definitely don't make the packing cut in my world!

10:34 Allie Flanary flip-flops, however, are not optional to me! :D

10:34 merinda.hensley unless you really want to:)

10:34 Belle Jones lol

10:35 Karen Jordan If you don't have business cards and are making them on your own as a soon-to-be MLS graduate, how many cards should you bring?

10:35 merinda.hensley there are services at the conference

10:35 Belle Jones Lots karen

10:35 merinda.hensley like an internet cafe so you can check your email during the day

10:35 sbierdzi Do you need to carry around a lot of conference material? I need to think of what type of purse/bag/backpack to bring.

10:35 Belle Jones the whole pack

10:35 Allie Flanary That depends on how ambitious you are feeling, Karen. But lots, yes.

10:35 merinda.hensley yes, the whole pack!

10:35 Allie Flanary Places like Office Max, Staples, etc. can make them very cheaply for you.

10:35 Belle Jones not just for meeting people but there are giveaways

10:36 merinda.hensley when you register, they will give you a bag with conference materials

10:36 Allie Flanary OR there are really nice print-your-own varieties available as well.

10:36 FlLib OH, if you pick up tons of freebies from exhibits, learn to use Conv Ctr post office and mail the stuff back home!!!!

10:36 merinda.hensley but it's not the kind of bag that you will necessarily want to carry around all day

10:36 Belle Jones i just mail the stuff back to myself. too much to carry

10:36 merinda.hensley let's talk about exhibits

10:36 Allie Flanary No, it isn't. It makes a great laundry sack, though.

10:36 Allie Flanary Yes, exhibits!

10:36 merinda.hensley @allie :):)

10:36 Allie Flanary (i love exhibits)

10:36 merinda.hensley carve out time for them

10:36 Allie Flanary MORE TIME THAN YOU THINK

10:37 merinda.hensley there are tons of giveaways

10:37 Allie Flanary free stuff is exciting!

10:37 merinda.hensley like pre-print books

10:37 Allie Flanary and it's a great way to meet people, I think.

10:37 merinda.hensley and pens and candy

10:37 Belle Jones i ate free everyday in seattle

10:37 Belle Jones lol

10:37 Allie Flanary (my first annual I shipped home 17 pounds of books)

10:37 merinda.hensley if you are unsure if something is a giveaway, jsut ask the vendor

10:37 Belle Jones WHAT

10:37 mpetrowski The last day is a great time to pick free / discounted books, especially cookbooks.

10:37 Allie Flanary @belle awesome--way to make the system work for you!

10:37 annie epperson Conference bags are the BEST reusable grocery bags.

10:37 merinda.hensley @mpetrowski - YES!

10:37 Belle Jones mmmm food

10:37 Allie Flanary truly. don't be shy, but don't be a jerk. that's my exhibit hall rule.

10:37 Belle Jones can you tell i'm from the south

10:38 FlLib take time to learn from vendors, too, helps to see new items on the horizon

10:38 merinda.hensley they will give you a card when you register

10:38 Belle Jones lol@allie

10:38 merinda.hensley if you talk to vendors, they might request to swipe your card

10:38 Allie Flanary if you want to know if something is free, and you absolutely can't imagine sitting through a 10 minute vendor chat about clear but polite about that.

10:38 merinda.hensley this will let them contact you later

10:38 Allie Flanary and they will!

10:38 Belle Jones OMG. Don't give them your personal e-mail.. Give them your work e-mail.

10:38 Allie Flanary so if you're not willing to get a little email don't let them anywhere near your swipe card or your busienss card

10:38 Belle Jones I get solictation for junk alot

10:39 Allie Flanary business, even

10:39 merinda.hensley if you have collection money or are strying to research a product for your library, this is a great opportunity

10:39 FlLib Yea, every giveaway you enter means you are now on their Mailing think about the tradeoffs

10:39 Allie Flanary if you're a student, don't be afraid to say so.

10:39 merinda.hensley like i talked to refworks people once

10:39 merinda.hensley totally inforamtive

10:39 dksturges I'm doing a poster session on Monday - and plan to bring my 'poster' on a jump drive. Is there a Kinko's nearby? Any suggestions/experiences that you can share?

10:39 Allie Flanary i got a lot of mileage out of "I am a student, I have no purchasing power."

10:39 merinda.hensley @dksturges i would call ahead

10:39 Belle Jones lol@allie

10:39 merinda.hensley to make sure

10:39 Allie Flanary @dk Woo, that could be dicey. Make sure you have a backup plan

10:40 Karen Jordan @Allie - Thanks for that line! I will use it.

10:40 Belle Jones yeah dk. i agree with allie

10:40 annie epperson Kinko's has a very good "find a location" function on their website.

10:40 merinda.hensley i have done that before, but what happens if something goes wrong?

10:40 merinda.hensley just have a backup plan

10:40 merinda.hensley and definiately email yourself the file too

10:40 Belle Jones yeah

10:40 merinda.hensley let's talk about posters

10:40 dksturges @merinda - will do. thx!

10:40 merinda.hensley great experience!

10:40 merinda.hensley congrats on being accepted!

10:41 merinda.hensley poster sessions are a great way to see what your colleagues are doing around the country

10:41 Belle Jones seems like people do poster on anything

10:41 Allie Flanary a great way!

10:41 merinda.hensley and to start conversations, get ideas

10:41 Allie Flanary @belle - they do!

10:41 merinda.hensley @belle yes, almost anything:)

10:41 merinda.hensley ACRL poster sessions are the best

10:41 Belle Jones i might do one on resumes

10:41 merinda.hensley best part of the conference every time!

10:41 Belle Jones really

10:42 Allie Flanary I gave a poster session once. I was so afraid it was going to be...worthless to anyone but my small group. And several years later I still encounter ppl I met at my poster session. it was great

10:42 merinda.hensley so, take time to visit the poster sessions - totally worth it

10:42 Belle Jones well i know is everyone crowads around the good one

10:42 Belle Jones lol

10:42 Allie Flanary I leave a good half of my cards at poster sessions

10:42 Allie Flanary because they tend to be focused on what libraries and librarians are DOing

10:42 merinda.hensley didn't someone ask earlier about how to get on committees?

10:42 Belle Jones oh okay

10:42 mpetrowski Poster sessions are a great way to tons of ideas without traveling.

10:42 Belle Jones i did

10:43 Allie Flanary and I usually want to know more, have extended conversations, and collaborate I leave a lot of cards with requests for more info when the presenter gets back to their library

10:43 Belle Jones oh. I get it now.

10:43 merinda.hensley you have to fill out a volunteer form

10:43 merinda.hensley appointments are made to start after annual

10:43 Belle Jones ok thx merinda

10:43 merinda.hensley but it is good if you can get to know ppl in the section first

10:43 merinda.hensley get your name out there

10:44 merinda.hensley for example, Instruction Section is huge

10:44 Allie Flanary some committees are intense and very selective.

10:44 Belle Jones poster session are a gret way t oget your name out there too and get more comfortable with presenting

10:44 merinda.hensley really hard to get on a committe

10:44 Belle Jones i know merinda

10:44 merinda.hensley but there are tons of sections that are always looking for new librarians to take a leadership position

10:44 merinda.hensley you can apply for the emerging leaders program

10:44 mpetrowski There is a ton of info on the appointment process on the New Member wiki at…

10:44 merinda.hensley that would get you noticed!

10:44 FlLib Try New Members Round Table, that is where I started 15 yrs ago...GREAT training ground

10:44 merinda.hensley thanks, Mary Jane

10:44 Belle Jones thanks

10:45 Clara Fowler attend the orientation session for the Section you want to join and meet the Vice-Chair - they're usually responsible for new appointments

10:45 merinda.hensley Hi Clara!

10:45 Allie Flanary I recommend the Emerging Leaders program, it's how I got involved in ACRL.

10:45 Clara Fowler Hi Merinda - lurking!

10:45 merinda.hensley :)

10:45 Belle Jones oh aliie i got questions about AEL

10:45 Allie Flanary I'm happy to answer questions about that any time, you can find me on ALA Connect or email me about that

10:45 merinda.hensley there are orientation sessions for every section

10:45 merinda.hensley and they are in the prgram

10:45 Belle Jones ok

10:45 merinda.hensley don't be shy

10:46 mpetrowski And don't forget our new Interest Groups--they are looking for members (and the groups are Residency Programs, Universal Accessibility, and Health Sciences).

10:46 merinda.hensley attend and introduce yourself

10:46 Josh S Gotta run. Thanks.

10:46 Belle Jones bye josh

10:46 merinda.hensley bye, josh! see you at conference!

10:46 annie epperson I've seen somehting about a more flexible, or open option type of programming for this year - if folks want to present, or talk about a given topic, but deadline was 8 months ago. Do either of you know anything about that?

10:46 Allie Flanary yes, I am excited about the new health sciences IG! they will have their first meeting in Chicago.

10:46 Allie Flanary always new things happening and growing from conferences.

10:46 LEKushmaul Me too:)

10:46 merinda.hensley do you know, Mary Jane?

10:46 mpetrowski I do, annie. Will post link to info in just a sec.

10:47 annie epperson @mpet - thanks very much

10:47 merinda.hensley does anyone have any other questions about conference that we haven't addressed yet?

10:47 Allie Flanary any outstanding questions on things we haven't covered?

10:47 merinda.hensley @allie jinx!

10:47 Belle Jones Nope. You're excellent.

10:48 merinda.hensley thanks, belle:)

10:48 Allie Flanary teehee

10:48 Rachel Slough Thank you so much! This was very helpful

10:48 Belle Jones ACRL is on point.

10:48 dksturges Aren't there some f2f beginner/intro sessions Friday night or Saturday morning or ???

10:48 Belle Jones lol

10:48 mpetrowski Here's the link to the Annual Conference Program proposal process:…

10:48 Allie Flanary I really do hope you guys will consider coming to the ACRL New Members Discussion Group in Chicago!

10:48 merinda.hensley bring comfortable shoes, a sweater, snack bars (sometimes finding something to eat can be hard!)

10:48 Belle Jones This was so nice.

10:48 Allie Flanary Bring your favorite travel mug/water bottle. No need to go through all of those paper cups!

10:49 mpetrowski ACRL 101 is Saturday morning, 8-12:00 in the Sheraton, Ballroom IV.

10:49 Janice Thank you.

10:49 merinda.hensley extra food is a really good idea, line can be long and your time might be short

10:49 Allie Flanary I STRONGLY recommend ACRL 101!

10:49 Belle Jones I missed that session

10:49 dksturges Great @mpetrowski - thanks!

10:49 merinda.hensley there will be 20,000 librarians in chicago all in a 2 mile radius

10:49 Allie Flanary Meet other nervous nellies and neds, find a conference pal, figure out what on Earth is going on!

10:49 Katherine O'Clair @dks there is an NMRT meet and greet on Friday night and the ACRL 101 is great

10:49 Belle Jones I wont be at ALA this year. I'll go next year

10:50 merinda.hensley The ACRL 101 is great!

10:50 Belle Jones Thanks again.

10:50 merinda.hensley and anyone has more questions, we'll stick around until 1pm CST or email me at ---------------------

10:50 annie epperson Thanks very much for the info - gotta get to an appointment.

10:50 Allie Flanary and me at ------------------

10:50 annie epperson Have a great day everyone!

10:50 merinda.hensley bye, annie!

10:50 Belle Jones bye annie

10:50 Allie Flanary (my work inbox is toooo full! :D)

10:50 Belle Jones lol

10:51 dksturges Thanks All! See you f2f in a few weeks!

10:51 merinda.hensley And remember ACRL New Members Discussion Group will follow the ACRL 101 event from 10:30-12:00 in the Intercontinental Hotel, Exchange Room. This hotel is not far from the Sheraton.

10:51 Allie Flanary see you then, dk!

10:51 Belle Jones good luck dks

10:51 Karen Jordan Thank you all very much. As a newbie I feel a bit more prepared now.

10:51 mpetrowski ACRL staff will be sending out an invite to ACRL 101 so that we see who plans to attend.

10:51 merinda.hensley i';m glad, karen

10:51 Belle Jones yay karen

10:51 merinda.hensley thanks, MAry Jane

10:51 Allie Flanary yep, keep an eye out for email from ACRL leading up to the conference

10:51 Belle Jones i learned alot too.

10:51 merinda.hensley any more questions? anything at all?

10:52 mpetrowski Thanks so much, Merinda and Allie. I'll be in touch later today.

10:52 merinda.hensley Sure, Mary Jane!

10:52 dksturges Enjoy the day! Denyse

10:52 Allie Flanary OK, Mary Jane. thanks!

10:52 Belle Jones bye

10:52 Clara Fowler Thanks Merinda and Allie - great job!

10:52 Belle Jones thanks again

10:52 merinda.hensley Thanks, Clara!

10:52 merinda.hensley See you at the soiree?

10:52 Clara Fowler Most definitely!

10:52 merinda.hensley :)

10:53 Karen Jordan @Mary Jane, you helped me with a school assignment a few weeks ago re: Carnegie classification. Thanks again so much. I got an "A"!

10:53 merinda.hensley Yeah, karen!

10:53 mpetrowski That's wonderful, Karen!

10:53 Allie Flanary great job!

10:54 Allie Flanary oops, I just discovered some hidden msg windows. Apologies to anyone I missed a message from!

10:54 merinda.hensley Hi Katherine, thanks for coming!

10:54 Katherine O'Clair my pleasure! this was great!

10:54 merinda.hensley See you at conference!

10:55 Allie Flanary it was a lot of fun!

10:55 Katherine O'Clair yes!

10:55 merinda.hensley @jreyna - any lingering questions?

10:56 Katherine O'Clair i'm gonna run - see you soon!

10:56 Katherine O'Clair thanks again!

10:57 merinda.hensley Thanks everyone! please email merinda.hensley at --------------------- or Allie Flanary at ----------------------- if you have any questions.

10:57 Allie Flanary see you in Chicago!