ACRL OnPoint Chat Archive April 29, 2009: Lessons Learned from the Seattle Green Conference

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Chat Archive Transcript

10:02 libcgf Hello, and welcome to today's ACRL OnPoint chat: Seattle Green: Lessons learned from greening the ACRL 14th National Conference

10:03 libcgf I'm Charles Forrest, Emory University, and Co-Chair of the SeattleGreen Conference Component. I'd like to invite my co-chair and our staff liaison to introduce themselves.

10:03 libcgf I meant Component Committee...

10:03 karenlibrarian Hello! I'm Karen Munro, Head of the UO Portland Library & Learning Commons, and co-chair of the committee.

10:03 tondrla Hello, I'm Tory Ondrla, ACRL Conference Supervisor and liaison to our fabulous Green Conference committee who did so much great work to green last month's conference.

10:04 karenlibrarian Welcome to everyone!

10:04 libcgf The Green Committee is a first for the Seattle conference. Our charge was to recommend and implement environmentally-friendly practices that will enhance the national conference and reduce its impact on the environment.

10:04 karenlibrarian

10:05 libcgf We set about our work in three main areas: Inform and influence; Reduce, reuse, recycle; Commit to sustainability.

10:05 libcgf We'd like to kick off the chat by asking: What do you think about these green conference efforts? Suggestions for improvement?

10:06 erikad68 Erika and Elizabeth here. We weren't at the ACRL conference. Can you describe some of the efforts?

10:06 karenlibrarian And just to add--there's no moderator today, so everyone's welcome to jump in with questions adn comments.

10:07 lsabol I wasn't at the conference but I'm curious if you approached the vendors about the 3Rs?

10:07 merrilee Thanks, Erika and Elizabeth, that was my question, too!

10:07 rholt53 I think it was a great model for future conferences, not only ACRL

10:07 tondrla For those of you who may not have attended here are some of the major accomplishements of the committee:

10:07 datamuse Second Isabol's question about vendors

10:07 libcgf We did indeed approach vendors. 8 vendors shared some of their green practices and products with us.

10:08 BethAA_unt I think it was a good model and one that we need to continue to build on

10:08 karenlibrarian And we reached out to ALL vendors to ask them to profile their green practices (hint hint to them!)

10:08 libcgf Tory, could you describe some of the green features of the opening conference reception?

10:08 cotnerc We want to avoid printing a huge program at our state conference. Do you think speaker bios and other items could have been eliminated from your large program? Pros and cons of reducing the program?

10:08 karenlibrarian I'll jump in here too since there are multiple questions happening.

10:09 libcgf The printed conference program was printed on recycled paper using soy-based ink. That's a step in the right direction.

10:09 tondrla Sure, we chose sustainable local food, bamboo plates and compostable cups and had an interactive composting station.

10:09 karenlibrarian Re: Vendors + 3Rs: we worked with Better World Books to collect donations of leftover books.

10:09 merrilee Did green practices for vendors include cutting down the amount of stuff that gets shipped and distributed (and then thrown away or recycled)?

10:09 karenlibrarian We also provided recycling stations for vendor giveaways.

10:09 BethAA_unt Texas sent the large program as the advertising for the conference and then only handed out small single sheet programs that fit in your badge holder.

10:09 karenlibrarian Several thousand items (books and giveaways) went to local charities.

10:10 karenlibrarian Interesting idea, Beth!

10:10 libcgf One thousand books were donated to Better World Books and other charities.

10:11 BethAA_unt I wonder how many of us would be just as happy to reuse the badge holders we have. I know it's a vendor op, but I would be just as happy if they contributed to the coffee hours.

10:11 filarwilliams could the conference program be optional ... add a fee if someone wants the paper copy? I prefer looking at it online or mobile-y (is that a word?)

10:11 karenlibrarian Members could also donate their ACRL conference mugs or shower timers.

10:11 karenlibrarian :D

10:11 karenlibrarian I like the mobile-y option!

10:11 lsabol Curious what you all feel about handouts for attendees. I still really like to get them *at* the presentation so I can take notes but more often I hear presentors say taht the handouts will be available online after the presentation.

10:11 karenlibrarian We really moved away from paper handouts.

10:12 karenlibrarian That was a big item of member interest when we polled before we started out.

10:12 lsabol Shower timers! What a great idea! Was that conference swag?

10:12 libcgf We collected the badge holders to be recycled.

10:12 karenlibrarian Paper reduction was key to most members, and we heard a lot about it. I'd say most people appreciated no paper handouts, but some didn't.

10:12 merrilee I floated the idea of shower timers with east coast colleagues (I live in California) and they didn't get it...

10:12 karenlibrarian Yup, shower timers as swag! That was Tory's idea, I think?

10:13 tondrla We did do shower timers - some like it, others told us not to "tell them how to take a shower"

10:13 karenlibrarian I admit I was skeptical, but I still use mine.

10:13 lsabol I'm a midwesterner to east coaster and I *totally* get it. I love the idea.

10:13 datamuse I don't mind having the handouts online instead, but I have to say that sometimes they can be hard to find. I liked the inclusion of virtual handouts (and entire virtual sessions) but think the RL and virtual content need to be better integrated

10:13 karenlibrarian That comment about "don't tell me how..." seems misguided to me.

10:13 merrilee Can you say what percentage of people wanted handout, versus didn't? We could cut down, but don't want for needy people to do without.

10:13 tondrla Agreed!

10:13 libcgf We polled members before the conference. 95% of respondents requested the opportunity to recycle paper handouts. 75% recommended reducing paper handouts by substituting digital copies.

10:14 merrilee WOW! If 95% want to recycle on site --- that's HUGE!

10:14 lsabol I still like paper handouts and I'm the biggest tree hugger on the block.

10:14 filarwilliams if we can access the digital copies at the time of the presentation, then we can review on a laptop (the way I takes notes anyway)

10:14 erikad68 Was the virtual conference considered part of the green effort?

10:15 karenlibrarian Erika: definitely. We worked with the Virtual Conf committee and several others whose work overlapped withours.

10:15 filarwilliams @erikad68 - definitely should be considered the greenest

10:15 karenlibrarian It was key to paper reduction.

10:15 libcgf We collaborated closely with two committees: Local Arrangements, and Virtual Conference. I would say the virtual conference will be an increasingly important component of future conferences.

10:15 BethAA_unt One conference I was at, people gave out business cards with the exact URL of their presentations. Reduced paper, I still have in my rolladex and easy to carry home.

10:16 dduesterhoeft I think it was a great start at greening the conference. I thought the re-usable mugs were good, but I saw very few attendees using them. Perhaps offer fewer disposable cups at the refreshment stations to encourage use of the reusable mugs.

10:16 karenlibrarian I like that idea, Beth.

10:16 filarwilliams is ala learning from ACRL for their upcoming conferences?

10:16 tondrla Someone asked about vendors - we did approach them and offered to help them promote their green/products services in a special section in the program book. We got a good handful (about 8 or so that responded).

10:16 cotnerc What did you do w/ leftover mugs?

10:16 karenlibrarian Filar: we're working on a manual that we'll pass along to 2011 and ALA.

10:16 filarwilliams awesome!

10:17 karenlibrarian ALA also has the Social Responsibilities Round Table, which started a mug reuse project last year.

10:17 leederk I'm curious to know how these green efforts affected the ACRL conference budget. Was it more expensive to implement these features?

10:17 tondrla Left over mugs were donated to a local charity :)

10:17 karenlibrarian Dduesterhoeft: we did go for water coolers everywhere, rather than bottled water!

10:17 libcgf The conference wascalled “lean and green” by Library Journal; American Libraries called it “The conference that will serve as a model to follow for other units and ALA itself”.

10:17 dduesterhoeft I'm still proudly using my mug!

10:17 karenlibrarian Yay! :)

10:18 datamuse I definitely liked the water coolers, made mug reuse more practicable (I used mine more for water than coffee/tea as it turned out)

10:18 lsabol Did a lot of you have to be on site. Did it take away from time you would have prefered to spend at conference sessions?

10:18 cotnerc Did the convention center provide water coolers?

10:18 libcgf I think (hope and expect) that the Green Committee will become a permanent part of planning future ACRL conferences.

10:19 dduesterhoeft Another option that I hope is promoted in the future for those flying into the conference is encouraging people to purchase carbon offsets for their travel from

10:19 tondrla Re: budget question - surprisingly less in most cases! Bags and give aways were cheaper. For program book out of recycled paper same cost. Organic food can be more costly but our local/sustaiable options were great in seattle

10:19 karenlibrarian Onsite, we staffed our booth in the registration area. I think most members did 2-3 hrs for the whole conference.

10:19 karenlibrarian That, and our panel presentation. ;)

10:19 leederk @tondria thanks, that's excellent to hear.

10:19 merrilee Can you say more about the virtual conference, what worked and what didn't? Or point me at a URL that will help me in planning more for virtual attendees at our meetings?

10:19 tondrla Yes, convention center provides water coolers in public spaces. For exhibit floor we paid to keep them full.

10:19 libcgf By the time we got onsite, our work was pretty much done.

10:19 stayler007

10:20 stayler007

10:20 stayler007

10:20 merrilee I really like the idea of water coolers over bottled water.

10:20 stayler007

10:20 tondrla We use a company called LearningTimes for our virutal conference, they have a great platform.

10:20 karenlibrarian Dp we have a spammer? Or is someone mistakenly sending a link?

10:20 lsabol Can you talk about how successful the food composting was?

10:20 jonstahler that was a spammer

10:20 jonstahler sorry folks!

10:20 dduesterhoeft Although I enjoyed Robin Chase's presentation, I wondered if there wasn't someone local (in the Seattle area) who could have provided an environmental/social entrepreneurial perspective. Did Robin purchase carbon offsets to fly from Boston to Seattle?

10:20 jonstahler he dropped before I could ban

10:20 kokonanamomo oh no i cant'

10:21 tondrla Food composting was done by the Center, they do it for all shows there no cost to us :) They compost all the left over table scraps that can't be donated.

10:21 karenlibrarian Merrilee: re: Virtual Conference, I'd be interested to hear what others' experience was. Mine was very good, very navigable and full content from the conference.

10:22 tondrla Not sure how Robin got West intitally but she made several trips while there to get the most out of it and traveled by train I believe.

10:22 dduesterhoeft Water coolers - good. :)

10:22 kokonanamomo oh no wawaswawawawawawawwaw

10:22 datamuse I should point out that Seattle has quite a comprehensive recycling program (I'm a Seattle resident). They even started a residential composting service in March.

10:22 lsabol Dduesterhoeft makes a good point about someone flying cross country to present. Is anyone starting to think about identifying more local speakers?

10:22 libcgf We discussed carbon offsets as a strategy for greening the conference, early in our planning, but felt there were still too many questions, concerns and issues around them at that time. I don't know if Robin purchased carbon offsets.

10:22 karenlibrarian Seattle was a great city to start going green in. The convention center was way ahead of the curve.

10:22 cotnerc Are all conferences presenatons up now? Some of us had trouble finding some things.

10:22 lsabol sounds like the conference center was great to work with!

10:23 libcgf Many of the hotels were also ahead of the curve in their practices. As I recall, the Hotel Vintage Park, near the Seattle Public Library, was the hands down winner.

10:23 karenlibrarian ACRL staff may know if all available conf presentations are up in the site now...

10:23 tondrla All the presentations that were dynamic screen captured (panels, contributed & Invited papers) are up know. Due to session format, we didn't record workshops or preconferences

10:23 dduesterhoeft I liked the fact that Sherman Alexie was local :)

10:24 merrilee Or, in re: cross-country speakers, having speakers participate virtually. Why fly to present for 45 minutes? Do we think we'll see more of that in the future?

10:24 karenlibrarian Re: keeping things local, we did our best to identify local resources like restaurants and grocery stores. One local speaker, as someone noted. And some doubling-up on travel for the east coast-ers...

10:24 merrilee I know I would welcome the opportunity to present from home base on occasion.

10:24 tondrla Interestingly enough we discussed this esp. for Naomi Klein. Keynotes cmte thought it important for the person to be physically present. Turned out Naomi wasn't feeling up to an online presentation anyhow.

10:25 karenlibrarian Interesting thought, whether videoconference can be an alternative to cross-country travel for presenters.

10:25 karenlibrarian I use v/c a lot in my own work, and I can say it has challenges. Not the same as being there in person.

10:25 datamuse I think virtual could be for some, but (perhaps paradoxically, given his usual medium) I think a lot would have been taken away from Ira Glass's presentation if he hadn't been physically present.

10:25 BethAA_unt Many people want the see the person -- that concert mentality

10:25 karenlibrarian It might be an option to consider for the less prominent speakers? I think many members would resist a keynote done remotely...

10:25 libcgf I think ACRL is a leader in exploring technology-enable alternatives to fact-to-face participation in professional activities.

10:26 karenlibrarian Such as this chat! :)

10:26 merrilee Karen: exactly!:)

10:26 BethAA_unt At an MPLA conference we had one person who was remote as part of a panel discussion and it worked well.

10:26 filarwilliams wish I had a first hand example: we were working on a sustainability conference here (NC) and our keynote was going to SKype in from California... only the funding and conference got canceled. anyone have experience with this?

10:26 datamuse I wonder, would it be possible to hybridize conference sessions so that people could participate virtually? I've seen some attempts at this at ALA, though they didn't work as well as they might

10:26 yesianne I agree with libcgf

10:26 libcgf A mix of present and telepresent. Interesting!

10:26 tondrla We did have the most-ever participation in the Virtual Conference this year. I think reasons are, we offered more (dynamic screen captures) and it's more eco and budget friendly.

10:27 datamuse especially with tighter travel/professional development budgets

10:27 leederk Biggest reason is travel budget cuts, I would bet.

10:28 tondrla We don't do simulcast. Our vendor told us the online audience suffers (which I think is probably true). We have the presenter present directly to the online audience for live webcast events in the virtual conference

10:28 libcgf ALA Council has begun discussions of virtual members, and participation in Council activities via remote access, for those who can't attend due to illness or other reasons.

10:28 merrilee I participated on a panel with a remote panelist (via phone). Her powerpoint included a photo of her in the place where she would be speaking to us from. She stayed on the phone for about two hours, through all q&a. We missed her, but it worked well.

10:28 rholt53 Has anyone used Skype, I would interested in hearing about how it worked

10:28 libcgf There are some among us on Council that think that body should be taking the lead to offer full membership and participation for virtual members.

10:29 dduesterhoeft I have seen the hybrid panel presentation done at a TX Lib. Assn. conference last year: one panelist physically present, the other videocast in. As long as the technology cooperates, it can work.

10:29 jonstahler here's a picture of our conference goodies so everyone who was not in attendance can see what was being referred to earlier in the conversation.

10:29 jonstahler…p10706181

10:29 BethAA_unt Several committees do their work virtually and don't meet at midwinter

10:29 tondrla Curious what other ideas people are seeing on their campus or in their communities that could be applied to green conference planning?

10:29 jonstahler…dscn0133

10:30 jonstahler…dscn0134

10:30 merrilee I have used Skype and it's fine. Not sure how it is for many people at the same time (on the same call, that is)

10:30 libcgf Local food. Reduced or no bottled water.

10:31 karenlibrarian I agree, bottled water is a big one.

10:31 datamuse My university (Pacific Lutheran in Tacoma, about half an hour south of Seattle) is cutting back on bottled water too

10:31 cotnerc Do you think giving fokls the option of opting out of bags, etc. would be successsful? Or asking folks to bring their own bags would work?

10:31 karenlibrarian Our building is LEED Gold, and that affects our event planning: no bottled water, ever!

10:31 tondrla I think no bottled water is a great place that everyone can start. There's usually always water pitchers or cambros available.

10:31 lsabol We're looking into Wimba, Adobe Connect, etc. for conferencing so we don't have to travel an hour each way to go to meetings on our variuos campuses. It's more of an uphill struggle than I would have thought.

10:31 datamuse I like the opt-out of bags idea. At this point I have so many...and I usually don't use the conference bag anyway

10:32 libcgf We heard the request to opt out for conference bags and mugs during the Q&A of our panel session.

10:32 tondrla Opting out of bags is an interesting idea. We're pondering it for 2011.

10:32 karenlibrarian A lot of bags were donated this year, and it may be worth looking into scaling down the bag order in future.

10:32 merrilee The Society of American Archivists has no bags last year -- instead, they encouraged people to bring favorite bags from past conferences.

10:32 filarwilliams we did a google map or local restaurants indicating w/ icons which were within walking distance, local, organic etc

10:32 karenlibrarian Merrilee: does SAA use the bag as a vendor opportunity?

10:32 karenlibrarian That

10:32 jonstahler…img_1793-225x300

10:32 karenlibrarian That's another facet to consider.

10:32 datamuse A Seattle arts festival I work for every year really scaled up the virtual-program aspect, and made the printed program much smaller--I like this idea a lot

10:32 filarwilliams yea option when registering for bags, conference program, and other giveaways!

10:32 merrilee Yes, my old favorite SAA bags are definitely sponsored, so they must have done something else instead

10:33 BethAA_unt I like the idea of say every third year have a bring your favorite bag from past conferences. I use mine at home for grocery shopping, recycling, etc. and they do wear out.

10:33 karenlibrarian Creative vendor opportunities may be a good idea for 2011.

10:33 karenlibrarian Moving away from giveaways and toward events, etc.

10:33 datamuse Vendors could maybe sponsor things like water filling stations, recycling stations, etc?

10:33 datamuse as well as events

10:33 karenlibrarian What about offering things like the clean-up/volunteer opportunities that were scheduled in New Orleans?

10:33 tondrla We are considering an opting out of the bag for 2011.

10:33 karenlibrarian What if conferences offered you the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity, etc.?

10:34 karenlibrarian As an additional event...

10:34 filarwilliams green awards or tags for booth or contest among vendors for who is greenest?

10:34 karenlibrarian Sponsored by a vendor, even--for refreshments and transportation?

10:34 libcgf Similar to the volunteer efforts connected with ALA Annual in New Orleans.

10:34 karenlibrarian Filar: we did that! We hope there'll be more buy-in next year.

10:34 karenlibrarian It can be framed as marketing for the vendors.

10:34 datamuse I'd like more volunteer opportunities like that--ALA has done those for Annual since then and I always do them

10:34 tondrla I talked to the person at ALA that organized the New Orleans Vol event. He said participation was great at that one but sadly sliding ever since.

10:35 karenlibrarian Charles: yes, exactly

10:35 BethAA_unt I think the work days have been successful. Also in today's economy what about food drives.

10:35 filarwilliams oh cool! (i wasnt there )

10:35 datamuse Tondrla: yes, I've heard the same thing. Not sure why, maybe less interest since the need was less, well, obvious in other conference cities

10:35 karenlibrarian Tory: I wasn't aware there were other work days post-New Orleans. Maybe it's partly a marketing/communication issue?

10:36 tondrla Food drive is interesting but may be tough for folks traveling. We tried the book drive this year with some good success.

10:36 BethAA_unt I'm not sure that the need for volunteer opportunities has been as "urgently" felt since N.O. Perhaps better marketing of the need.

10:36 filarwilliams food drive idea ... we just had a artCan contest here.. groups build sculptures with canned goods & boxes (donated afterwards)

10:36 libcgf The book donation effort was successful this year, with 1,000 books donated to Better World Books and other charities, some by vendors and some by attendees.

10:36 yesianne I like the book donation idea

10:36 BethAA_unt Most of us can manage to put a box of some kind of food in our suitcase.

10:36 cotnerc Thik he new orleans work was more compelling than most such opportunities would be b/c it was an extraordinary national disaster and the work specifically involved *libraries*

10:37 tondrla Yes, they do one at ALA every year I believe. Could be a marketing problem indeed.

10:37 libcgf Better to buy locally and donate

10:37 cotnerc zackly.

10:37 datamuse I remember that last year's was non-trivially difficult to sign up for...took me several e-mails and a phone call to add it to my existing registration. that's a barrier

10:38 merrilee It's kind of ironic to consider spending an extra night in a hotel to do volunteer work when that money could be donated directly to a cause though, isn't it?

10:38 BethAA_unt Perhaps if local libraries did short essays about what help they needed and why -- it could be a contest and a recriuting tool.

10:38 karenlibrarian Merrilee: I like the community-building aspect of it, though. It's not just the donation, it's the awareness and relationships that are formed. (That we hope will last.)

10:39 BethAA_unt Agreed Karen.

10:39 merrilee I agree.

10:39 tondrla That was the other problem, interest seems higher when work is tied to libraries and from what we heard from local arrangements the area libraries were not in much need of volunteer work (painting, repair, etc).

10:39 datamuse Merrilee: I think it depends. Some orgs need funding more than bodies, some need bodies more than funding. And if people are planning to come a day early anyway...

10:39 libcgf One respondent to the member survey suggested that the best way to reduce the conference environmental footprint would be to cancel it!

10:39 karenlibrarian Maybe we can reconceptualize the scope. Literacy groups, education, etc.

10:39 cotnerc right. N.O. worked well because there were even some librarian-specific work to do like cataloging donated books. If the city does not have that level of need, there may be other ways...

10:40 karenlibrarian I'll throw out another question to the group:

10:40 karenlibrarian Is sustainability a personal choice or should associations/organizations/institutions push green behaviors?

10:40 libcgf I understand the point, but I think we need to acknowledge the value we still find in fact-to-face interaction, and do what we can to support that in a more environmentally responsible way.

10:40 karenlibrarian Spurred by the few comments we received that seemed like push-back against our efforts...

10:40 karenlibrarian Hear hear, Charles!

10:40 libcgf I think sustainability is about BOTH personal choice and institutional policy.

10:41 cotnerc doing some kind of game-night ticket-buying deal or pay-to-enter tournament, with money going to local or global library or literacy causes

10:41 tondrla Some folks thought we were too "preachy" in our efforts.

10:41 datamuse Karen: I think for it to have real impact, it needs to happen at the organizational level, it needs to be the default, and it needs to be just as easy/convenient as what people would do otherwise

10:41 BethAA_unt While it is a personal choice, I think organizations are remiss if they don't let their members know what they can do in that setting.

10:41 karenlibrarian To me, it seems we're talking about shared resources. Which are dwindling. So I sort of think the "personal choice" idea is a red herring.

10:41 dduesterhoeft I am curious: did the Green Committee consult with organizations like the Green Meeting Industry Council ( their planning?

10:41 cotnerc eh, there are ALWAYS those people who are just negative. Hard to know how to deal with. I think pre-survey is great to head off at lest some of that.

10:41 datamuse IOW, you need infrastructure

10:42 filarwilliams i think its our responsibility not a choice... not to be preachy :>

10:42 karenlibrarian Dduesterhoef: no direct consultation, AFAIK, but we certainly used their work!

10:42 filarwilliams and it *should* save money in the end

10:42 libcgf Greenhouse gases, global climate change, resource depletion and conservation, peak oil, and sustainability will probably be the most significant issues of the twenty-first century. We can't afford not to pay attention.

10:42 yesianne I think it is both personal and organizational, the is the concept of awareness at hand

10:42 tondrla We did look at GMCI as a source of information.

10:42 datamuse exactly, libcgf

10:43 karenlibrarian Charles: well said...

10:43 cotnerc in MO we're not finding recycled paper saving money, and we have some resistance to making program fewer pages.

10:43 datamuse and while people are generally willing to alter behaviors, I don't think any of those can be addressed solely through individual action

10:43 libcgf One of our first steps was to investigate industry best practices. There's a lot of good info out there! The next step was to limit the scope of our work so we could do at least something, if not everything...

10:43 BethAA_unt I have a question about the hotels. While many have the reuse your linens signs, that doesn't seem to get through to a lot of the people who actually take care of the rooms. What can we do?

10:44 tondrla Some people did feel like they come to ACRL for content, not "these kind of issues". Probably not too many people on today's chat would agree :)

10:44 datamuse Tondrla: quite, I think "these kind of issues" are very relevant to what we do, a library is a resource-intensive enterprise

10:44 cotnerc yes, I've experienced that too. You hang up the towels and they STILL give us new towels.

10:45 libcgf I suggest checking in with the hotel, at the registration desk, to make sure they're doing room by room what they purport to offer as a matter of policy and guest choice.

10:45 BethAA_unt I would like to see more programming on what to do when you get home -- in your library, in your local organizations, etc.

10:45 datamuse even if we do go all-online--if you look into what's involved in disposing of old computers, it's alarming

10:45 datamuse excellent idea, Beth

10:45 yesianne Every time that I travel I put a note about the towels or inform the front desk about it

10:45 filarwilliams right now we are at a state halt on spending ... we cant buy toner or paper. So it seems completely relevant to me that "these issues" are more than just truehugging

10:45 merrilee I hope we can begin to find as much value in virtual interactions as we seem to in F2F interactions. It saddens me that ultimately we still put so much stress on F2F, when we could model other behavior.

10:45 tondrla BethAA and COTNERC - I see and hear this a lot re the hotels. Best you can do is stress to your hotel contact that it's important to you that the guests wishes are acted on with this request.

10:45 filarwilliams yea education!

10:46 cotnerc our hotel in columbia says they have the program but when i asked if they have anything letting the guests KNOW they do it - they are "working on that.' lol

10:46 filarwilliams way to give people tips, ideas, facts ...

10:46 tondrla I think hotel service people are afraid to get complaints so the make up the room regardless. If you are the guest, call the front desk and tell them what happened and you'd like it to change.

10:46 libcgf We all participate in, and some of us help plan, meetings, institutes and conferences in our regional and state associations, and in our own libraries. We need to become one large community of practice for effective green meeting planning and management.

10:47 karenlibrarian Re: hotel policies; you can also do an end-run and go to your participants directly, send email blasts or include info in registration materials asking people to use the program.

10:47 karenlibrarian We collected info directly from hotels, made a table so people would know exactly what their hotel offered, and encouraged them repeatedly to do so.

10:47 karenlibrarian The Green Pledge was a big part of this (thoughts about this?)

10:48 tondrla And tell participants to call the hotel if the staff doesn't hold up their end of the deal.

10:48 cotnerc any interest in sort of a multi-level or point-based pledge, sorta like the different LEED cert levels?

10:48 tondrla More than 80% of participants signed it. Amazing result!

10:48 filarwilliams I thought the green pledge was a great idea (i wasnt there in person) ... gets people to *think* about their habits and choices at least

10:48 BethAA_unt I think the Green Pledge was a good idea. It got people thinking before they came to the conference.

10:49 erikad68 What was the Green Pledge and when did people sign it?

10:49 karenlibrarian I like the LEED Pledge idea, I think. Unless it fosters competition and dissent among the membership... ;)

10:49 libcgf Second karenlibrarian. Inform and influence was first of our three domains of activity. 98% of respondents to the post conference evaluation were aware of the green efforts. You can't change people's behaviors until you change people's minds!

10:49 tondrla It was meant to guide behavior at the conference. People signed it when they registerd.

10:49 karenlibrarian Erika: the pledge was an opt-in agreement that members signed to be aware, act sustainably, recycle, reduce waste, etc. at conference.

10:50 karenlibrarian If they signed, our leaf watermark was printed on their registartion badge

10:50 karenlibrarian So there was a visible critical mass walking around conference...

10:50 tondrla We did get a lot of feedback on the conference eval Q "What did you do to change your behavior at the conference?"

10:50 BethAA_unt The LEED level thing could be a personal choice signed before hand and with different color leaves

10:50 yesianne I think it is a good idea, the pledge sets a state of mind

10:50 libcgf Attendees were also given the option of pledging onsite.

10:50 tondrla Everything from "chose a different hotel" to "saved water by drinking beer" :)

10:51 yesianne LOL -- tondrla

10:51 filarwilliams local beer - yea!

10:51 tondrla Lots of people also said they took shorter showers and picked up less stuff in the exhibit hall. That was great to hear.

10:52 libcgf Many attendees were aware that there were virtually no paper handouts, and applauded that fact.

10:52 tondrla Anyone have a question that wasn't answered? was hard to keep up in the begining.

10:52 guest2373827 CHRIS BROWN is scheduled to appear in court today but isnt there!!! Find out why here:

10:52 tondrla Indeed Charles! reduction of paper was our attendees #1 concern

10:52 cotnerc follow-up? is there a green libraries wiki we can sign up for?

10:53 libcgf What is happening in your campus/community that might be applicable to conferences?

10:53 cotnerc and is this being archived?

10:53 libcgf I believe this will be archived.

10:53 datamuse the big one on my campus is trash reduction

10:53 tondrla This conversation is archived. Not sure about a green libraries wiki but I'm sure something similar must be out there.

10:53 karenlibrarian The chat is being archived by Meebo, yes. (My understanding, at least.) If you come back later to this room, it'll be here.

10:53 filarwilliams a green wiki would be great. I recall is being mentioned another onpoint chat and I volunteered to help... never heard anything?

10:53 datamuse we have the option of replacing the office trash can with a much smaller container that we empty ourselves

10:54 datamuse not sure how to make that work at a conference setting however

10:54 jonstahler cotnerc: this chat archive will be available via the OnPoint page at

10:54 karenlibrarian There are several groups working on green library work. SRRT is a good one to start with in ALA.

10:54 libcgf I think there's a green "community of practice" or whatever they're called on ALA Connect, the association's new social network site.

10:54 karenlibrarian Charles: Cool!

10:54 cotnerc So let's all look for that and give it some momentum, energy etc.

10:54 yesianne thanks libcogf

10:55 filarwilliams I am in TFOE and attended planning sessions at ALA mid and emailed folks i met afterwards but havent hear much of anything. whats the best way to be more involved in green library stuff?

10:55 libcgf Also, I think I recall that there's a green library presence on Facebook.

10:55 karenlibrarian Sounds like it's decentralized so far...

10:55 cotnerc on Facebook, really?

10:55 libcgf Facebook, yes, I think so, but don't hold me to it...

10:55 karenlibrarian Also, our work will be passed to the 2011 Green Committee, so it'll continue in that way.

10:56 karenlibrarian Charles and Kate Zoellner, on our committee, are working on our final documentation and the manual we're creating.

10:56 guest5070545 I had someone stop me on the streets of Seattle asking where "everyone" got those green (EBSCO Goes Green) bags. She thought they were so cool and wanted to get one.

10:56 libcgf We hope this will ripple out from ACRL across all ALA units and divisions. Resource conservation only makes good business sense!

10:56 karenlibrarian :D !!!

10:56 datamuse I just found a group on Facebook called The Green Library

10:57 karenlibrarian I love it: librarians on the case!

10:57 datamuse also has a blog at

10:57 libcgf datamuse: That's it!

10:57 tondrla Also just found the Green Community in ALA Connect.

10:57 tondrla Promotes awareness of environmental issues within ALA; addresses information exchange on the world environment; and provides services, programs and publications that assist librarians with environmental issues in the workplace and in local communities

10:57 yesianne

10:58 karenlibrarian The shift to communities of practice in ACRL may mean there's now a good place for a group with this focus to emerge and formalize, separate from other Sections.

10:58 merrilee Is this coming through?

10:58 karenlibrarian Merrilee: yes

10:58 libcgf We're coming up to the top of the hour, with only a few minutes left. Thank you all for joining us this afternoon to discuss these important topics. I invite you to share any last thoughts.

10:58 cotnerc ok! 3 places to hang out: ALA, the blog, and the Facebook site. Hopefully they all know about one another - if not, let's change that!

10:59 filarwilliams Too much self promotion if I mention my blog?

10:59 merrilee I am trying to post a last thought but Meebo won't let me

10:59 karenlibrarian Go for it!

10:59 filarwilliams

10:59 libcgf Sign up to participate in all three, and be the green hotlink!

10:59 merrilee Do any of you see our metrics shifting, over time, for measures of success in a meeting moving fom how many people showed up at a meeting, to how many people participated

10:59 cotnerc ok, 4 places. Terrific!

10:59 tondrla Agreed! Thank you all for your energy, enthusiasim and ideas. Gives us more to think about as we plan future ACRL events.

11:00 filarwilliams Thank YOU for all your hard work so far!

11:00 karenlibrarian Merrilee: both sound like good measures.

11:00 libcgf We had the highest ever virtual participation at this conference, isn't that correct Tory? I see that trend continuing.

11:00 karenlibrarian Thanks to everyone for joining and sharing such great questions and ideas.

11:00 tondrla Merrilee: YES! ACRL 09 was our 2nd biggest show if you count onsite people. If you count Virtual + onsite people - it was our biggest ever.

11:00 libcgf Thank you all. Keep up the good work!

11:00 merrilee excellent, thanks

11:00 yesianne thanks for the valuable information

11:00 rholt53 :'D

11:01 tondrla You may also notice we promoted that total participation # (virtual and face to face) in our final conference press release.

11:01 datamuse thanks for hosting this, great discussion

11:01 libcgf See you in Philadelphia in 2011. Bring your own water bottle and bag!

11:01 karenlibrarian And thanks to Tory, Jon, and ACRL staff for setting this up (and supplying great pictures!)

11:01 tondrla Thanks to Karen and Charles our amazingly green co-chairs!

11:02 karenlibrarian I'm off to another meeting now--thanks all!

11:02 libcgf You're welcome. It was a real team effort, and all credit goes to the members of the Green Committee and hardworking ACRL staff!

11:02 libcgf Goodbye all!

11:02 filarwilliams thanks to everyone! bye.