ACRL OnPoint Chat Archive May 14, 2008: Green Libraries

(10 a.m Pacific | 11:00 a.m. Mountain | 12:00 p.m. Central | 1:00 p.m. Eastern)

Conveners: Mary Carr, Dean Instructional Services, Spokane Community College and Dr. Debra Rowe, President of the US Partnership for a Sustainable Future

From a library/librarians' perspective, how are our library resources when it comes to sustainability?  Are we supporting the college's curricular efforts?  What about the "greening" of the library and the campus?  Can we practice sustainability?  Can we promote it by speakers, presentations, etc.?  What can we do within our library associations, and other professional groups?
This OnPoint Chat session will engage colleagues in discussing the following questions:
1) The whats, whys and wherefores of sustainability?
2) What is happening on our campuses and in our communities regarding sustainability?
3) How can we support what is happening and how can we contribute to "moving the needle?

Suggested background reading:
Inside Higher Ed blog "Getting to Green"
"Do Colleges Need Green Czars?" Inside Higher Ed. April 15, 2008.
Going Green @ Your Library
OLA Quarterly "Going Green: Libraries and Sustainability"


Transcript Archive

09:40 dwfree I'm pasting the links for the recommended readings in the room.

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09:47 dwfree Welcome to the ACRL OnPoint chat on green libraries!

09:47 dwfree The session will begin at Noon Central time

09:48 dwfree Today's conveners are Mary Carr, Dean Instructional Services, Spokane Community College and Dr. Debra Rowe, President of the US Partnership for a Sustainable Future

09:54 mmcspo Hi David. I'm here and ready to go!

09:54 mmcspo Mary, that is.

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09:58 blendedlibrary Hi everyone. No voice communication? Ok. My fingers are ready.

09:58 myoungatclarkson Good afternoon everyone.

09:58 bshaffer12 hello...I'm glad to be here

09:59 dwfree Welcome everyone. We'll get started in a couple of minutes.

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09:59 scilibcolby can I prevent that from happening?

09:59 mmcspo Debra is teaching online until 10:00 a.m.....1:00 p.m. her I'm sure she'll be sliding in right on time.

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10:01 Amy Reese :)

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10:02 iubusref All okay

10:02 mmcspo I thought we might start by defining sustainability......

10:02 mmcspo Is everyone familiar with the Brutland definition which is probably the most widely accepted definition?

10:02 scilibcolby no

10:02 raalford me either

10:02 bshaffer12 No...could you expand?

10:02 myoungatclarkson never heard of Brutland

10:02 myoungatclarkson sorry

10:03 dgrowe Hello. This is Debbie Rowe. THat definition is "meeting the needs of the present in such a way that future generations can meet their own needs."

10:03 dgrowe It was developed in consultation with people in over 100 countries.

10:03 mmcspo type fast....

10:03 mmcspo I was just finishing that!

10:04 mmcspo Welcome Debra!

10:04 mmcspo Does that sound familiar to at least some?

10:04 dgrowe Thank you and hello to everyone.

10:04 iubusref It does.

10:04 myoungatclarkson yes

10:05 jforeaz I just lost the OnPoint chat and now have ad after ad

10:05 sjh215 yes

10:05 mmcspo Well that's the basis of discussions around least most often.

10:05 mmcspo You will also hear about the 3 e's and the 3 p's of sustainability.

10:05 dgrowe Sustainability is also often described as the triple bottom line - simultaneously creating healthier ecosystems, healthier social systems and healthier economies.

10:05 iubusref What are they?

10:06 mmcspo Anyone know?

10:06 nvcclibrary economy energy environement?

10:06 ask.dave good guess

10:06 Clackill environment, economy and equity

10:06 mmcspo economy, environment and equity

10:07 nvcclibrary i tried! :)

10:07 dgrowe THe Ps are People, Planet and Prosperity and the Es are Economies, Ecoystems and equity

10:07 mmcspo Good job !

10:07 raalford I'd think Education

10:07 mmcspo Perhaps it should be four e's

10:08 mmcspo What all of that is getting to is that the people, planet and prosperity are tied together and can work together for mutual benefit

10:08 mmcspo You don't have to be poor to be green....

10:08 mmcspo As they say, green is the color of least in this country

10:08 dgrowe That is why you are all so important. You can become familiar with and put into the hands of proffesors, staff, students and the community the information they need to help create sustaainability

10:08 mmcspo And, green can lead to quality of life.

10:09 mmcspo And, we can build library collections, databases, materials, help teach courses, and use sustainable practices on our campuses and in our libraries

10:09 Amy Reese many communities see libraries as a drain with little tangible returns on public funds

10:10 raalford Does anyone consider environmental awareness to an institutional/cultural value where they work?

10:10 guest8322981 It seems to me that there has to be a balance between paper and digital.

10:10 ycpcybrarian we're starting to....

10:10 bshaffer12 and we are too...

10:10 mmcspo Yes, I think lots of us are on the starting blocks....and it's good to consider how we can contribute

10:10 Amy Reese paper takes energy to create, digital takes energy to sustain

10:11 blendedlibrary our institution just joined the university president's group committing to develop a green campus

10:11 ebahr our students are leading the effort on our campus

10:11 raalford Also, do any of your libraries have any sort of green strategic plan?

10:11 MUPerson we don't have anything about sustainability in our mission statement

10:11 mmcspo Is the library involved in the president's group?

10:11 guest8322981 I'm concerned about the balance between staffing, print resources, electronic sources, cataloguing (traditional and Web2.0)

10:11 blendedlibrary our library does not have a green strategic plan

10:11 myoungatclarkson The University is starting here with some rennovations.

10:11 ebahr no strategic plan, only small-scale efforts

10:11 terrymatc Is anyone a member of or know about "eco-librarian" groups?

10:11 ycpcybrarian What can we do to get the publishers to participate? We'd love to stop getting multiple catalogs, but asking them to stop or switch to e-catalogs isn't working....

10:11 raalford I'd like to know about that

10:12 MUPerson we've talked about wanting a green roof but have little idea where on campus to start with that since we don't own the bldg.

10:12 myoungatclarkson No plan at the library (although I just arrived as their new Director) and there were no plans, missions, etc. being implemented

10:12 blendedlibrary no we're not involved in the president's group - we haven't heard much about it yet

10:12 ask.dave we are also working on renovations and thinking about LEED

10:12 guest8322981 There are so many groups. First comes Web2.0. However, the students are becoming more involveed. Earth Day was a good time to focus on it.

10:12 iubusref Our campus just completed a plan with campus goals.

10:12 ask.dave our campus has a big LEED focus--groundbreaking of new building later this week

10:12 mmcspo Is the library a part of the plan?

10:12 leederk (terrymatc, there's SRRT's Task Force on the Environment)

10:12 bshaffer12 We have several groups on campus working on this, but so far in a rather diverse and scattered way.

10:12 ycpcybrarian LEED?

10:13 UVa GreenLib Hi -- we're members of the Green Team at the University of Virginia Library (GreenLib). In theory, our univ. architect has a guiding document mentioning LEED and other sustainable principles. Reality is taking some time to catch up.

10:13 jforeaz We have signed onto the EarthChater and have a community action group going about efforts to make the campus greater.

10:13 dgrowe general strategic plans on sustainability are available for members at

10:13 telugu ammayi hi

10:13 telugu ammayi any one here

10:13 guest8322981 Recycling of paper, cutting down on electric use is important. However, until there are standards mandated by the government, what can we do? Building codes are impletended because it's the law.

10:13 raalford thanks for the links

10:13 scilibcolby We've got 2 LEEd certified buildings, very active environmental initiatives, a green graduation- lib hasn't been part of it tho- except for lots of questions about printers and computers being run all the time

10:13 nvcclibrary our IMLS strategic building plan has a pretty extensive LEED component

10:13 Clackill In our library we are reducing paper usage, helping support a sustainability speaker series, a ref lib co-taught our first sust. course, we have had sust. focused TED TALKS brown bags at noon, are thinking of proposing solar arrays on our roof.....

10:13 linda_zellmer Our campus has a sustainability theme (Western Illinois University) and a committe on which I particpate. I did an environmental assessment of our library recently based on some standards for sustainable offices.

10:14 mmcspo Yes, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

10:14 telugu ammayi hi linda

10:14 telugu ammayi hw r u

10:14 ycpcybrarian thanx

10:14 ebahr I am advising our student environmental group. They pushed us to implement two-sided printing in the library.

10:14 Clackill We have a consolidation of computer carrels for low usage times

10:14 raalford Id

10:14 raalford oops

10:14 MUPerson now 2 sided printing - there's a hot topic...any advice on models that do that well, without jamming?

10:14 iubusref Here's a link to our campus efforts:

10:14 guest8322981 What are libraries doing about study carrels with light fixtures, for example?

10:15 UVa GreenLib We also have various loosely-organized efforts among students etc. -- but no overarching green initiative. Lots of different conversations.

10:15 terrymatc (linda_zellmer, whose green/sustainable office standards did you use? I know there are a lot out there... is their use standard across your campus?)

10:15 jennok Our campus has instituted a number of sustainability programs and has a zero waste goal, but the library is far behind.

10:15 raalford I wonder about more efficient bulbs?

10:15 mmcspo Our library includes the Hagan Foundation Center for the Humanities....we are studying sustainability as the Center's theme, bringing in speakers, etc. to raise awareness

10:15 dwfree linda_zellmer: what did you find in the assessment of your library?

10:16 UVa GreenLib Our univ. has a very well organized and funded recycling program... it even beats out the local municipal program.

10:16 raalford I was also hoping to maybe start a campus competition to see if the library could use less energy than, say financial aid...

10:16 ebahr our library is recycling more materials than the wider campus. we have to empty the bins ourselves and take stuff to the dump. we collect printer cartridges for recycling.

10:16 myoungatclarkson Our university adopted a no styrofoam rule.

10:16 UVa GreenLib Has anyone undertaken an energy audit?

10:16 guest8322981 We also have bins for recycling all paper, soda cans, plastics. If kids are used to recycling from home, then it's easier to get them to do it here. However, they are very spoiled and many do not clean up after themselves.

10:16 ebahr some of our students did a campus energy audit as part of a class

10:16 mmcspo Is anyone interested in doing an inventory of campus efforts regarding libraries' contributions?

10:17 guest8322981 What is used in stead of styrofoam?

10:17 Clackill I telecommute two days a week, which works out well in my half time ILL position.

10:17 myoungatclarkson cardboard or paper-like products

10:17 iubusref I think an inventory would be great!

10:17 mmcspo As a way to give others ideas? I'm sure we could post it on the ACRL web site.

10:17 linda_zellmer I used a set of guides from the State of North Carolina. I don't have the link handy.

10:17 raalford I encourage people to bring their own mugs

10:17 terrymatc mmcspo, i would be interested in helping with such an inventory...

10:17 jforeaz An inventory re library's contributions to campus efforts sounds interesting.

10:17 myoungatclarkson cardboard cups instread of styrofoam for example

10:17 ycpcybrarian I'm wondering if it's possible to get to zero waste without better e-reading devices. Print to read is the culprit for a lot of our paper use and waste.

10:17 telugu ammayi stop this nonsense

10:17 bshaffer12 I like the inventory idea too -- we could get some ideas from what others are doing.

10:17 guest8322981 If you use your own mugs, you still have to wash them out with water.

10:17 terrymatc thanks linda_zellmer.. good idea to use state guidelines

10:18 raalford Yes, but better than styrofoam I think

10:18 mmcspo yes, and Debra isn't there an organization that is doing a STARS program....?

10:18 telugu ammayi i dont think so raalford

10:18 myoungatclarkson yes better and if you have a huge gathering, it is unlikely everyone will bring a cup (for example)

10:18 scilibcolby mugs aren't thrown away each time like styrofoam is

10:18 linda_zellmer One thing that they have recently done in our library that may not work out is put motion sensors in the rest rooms. Not working that well, because there are no safety lights.

10:18 nvcclibrary is anyone else from a community college? we're hesitant to limit printing since so many students don't have their own computers or printers

10:18 sjh215 yes i am

10:18 mmcspo So am I

10:19 sjh215 we rent laptops to use in the library and they can print the first 15 pages free

10:19 Wes Loder In regard to "wet" carrels, I am seeing tables and carrels where the technology is not embedded but easily removeable and replaceable.

10:19 jforeaz The mugs idea: Have people bring in the "orphan mugs" from home to donate to a collection near/in meetings rooms.

10:19 telugu ammayi but iam not so

10:19 raalford Good to know about paper cups

10:19 dgrowe For the stars program, which provides a self assesment of sustainability on campus, look at the front page of

10:19 UVa GreenLib duplex printing has been for us a sticky issue, but there has been some initiative to make it more available.

10:19 telugu ammayi hey

10:19 terrymatc nvcclibrary, i am at a community/technical college.. currently we don't limit printing but that may change over to a fee-based system.. there is SO much waste...

10:19 telugu ammayi common chatt with me yaar

10:20 jforeaz We highly encourage duplex printing in the public "clusters" to save waste and it only counts as one page against their "quota"

10:20 telugu ammayi really i dont know that

10:20 ebahr we are also struggling with the issue of limiting printing -- the u. tried several years go and it was a political hot potato. now we're trying to take an educational approach, with students leading the effort

10:20 Clackill At our Community College we've recently installed a double-sided printer for patron use, and encourage extended margins.

10:20 nvcclibrary terrymatc- we have a lot of waste, too, but the profs require they read these 80 pg slideshows and they don't have computers at home- its problematic

10:20 myoungatclarkson duplex printing is a great idea

10:20 terrymatc jforeaz, what is your "quota" we have a daily 50 page limit but no way to enforce..

10:20 dgrowe Someone asked earlier about the president's climate commitment for higher education. For the President's Climate Commitment, go to

10:20 mmcspo What other efforts are going on besides printing issues?

10:20 dgrowe We do limit printing at our community college

10:21 jforeaz Each student is given 100 pages per year and can then purchase extra "pay cards" to load into their account when they use that up.

10:21 sjh215 its an honor system here at my cc, so there is still a lot of waste

10:21 raalford I thought of suggesting a carpool or take your bike to work

10:21 mmcspo Is your campus doing that, or is it something you can help start?

10:21 UVa GreenLib we send weekly Green Tips to library staff

10:21 blendedlibrary on our campus - and in the library - we are encouraging folks to turn off lights when they leave the office, turn off computers, etc over the weekend - any LCD left on uses power even if not on

10:21 terrymatc nvcclibrary, yes, the powerpoint has been huge for us too.. esp. when instructors use the black backgrounds.. ppt printing has been a matter for a lot of instructor support and training....

10:21 telugu ammayi :D:P;P;P(pirate):S:T:<(ninja)(skull):@)

10:21 dgrowe Have any of you created a collection and a display case about sustainability and then let professors know you have a collection that they can use for assignments.

10:21 raalford We also simply want to expand and showcase our environemtal resources for students

10:22 guest8322981 If students could bring their own paper, scrap or stationery and print out. However, we only have laser now, no more bubble jets. It was impossible to keep the ink cartridges running, never mind the jams.

10:22 UVa GreenLib sev'l years ago we installed motion detectors in most offices/classrooms. More recently we've transitioned to compact-fluor. bulbs also.

10:22 nvcclibrary our college also JUST started recycling, if you can believe that!

10:22 scilibcolby I've done a display on environmental justice to coincide with a conference on campus in March

10:22 terrymatc yes we are doing a lot of collection development... the sustainability guide will be completed this summer.. we do have a "research guide" of web links and so on...

10:22 Amy Reese we give students 10 printouts/credit hour taken, then they have to pay :)

10:23 mmcspo My question, I guess, is in what way can libraries be colloborative or be leaders in this area?

10:23 leederk (tip: if you right-click on telugu's name in the guest list, you can mute=block his/her comments)

10:23 ycpcybrarian I've heard arguments against compact fluorescent because of toxins inside....?

10:23 Clackill We have had sust. themed display cases but I'm not aware of how much faculty notification there was linked to it.

10:23 mmcspo Collections and cooperation with faculty who are teaching in this area is certainly one way

10:23 scilibcolby we also have a recycled art contest and I have the entries on display in the library

10:23 guest8322981 It seems that this requires a tremendous collaborative effort between all parties.

10:23 raalford Do we communicate with or pressure book vendors to be more green (I'm not sure how?)

10:23 mmcspo It does.....

10:23 dgrowe You may want to highlight the book Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization. It is one of my favorites. You can even access it electronically at

10:23 nvcclibrary we keep "scrap" paper and I want to make notepads out of them to distribute for earth day

10:23 mmcspo I think that's coming.

10:23 guest8322981 What about solar energy? Are there places where these are used?

10:24 mmcspo What about the textbook initiative, Debra?

10:24 telugu ammayi hey common chatt with me yaar

10:24 ebahr I think that creating an inventory would be a good place to start (re: how to collaborate), sharing ideas... seeing what others are doing

10:24 linda_zellmer The office sustainability inventory is at:

10:24 MUPerson re: fluorescent bulbs and mercury - even with the small amt of mercury, it's still not as bad as all the extra carbon burned...

10:24 Amy Reese we have a recycled fashion show

10:24 Wes Loder MIT has solar photovoltaic panel for one of their libraries

10:24 guest8322981 Also: what about e-books? I"m at e-reserves librarian. Are students and faculty adapting to this new technology?

10:24 MUPerson I know I've seen that written up formally somewhere - check around the web

10:24 terrymatc linda_zellmer, many thanks!

10:24 leederk Has anyone created a wiki on these projects?

10:24 mmcspo Is anyone interested to work on an inventory?

10:24 nvcclibrary what is the fashion show like?

10:24 jforeaz Yes.

10:24 telugu ammayi really but iam not intrested to chatt like that

10:25 telugu ammayi hahahahhahhahahah

10:25 telugu ammayi stupids

10:25 mmcspo David, can you drop Telugu ammayi?

10:25 MUPerson latest issues of both American Libraries and ACRL are very skeptical of e-books as am i

10:25 MUPerson yes, we have created a wiki

10:25 jforeaz I saw that terrymatc, bshaffer12 were also interested in the inventory

10:25 dgrowe Yes, whenever you ask vendors to be greener, it has a positive impact. I know of one moving to all sustainably harvested paper, so keep requesting that they become more environmentally sound.

10:25 myoungatclarkson ebboks are still underutilized I think, we have 15,000 accessible but usage is not what print books would be

10:25 leederk wiki link?

10:26 Amy Reese pretty impressive... there were some outfits that were quite stunning... all stuff found in trash, too :)

10:26 ycpcybrarian I blame low usage on eBook interfaces. Most are still a pain...

10:26 nvcclibrary that's really fun!

10:26 guest8322981 Is there a push by any of you to use electronic books, especially eBrary over Netbooks for availability and access purposes?

10:26 mmcspo Are you interested in future chats on specific topics, like the building, the collection, programming, teaching, etc.?

10:26 iubusref I would help with an inventory of practices.

10:26 MUPerson let me check - right now it's just for our little local committee founded last week...

10:26 linda_zellmer There is are also some sites that help you get off of catalog lists. You can opt out at Not sure if this works for library vendor catalogs.

10:26 MUPerson 'and has a lot of just local links

10:26 bshaffer12 Yes, I could help with the inventory too.

10:26 raalford I would be interested in additional chats

10:26 dgrowe We are also working with textbook publisher in all disciplines to include sustainability concepts in their next updates.

10:26 MUPerson but not solely local might help you

10:26 Amy Reese we actually have a larger collection of ebooks than physical volumes

10:27 telugu ammayi (rapper) hey whats this your typing too fast

10:27 telugu ammayi thats grt

10:27 dwfree To reiterate: if you wish to not see someone's comments, right click on their name in the list of people in the chat and you can mute them.

10:27 terrymatc dgrowe, re: working with textbook publishers -- terrific!

10:27 MUPerson Amy, is this reference/handbooks or monographic type works meant to be read straight through?

10:27 UVa GreenLib We do have a lg collection of eBooks, but they are largely used for reference.

10:27 raalford we are moving away from ebooks...

10:27 MUPerson

10:27 guest8322981 I would like to hear about ebooks and interfaces. Kindle has gotten some positive reviews? There needs to be more that recycling paper, bring your own bag to the store, etc.

10:27 ycpcybrarian Thanx for mute function!

10:27 Amy Reese our entire collection -- it is more economical for use to purchase e-copies than physical

10:28 jforeaz raalford, why are you moving away from ebooks?

10:28 bshaffer12 We have a pretty good collection of netLibrary books and try to tell folks about them, and they get some use. They are especially good for our online courses.

10:28 MUPerson again check American Libraries article re: physical reasons ppl don't like to read whole books online

10:28 mmcspo Super. Thanks, David.

10:28 MUPerson it's the cover article

10:28 bshaffer12 But we do find the netLibrary interface hard to negotiate.

10:28 guest8322981 NetLibrary does not allow as many readers as eBrary.

10:28 raalford Yes, they don't get used much in my library

10:28 Amy Reese and our library is very new, not saddled with a lot of volumes

10:28 UVa GreenLib We're moving toward e-reserves (esp. audio and print articles) and are hoping this drives up the use of our online databases.

10:28 Wes Loder In regard to ebooks, what is the total carbon usage to produce them? Is the production of electronic text use less carbon then a book? What is their "lifetime?"

10:28 raalford I haven't analyzed the cost, but if they are cheaper then maybe that would make a difference

10:29 MUPerson depends if you count if ppl print out parts or all of e-books

10:29 BrushIM Just got a CD from Springer saying they are putting their catalog online this fall. Kudos!

10:29 bshaffer12 we actually find the netLibrary books much more expensive than paper copies -- about 50% more

10:29 guest8322981 For ereserves, ebooks are great. No worries about copyright. A chapter here or there is fine. However, students need to be taught how to use them. eBrary has been sponsoring some new training sessions using Java.

10:29 ycpcybrarian I'd like to see regular eBooks move to interfaces more like reference e-books. Most students aren't reading the whole book anyways...

10:29 Amy Reese i am concerned about sustainability of the ecollection -- energy-wise

10:29 MUPerson in my view ebooks are terrific for search/discovery, lousy for sustained reading...

10:30 leederk There are lots of folks worried about what happens to ebooks when the power "goes out"

10:30 bshaffer12 yes, that's how we use them best too

10:30 MUPerson even when ppl find JSTOR articles, they invariably print 'em out; they don't read online

10:30 Clackill Did we get a set of library sustainable practices inventory volunteers and how will we get access to that information when it gets compiled?

10:30 leederk I'd like to see a wiki as the inventory, anyone with me on that?

10:30 mmcspo I think there was one volunteer if I followed the conversation correctly. Was that you?

10:30 Amy Reese remote server energy to make available, our server energy to access, students energy to access remotely

10:31 bshaffer12 I will volunteer too

10:31 jforeaz The names that I saw were "terrymatc, bshaffer12, mmcspo, iuusref and myself, jforeaz

10:31 leederk I'm in

10:31 mmcspo Anyone interested, please send me your names and email addresses to:

10:31 mmcspo Mary M. Carr ---------------------

10:31 dwfree The wiki inventory idea is a good one. We can promote in the archive and on ACRL Insider when set up.

10:31 mmcspo Also, are you interested in focused discussions in the future?

10:32 myoungatclarkson Right now, I cannot commit to one more thing but, would be interested in what the committee puts together.

10:32 mmcspo If so, perhaps we could begin an inventory in advance of each discussion.

10:32 jforeaz yes, focused discussions.

10:32 raalford Just a thought: does anyone advertise to patrons (say on posters) green progress-such as printing double sided d

10:32 myoungatclarkson yes

10:32 raalford saves x amount of carbon?...

10:32 MaryF It would be great to link the inventory to the TFOE site (

10:32 bshaffer12 I think more discussions would be good...there seems to be a lot of interest.

10:32 MUPerson anyone other than IA State moving books btwn libraries by something other than electric vehicles or even bikes/carts?

10:32 ebahr focused discussion after wiki is available

10:32 filarwilliams focused future discussion is a great idea

10:32 guest8322981 Again, I'm interested in hearing about electronic and digital alternatives to print.

10:32 UVa GreenLib yes, we've created signage for duplex printing, recycling bins, etc.

10:32 leederk Is anyone here on TFOE?

10:33 MaryF yes, i am

10:33 BrushIM yes we have signage for double-sides, has been here for a while

10:33 guest8322981 What's TFOE?

10:33 jarj No need to recreate what's already done--see AASHE Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher ...and the journal, International journal of sustainability in higher education. There aren't that many actions unique to libraries.

10:33 MaryF Task Force on the Environment of...

10:33 MaryF Social Responsibilities Round Table of ALA

10:33 mmcspo I can check with ALA about a wiki....

10:33 MUPerson again, any suggestions on good printers that do high-volume printing AND can print front/back w/o jamming?

10:33 mmcspo ACRL, that is.

10:33 MaryF We meet during the SRRT task force meetings at Annual

10:34 MaryF Saturday morning if anyone wants to join us!!

10:34 mmcspo I guess I'm interested not only in an inventory, but who's doing what and where and what the contacts are, if people are interested in networking in libraries about this subject.

10:34 jarj Kinkos manages to find copiers which use 100% recycled paper.

10:34 ycpcybrarian Does anyone think we'll see e-paper deployed in our lifetimes?

10:34 MUPerson probably

10:34 UVa GreenLib Lanier/Ricoh have worked well for us.

10:34 leederk mmcspo, that could be part of the inventory, right?

10:35 dgrowe There are many colleges using 100% recycled paper

10:35 myoungatclarkson I am sorry, I have been interrupted several times during the chat. ycpcybrarian what is e-paper???\

10:35 guest8322981 Recycled paper should be the norm.

10:35 sjh215 agreed

10:35 MUPerson that's great! There is absolutely no need to save student papers on acid - free for all eternity :-)

10:35 MaryF TFOE also has a discussion list - you can subscribe at

10:35 mmcspo Certainly. I think we can do whatever we want.....but it's an area that ACRL is only beginning to explore.

10:35 jforeaz Yes, recycled paper is the norm, here.

10:35 guest8322981 Yes, I also forgot what e-paper is, too.

10:35 ycpcybrarian scientists are working on a flexible sheet that can manifest print and be reused...

10:36 dgrowe Consider joining or starting a Sustainability Task Force at your institution. You have a unique and important role to play in this.

10:36 UVa GreenLib However: extremely high print volume can outweigh the problems with using 100% recycled. We just switched the libraries to 30% recycled and it seems to be working all right.

10:36 MUPerson jforeaz, I take it you're in AZ somewhere but where?

10:36 myoungatclarkson Really? I am still a bit confused about e-paper. Guess I'll have to Google it!

10:36 mmcspo I have three volunteers so far!

10:36 MUPerson I'd so love recycled ppr to be the norm here in Missouri.

10:36 guest8322981 What were the problems of using recycled paper?

10:37 UVa GreenLib jams, jams, and more jams -- taking lots of staff time to troubleshoot.

10:37 ycpcybrarian Here's a brief article on epaper:

10:37 mmcspo Yes, I'm esp. interested in an inventory that specifies collaborative efforts.

10:37 dgrowe Do a pilot project. Ask the Green Schools Listserv for ideas and precedents.

10:37 dwfree Electronic paper wikipedia entry -

10:37 MUPerson UVaGreenLib, what was it about the 100% recycled that made people print more? Just the perception that it was "OK?"

10:37 MUPerson or did it screw up printers in some way?

10:37 UVa GreenLib more eco-friendly paper tended in the past to be more susceptible to temp/humidity fluctuations.

10:37 JanineO People seem to really like using ebook readers, like Kindle, which will, in time, become more cost effective and better functioning.

10:37 myoungatclarkson Today's recycled paper is much better and they say, perfected for use in copiers now. Although I don't know if that is truly the case

10:38 guest8322981 Isn't there an issue of matching the right ink/toner to the recycled paper?

10:38 UVa GreenLib so far for us, recycled paper is working better in the 21st century.

10:38 mmcspo Any particular next topic, if we were to do another? What seems to have generated the most interest so far?

10:38 mmcspo the format of information?

10:39 MUPerson what about that transport issue?

10:39 nvcclibrary seems like the ins and outs of green printing

10:39 UVa GreenLib We'd be interested in alternative energy sources -- explorations thereof.

10:39 leederk I'm really interested in talking about how to create forward motion in our libraries/on our campuses for green change

10:39 UVa GreenLib solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater capture/hydroelectric...

10:39 guest8322981 What about patrons using flash drives? There are library comoputers, however, where patrons cannot save to an external drive. At times, it's often difficult to send results to email, etc.

10:39 sjh215 yeah thats a big one for me being at a community college (the transport)

10:39 ycpcybrarian I think we could also teach our students how to better organize their electronic footprints long-term. I'm saving most of my work electronically, but managing it is a challenge...

10:39 mmcspo Janine, are you from Michigan?

10:39 MUPerson and how to manage the bureaucracy on a large campus, to where we can get stuff done with our buildings

10:39 MUPerson ...that we don't really control ourselves.

10:39 dgrowe For transportation, consider setting up a website for carpooling for staff and one for students

10:40 nvcclibrary i don't feel like i have as much freedom in my institution, even if the prez was on board we're still in a 12 college consortium

10:40 UVa GreenLib leederk: send us your contact info! we've got several energetic initiatives going.

10:40 Amy Reese am experimenting with pdf drivers

10:40 BrushIM Answering an earlier question - We do double-sided printing on HP printers, they don't usually jam.

10:40 ebahr how to work with administration, practical things to implement in the library

10:40 Amy Reese pdf printouts

10:40 UVa GreenLib greenlib at virginia dot edu --- that's us

10:40 Amy Reese as opposed to paper

10:40 dgrowe You can make system wide change by joining or starting a Sustainability Taskforce

10:40 leederk UVa GreenLib, I'm ------------------------

10:41 nvcclibrary dgrowe, good point

10:41 MaryF [Hi Kim-it's mary at U. Arizona]

10:41 MUPerson I was thinking more of moving books, equipment, supplies etc. between libraries on campus, for those of us on big campuses w/multiple libraries

10:41 leederk Hi Mary!

10:41 terrymatc how much support does everyone have from your library directors in green library efforts? I have good support but there's still not enough time to do both library green projects, all-campus green projects and my FT librarian job...

10:41 MaryF U.Arizona has a campus sustainability site -

10:41 MUPerson verbal but monetary remains to be seen

10:41 raalford My director is very supportive

10:42 dgrowe Sometimes you have to move to a consortium of colleges working together. NJHEPS is a good model. You can also provide information that will inform the policy changes we need to make at the local, state and national levels

10:42 ycpcybrarian mine too

10:42 bshaffer12 We haved the same situation -- library director support but no free time! There is too much to do already.

10:42 Amy Reese top heavy institution with other interests :(

10:42 jforeaz I have lots of support from my library director -- me, it's always a choice of where to put the limited $

10:42 jennok UCLA's sutainability site is at

10:42 terrymatc Do you have specific # of hours you can devote to this stuff?

10:42 Wes Loder It seems like a lot of the green changes I am seeing are coming from top administrators. Librarians are supportive but not leaders.

10:42 myoungatclarkson As a director and recycling nut, my folks have 100% support. The problem is, we are not really having the conversation yet...but we will!

10:42 terrymatc sorry.. "stuff" is not a very professional word, is it ;)

10:42 BrushIM Luckily our sustainability support is there at the top - the univ president!

10:43 myoungatclarkson stuff, in chat, ok with me!

10:43 myoungatclarkson :)

10:43 dgrowe There is a list of sustainability webpages from colleges at

10:43 scilibcolby NJHEPS??

10:43 mmcspo Depeinding on your environment, supportive might be just the ticket

10:43 jarj Our campus sustainability website is that our efforts are based on the DATA from the ecological footprint study.

10:43 MUPerson btw, what's the best way to save these chat transcripts?

10:43 leederk (UVa GreeLib, my email got bounced...)

10:44 raalford transcript will be posted right

10:44 mmcspo David, they are being archived, right?

10:44 dwfree The chat tanscript will be archived and available on the ACRL website in the next couple of days

10:44 MaryF The UA's visitor center installed rainwater harvesting cisterns and solar panels. would be great if more of our buildings on campus did this.

10:44 UVa GreenLib WesLoder: actually, our system is regarded as a leader in the univ. community as a whole. We are able to push the envelope sometimes.

10:44 dwfree We will post to ACRL Insider when available

10:44 dwfree Archive will be on the OnPoint page

10:45 mmcspo That's perfect.....if your institution is already doing lots in this area, it makes it easier

10:45 raalford Does anyone know of any consortia green initiatives or plans?

10:45 dgrowe NJHEPS is the New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability

10:45 mmcspo Thanks, Debra.

10:45 scilibcolby thanks

10:45 MUPerson and I'll just take a photo using Zotero and it'll be mine forever

10:45 BrushIM I liked the idea of getting publishers to go electronic instead of mailing catalogs. How can we encourage this?

10:45 dgrowe THere is a Northeast group, a Midwest group as well.

10:46 MUPerson great!

10:46 Wes Loder Thank you, Greenlib. I will be in touch. WES LODER (------------)

10:46 scilibcolby what's the Northeast group?

10:46 mmcspo ACRL now has a liaison relationship with DANS.....

10:46 guest8322981 Zotero: How do people like it compared with other programs out there?

10:46 mmcspo Debra, could you tell them about DANS, and how we might be involved.

10:46 MUPerson heck of a lot easier than endnote and more portable

10:46 mmcspo Opportunity for a library fellow?

10:47 publishlib Open access journals using OJS as an example are great online opportunities to not use paper.

10:47 mmcspo See:

10:48 MUPerson zotero I like better for undergrads; sometimes faculty need endnote, but many humanities faculty find zotero enough--but that's getting off-topic

10:48 guest8322981 Right now we're looking into Web2.0 technology to support green efforts, as well as better communicate with the library community.

10:49 MUPerson wikis can be great for any kind of committee work

10:49 jforeaz What are you finding re Web2.0 to support green effots?

10:49 ycpcybrarian I'm thinking we won't convince publishers one-on-one. We need to convince them as a group...

10:49 nsujamieholmes Our library has done away with newsletters, etc. & are using a blog to communicate info to patrons

10:49 myoungatclarkson What blog software are you using?

10:50 mmcspo These are all great ideas!! So much interest!

10:50 nsujamieholmes also blogs for communication within our library system and wikis for collaborating on comittee work

10:50 nsujamieholmes myoung: we use wordpress for our external/patron info blog...

10:50 nvcclibrary we use blogger

10:50 raalford Are there any established groups to get publishers to be more green?

10:50 myoungatclarkson I use blogger for a personal blog but not sure it is the best for the library

10:50 nsujamieholmes and we use blogger for our internal blogs

10:50 myoungatclarkson Oh ok

10:50 myoungatclarkson you use it

10:50 bshaffer12 We use blogspot for internal communications, and really like it.

10:50 ycpcybrarian Idea for publishers - you could create a forum with a forum email and get them to send to it. Then at least, they wouldn't end up in your inboxes...

10:51 guest8322981 Google is great, but I'm also into PBWiki. Also, get Ellyssa Kroski's book on Web2.0 for librarians, etc. I'm a great fan of hers. She teaches at LIU, Pratt and here in NYC.

10:51 myoungatclarkson I love blogger for my blog, since you all are also using it for the lib, guess I'll reconsider.

10:51 BrushIM Not that I know of - seems like science publishers and European publishers are on the forefront.

10:51 MUPerson our IT ppl wanted to have our blogs and wikis on our own servers. They got pmwiki for wiki after I got their attn using pbwiki first

10:51 myoungatclarkson Here, anything hosted elswhere is a good thing. :)

10:52 BrushIM why?

10:52 mmcspo Well, I think there are five volunteers at this point.

10:52 jforeaz Have you checked into the google academic suite, I think it's called?

10:52 MUPerson ...and wordpress for library blogs to which old pdf library newsletter has been converted

10:52 mmcspo That's a good number to get started.

10:52 mmcspo Is this a good time of day, day of week, etc., if we were to do this again>

10:52 Stephanie We're just now working on blog policies. I'm not certain why there's such a to-do, considering that we always had publications, particularly in print. But the RSS features are great.

10:52 myoungatclarkson lack of funds, lack of technologicaly lib staff, the supporting office of info tech external, a contracted company, very strange situation

10:52 MaryF this might be something to direct publishers to:

10:53 filarwilliams MMCSPO - I would definitely help with the wiki inventory - are you taking the lead?

10:53 nsujamieholmes it is a good time & day for me

10:53 mmcspo Yup, since I'm the DANS liaison from ACRL.

10:53 myoungatclarkson To chat again, mmcspo, I don't have a preference other than it be scheduled

10:53 myoungatclarkson this is a good time and day typically

10:53 Stephanie Why not post something, including Wikipedia, and see where this goes. Also, get the press involved. E.g. Chronicle of Higher Education, Wall Street Journal, etcl.

10:53 mmcspo Certainly, we'd do that.

10:53 raalford I'd like to chat again too

10:54 mmcspo What about summers?

10:54 myoungatclarkson I am here, working away...

10:54 bshaffer12 I'm here too

10:54 nvcclibrary me too! summer is actually better

10:54 Stephanie I'm up for chatting again, too. This is my first time on Meebo. I usually use Yahoo IM. Just email me again thru ACRL.

10:55 mmcspo Well, I'll gather the folks that volunteered in the next few days and we'll decide on a specific area to inventory, including resources already available......

10:55 myoungatclarkson thank you for doing this

10:55 mmcspo I have a grant due May 22, so it will be after that

10:55 myoungatclarkson The first one you did, I could not get in.

10:55 nsujamieholmes mmcspo: i am interested as well

10:55 jforeaz After May 22 works for me.

10:55 mmcspo Super....happy there is interest.

10:55 myoungatclarkson works

10:55 bshaffer12 That's good for me.

10:55 dwfree We'll certainly let everyone know when another session is scheduled. It seems like there is a good bit of interest in the topic.

10:55 julia.mielish Me too, I'm interested

10:55 UVa GreenLib summer is fine with us too

10:55 franapollo I'm going to have to run soon...THis has been a great brainstsorming session. Thanks! I am here all summer and as long as the discussion is announced for a set time, I will try to tune again.

10:55 dwfree Watch ACRL Insider for info

10:55 MaryF are any of those interested in working on this inventory going to Annual? maybe we could meet up

10:55 ycpcybrarian Thanks for hosting!

10:56 myoungatclarkson Ok thanks ttyl everyone!

10:56 mmcspo We'll certainly announce in advance of another.

10:56 jforeaz Yes to Annual

10:56 bshaffer12 I'll be there.

10:56 mmcspo Thanks you all for joining in such a great discussion....

10:56 myoungatclarkson ala? I'll be there too

10:56 myoungatclarkson bye!

10:56 Stephanie What about MonkeySurvey to send out to one's community?

10:56 nsujamieholmes Not Annual for anyone attending LOEX-W in Vegas next month?

10:56 MUPerson thanks for all the great leads (leeds?)

10:56 mmcspo Yes, I'll be at annual, but since I'm on the ACRL board, much of my time is spoken for....doesn't mean we can't think of a way to get together, though.

10:56 dwfree You are welcome to stay in the room and chat, but for those who have to go the transcript will be available here in a couple of days

10:57 MUPerson no annual for me, but already looking fwd to ACRL in Seattle

10:57 terrymatc nice to meet you folks.. we'll be in touch i'm sure...

10:57 mmcspo Yes, LEEDs

10:57 dgrowe Thanks to all of you!

10:57 filarwilliams thanks for hosting this. There are some great ideas/projects happening out there already, how cool.

10:57 jforeaz Thanks. This has been interesting.

10:57 bshaffer12 Thank you!

10:57 sjh215 thanks everyone very much - some great ideas here

10:57 iubusref Thanks!

10:57 dwfree Thanks for coming, y'all!

10:57 ebahr thanks for organizing!

10:57 MaryF MMCSPO-please contact me offlist-I'd like to talk about how we can work together with TFOE...

10:57 mmcspo And, thanks, Debra. You are a sustainability guru and we were lucky to have you join us!

10:57 Stephanie It's leads. Thanks again. It was useful. I'll be interested in reading over the transcript and sharing it with others. Will it be searchable on the web?

10:57 mmcspo Thanks, Mary F

10:58 mmcspo See David's instructions on that point'

10:58 MUPerson I know. I was punning

10:58 dgrowe My pleasure. Thanks for all you will be doing as precedents not only nationally, but we will be able to share it internationally! Thanks Mary!

10:59 mmcspo Any last minute questions, comments?

10:59 Stephanie Do any of you use

10:59 mmcspo If not, again, many thanks, and thanks too to David and Kathryn (ACRL) for setting this up

11:01 mmcspo This was great fun......

11:03 dwfree Thanks again for doing this Mary and Debra!