It Helps to Have Presence: Strategies for Personal and Library Leadership

ACRL Preconference @ ALA Annual Conference
Friday, June 24, 2011, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
New Orleans, Louisiana

Every librarian can be a leader in their library, on their campus or in the community. Accomplishing it is no simple task. To become a leader it helps to have presence. This preconference is designed to help you grasp what presence is and its value in building leadership qualities. It will equip you with tangible skills for recognizing presence and internalizing what it means to have presence. Learn how to establish your own presence across multiple dimensions of your career. From leading meetings to publicly speaking about the library, those with presence demonstrate confidence, capability and character.

The preconference presenters will lead you through a series of discussions and authentic practice segments to enable each attendee to build a better sense of their own presence and how to establish it. Segments include:

1. What is Presence and How to Establish It (overview and discussion about the nature of presence with examples from various fields)   

2. Tales from the Crucible (learn how presence can be developed and the circumstances that are ideal for growth)  

3. Presenting with Presence (covering the gamut of presentation situations, from routine meetings to impromptu talks to formal presentations to moderating events, attendees will learn how to lead presentations that capture and hold attention)   

4. Communicating on Campus and in the Community (preparation to take advantage at every meeting, event, or individual encounter to promote our work, our cause, and our needs; learn to speak more confidently with faculty, staff, administrators, students, and others about essential library values and issues)       

5. Create Memorable Messages (creating “sticky messages” that use stories, talking points and sound bites that leave a lasting impression and provide confidence in spontaneous or impromptu situations for which contemporaneous speaking is a must)   

6. How to Handle the Press (When the phone rings and a reporter from the local press or the Chronicle is on the line you’ll be ready to supply quote-worthy content)    

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the characteristics and qualities of those who have presence in order to isolate and work on internalizing them as individuals.
  • Learn how to establish presence across a variety of situation including meetings, interviews, talks with faculty and administrators, professional programs and more.
  • Acquire the capacity to reflect on personal performance in leadership situations in order to evaluate one’s own performance as a leader with presence so that continuous improvement can be achieved.

Presenters: Steven Bell, Associate University Librarian for Research and Instruction, Temple University; Brian Mathews, Assistant University Librarian, University of California Santa Barbara

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