14th National Conference Papers

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Alphabetical Listing of Titles

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Academic Library Support Staff Competencies: What Should Support Staff Know and Be Able to Do? by Rachel Applegate
Are Emerging Digitization Technologies Approachable to All? The Learning Experiences of Future Librarians in Creating Online Collections by Jennifer Lafleur and Elena Vassilieva
Assessment to Innovation: Creating a Model for Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Online by Kate McCready and Cecily Marcus


Beyond Literacy: Are Reading and Writing Doomed? by Michael Ridley
Beyond the Buzz: Planning Library Facebook Initiatives Grounded in User Needs by David Bietila, Chris Bloechl, and Elizabeth Edwards
Building Collections Cooperatively: Analysis of Collection Use in the OhioLINK Library Consortium by Edward T. O’Neill and Julia A. Gammon
Bullying or Mobbing: Is it Happening in Your Academic Library? by Susan Hubbs Motin


Campus Disconnect: Academic Libraries and the Information Needs, Skills, and Behaviors of Non-teaching University Staff by Cara Bradley
Challenges for Distance Students and Distance Librarians: Taking Advantage of the Online Environment by Julie Pohlman, Susan Skrien, Julia Sollien, and Emily Waitz
ClimateQUAL™: Organizational Climate and Diversity Assessment by Martha Kyrillidou, Charles Lowry, Paul Hanges, Juliet Aiken, and Kristina Justh
Collaborating to Build Digital Teaching Collections: A Library/IT Partnership by Joanna Burgess and Jason Parker
Conflict and Consensus—Clusters of Opinions on E-books by Susan Hurst, Kevin R. Messner, Andrew Revelle, and Aaron K. Shrimplin
Confronting the Business Lens for Accountability of General Education by Marilee Bresciani and Megan Oakleaf


Designing Comprehensive Assessment Plans: The Big Picture Leads to the Little Picture by Rachel Applegate
Digital Libraries Need Digital Organization: Identifying, Defining, and Creating New Academic Library Management Structures by John McGinty
Do the Outcomes Justify the Buzz?: An Assessment of LibGuides at Cornell University and Princeton University by Angela K. Horne, Steven M. Adams, Michael Cook, Lance Heidig, and Christian Miller


Engaging Net Gen Students in Virtual Reference: Reinventing Services to Meet Their Information Behaviors and Communication Preferences by Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Marie L. Radford, and Jocelyn DeAngelis Williams


Face It! Reference Work and Politeness Theory Go Hand in Hand by Alan W. Aldrich and Carol A. Leibiger
From Babine to Yakima: Academic Libraries and Endangered Language Preservation by Gabriella Reznowski


If You Build It, Will They Care? Tracking Student Receptivity to Emerging Library Technologies by Char Booth and Christopher S. Guder
Improvisational Theater as a Tool for Enhancing Cooperation in Academic Libraries by Anthony Stamatoplos


Metadata Plus: How Libraries Assure Discovery of Locally Created Content by Melanie Feltner-Reichert, Marie Garrett, and Linda L. Phillips


Partners in Time: Creating Organic Connections Between Library and IT Divisions at Bowdoin College by Karl Maria Fattig, Christina M. Finneran, Judy Montgomery, and Rebecca Sandlin
Partnership 2.0: Designing Reference Services for Patrons in Developing Countries by Jaron Porciello
Patrons Cataloging? The Role and Quality of Patron Tagging in Item Description by William Lund and Allyson Washburn
Percolating the Power of Play by Sarah Faye Cohen, Timothy Miner, and Laurent Nishikawa
Playing on “Practice Fields”: Creating a Research and Development Culture in Academic Libraries by Craig Gibson
Publishing in Open Access Journals in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Who’s Doing it and Why? by Bryna Coonin and Leigh Younce
Putting Your Money Where your Mouth is - $$ Speak Louder Than Words by Kim Armstrong and Jay Starratt


Reaching Beyond the Summit: Are We Creating Work Environments for People to Thrive? by Gail M. Staines
Reaching Reference Excellence: Developing a Mystery Shopping Program to Measure Service Quality, Performance, and the Patron Experience by Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger, and Candice Benjes-Small
Recasting the Role of Comprehensive University Libraries: Starting Points for Educating Librarians on the Issues of Scholarly Communication and Institutional Repositories by Sarah Beaubien, Linda Masselink, and Jodi Tyron
Replication of the OCLC Perceptions Study: The Experience of Two Academic Libraries by Lynn Sutton and Rosann Bazirjian


Show Me the Money! The Academic Library’s Role in the Art of Grant-Seeking on Campus and in the Community by Karen Downing
Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians: Exploring Considerations and Engaging Participation by Joe Murphy and Heather Moulaison


Tellin’ Our Story—Or Not: Assessment Results on Academic Library Web Sites by Meg Scharf
The TIDES Experience: Texas and Beyond by Susan Clarke and Rachel Galan


Understanding the Integrative Role of an Academic Library for Undergraduate Library Student Workers by Wil Weston


What Really are Student Learning Outcomes? by Peter Hernon
What Today’s Academic Librarians Can Tell Us About Recruiting and Retaining the Library Workforce of Tomorrow: Lessons Learned from the WILIS 1 Study by Barbara B. Moran, Paul Solomon, Joanne Gard Marshall, and Susan Rathbun-Grubb
Who Am I This Time? A Shared Library Serving Multiple Clients? by Darby L. Fanning, Emily A. Dill, and Steven J. Schmidt
Workplace Information Literacy: Cultivation Strategies for “Working Smarter” in 21st Century Libraries by Mary M. Somerville, Zaana Howard, and Anita Mirijamdotter