13th National Conference Papers

acrl 13th 2007

Alphabetical Listing of Authors

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Absher, Linda
Alburo, Jade
Aldrich, Alan W.
Alexander, Johanna
Applegate, Rachel (Shaping Outcomes)
Applegate, Rachel (Build it and What?)
Applegate, Rachel (Evaluating Library Instruction)


Baudino, Frank
Belliston, C. Jeffrey
Benson, Daisy
Briden, Judi
Brown, Ann
Burns, Vicki


Ceccarini, Paola
Cenzer, Pam
Connaway, Lynn Silipigni
Cooper, Liz
Corrado, Edward M. (Analog vs. Google)
Corrado, Edward M.
Corrigan, Andy


Eisenhower, Cathy


Gonzalez, Sara Russell
Gotsch, Joyce
Gresham, Keith
Gross, Melissa


Holliday, Diane
Howland, Jared L.
Hsieh-Yee, Ingrid
Huff, James


Janssen, Olaf D.


Kazakoff-Lane, Carmen
Kennedy, Kathryn
Koennecke, Jesse


LaFleur, LeRoy
Latham, Don
Leibiger, Carol A.
Levine-Clark, Michael
Lim, Adriene
Lupien, Pascal


Mangurian, Luz P.
Marshall, Ann
McNeil, Beth
Mellinger, Margaret
Moen, William E.
Montague, Rae-Anne
Moulaison, Heather L.


Neal, James G.
Newton, Verne W.
Nicholas, Martina
Nichols, Jane
Nolfi, David A.


Palazzolo, Chris
Park, Sarah G.


Radford, Marie L.
Roberts, Brian C.
Rudowsky, Catherine


Sasso, Maureen Diana
Schilling, Katherine
Schmidt, Larry
Schweinle, William E.
Silberger, Kathryn
Simmons-Welburn, Janice


Tancheva, Kornelia


Ury, Connie
Ury, Gary


Valencia, Jesus
Van Scoyoc, Anna
Vellucci, Sherry L.


Walters, Tyler O.
Walton, Edward W.
Ware, Susan A.
Wavle, Elizabeth
Welburn, William
Wu, Kerry


Young, Courtney L.


Zhong, Ying