ACRL 9th National Conference Papers

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Alphabetical Listing of Titles

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Assessment Outside of the Box: The Need for Focused Study of Information Seekers in a Changing Environment by John Burke and Stephena Harmony

Automated Storage and Retrieval-The Next Generation by Sarah Elizabeth Kirsch


Bringing LOGIC to Local Government Information: A Multi-type Partnership to Organize Local Government Information by Judy K. Horn and Shirley W. Leung

Building a Campus Presence One Page at a Time: Web Strategies for the Small College Library by Nancy H. Dewald


Changing Collaborations to Deliver Information in New Ways: Lessons Learned in the Illinois Digital Library Initiative Project by Timothy Cole and William Mischo

The Changing Nature of Work in Academic Libraries by Kimberley Robles Smith and Beverly P. Lynch

The Classroom vs. the Web: Comparing Two Ways to Teach Web-based Resources by Elizabeth Burns

Common Cause: Creating a Unified Environmental Information System Through Stakeholder Partnership by

Core Journal Titles in Full Text Databases by Linda Langschied

Creating Our Roles as Reference Librarians of the Future: Choice of Fate? by Susan Szasz Palmer

Cry Me a River: Searching for Revenue Streams in Academic Libraries by Linda Dobb


Designing for Wow! The Optimal Information Gateway by Zsuzsa Koltay and Karen Calhoun

Developing and Maintaining Instructional Web Sites: The Library Starter Kit by Deborah A. Murphy

Directly to the Source: Will Academic Libraries Become Wholesalers of Information? by Scott Anderson


EDI-Slow Walk to Fast Forward by Joan Stephens and Roger Presley

Expansion of Electronic Resources: Superhighway to Campus Visibility by Francie C. Davis

Extinguishing Slow Fires: Cooperative Preservation Efforts by Brian J. Baird and Bradley L. Schaffner


Factors That Influence Online Database Use by Carol Tenopir

Faculty Use of Electronic Journals at Research Institutions by Deborah Lenares

First-Year Learning Communities: Redefining the Educational Roles of Academic Librarians by Terry Taylor and Tony Stamatoplos


Getting it Right: Outcome-Oriented Redesign of a Service Program in a Team-based Management Environment by Shirley W. Leung and Catherine Palmer


Harvesting Hyperspace: Developing Technological Solutions to Internet Resource Discovery and Description by Gary A. McClennan and Thomas P. Turner

How Students Use Web-based Tutorials and Library Assignments: Case Studies from Ohio State University Libraries by Nancy O'Hanlon and Fred Roecker


Implementing E-reserves: Home-grown vs. Turnkey by Shane Nackerud

The Improvisational Nature of the Change Process by Felix T. Chu

In Search of Services: Analyzing the Findability of Links on CIC University Libraries' Web Page by Barbara I. Dewey

Intercepting Departmental Fumbles and Running with the Ball by Alexia Strout-Dapaz and Dennis Odom


Learning Communities, Adult Learners, and Instructional Teams at IUPUI by May Jafari

The Librarian as Mediator: A Significant Change in the Educational Role of Librarians by Donna Roe and David Moody

Library Program Assessment by Thomas G. Kirk, Jr.


On the Threshold of Discontinuity: The New Scholarly Genres and the Role of the Research Library by Clifford Lynch


Partnering for the Future: Integrating Traditional Interlibrary Lending and Commercial Document Delivery Into a Seamless Service by Carol A. Kochan, Daniel R. Lee, and Robert G. Murdoch

Pay for Print: Implementing Fee for Service Programs by John Jones, Michael Walker, Mona Thiss, and Shirley Thomas


Quality Undergraduate Education in a Research University-The Role of Information Literacy by Ann C. Schaffner, Leslie Stebbins, and Sally Wyman

QUEST: A Collaborative Approach to Information Literacy by Susan B. Markley and Merrill D. Stein


Racing to Keep Up With an Electronic FDLP: Its Effect on Professional Relationships of Academic Government Document Librarians by Ann Roselle

Recruiting More Minorities to the Library Profession: Responding to the Need for Diversity by Ronald G. Edwards

Remote Control: Creating a Technology-Centered Library in Rural Alaska by Anne Duffy

Reorganization: The Next Generation by Rhoda Channing

Revelry, Revelation, or Research: What Are College Students Really Doing on the Internet? by Rebecca A. Wilson

The Roles of Academic Librarians in Fostering a Pedagogy for Information Literacy by Gloria Leckie and Anne Fullerton


Snowbird Leadership Institute: A Survey of the Implications for Leadership in the Profession by Teresa Y. Neely and Mark D. Winston

Strategic Positioning and the Building Project: Penn State Harrisburg's "Library of the Future" by Harold Shill

Students Versus the Research Paper: What Can We Learn? by Barbara Valentine

A Successful Partnership Library by Nick Lund and Patricia M. Blome


TEEAL: The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library-Getting the Literature of Agriculture to the Developing Countries by Mary Anderson Ochs

That's My Bailiwick by Carol Ann Hughes and Paul Soderdahl

Thinking Style Preference Among Academic Libraries by Linda Marie Golian


The UCSC NetTrail: Web-based Instruction for Online Literacy by Ann Hubble and Deborah A. Murphy

Unified Information Access for the 21st Century: A Project of the California State University by Gordon W. Smith and Marvin E. Pollard Jr.

Using the Scenario Approach for Achieving Sustainable Development in Academic Libraries by Steven J. Bell


Web-based OPAC's: A Leap of Faith by Norm Medeiros, James Beattie, and Carol Wu

"Why are You Using the Library," or the Real Goals of Library Research in the Academic Curriculum by Elizabeth D. Hammond