12th National Conference Papers

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Academic Medical Libraries at the Crossroads: Managing Knowledge to Enhance Our Mission by Eric H. Schnell, Susan M. Kroll, and Timothy J. Cain

Adapting Online Instruction for a Learning Disabled Audience by Nancy O’Hanlon

Alone at the Reference Desk: An Undergraduate Student Providing Reference Services by Keary Dennison

Appreciating the Best of Our Past to Navigate the Future by Cynthia M. Coulter

ASERL’s Virtual Storage/Preservation Concept by John Burger, Paul M. Gherman, and Flo Wilson


"Big Picture" Pedagogy: The Convergence of Word and Image in Information Literacy Instruction by Benjamin R. Harris

Braided Streams: Collections, Connections, and Information Literacy in Asian Studies at St. Olaf College by Kris MacPherson


Cataloging Boot Camp: The Training Issue for Catalogers by Janet Swan Hill

The Changing Role of the Library in the Academic Enterprise by W. Lee Hisle

Changing Roles for Libraries: Providing Implementation and Ongoing Support for a Shared ETD Center at Two Ohio Universities by Corey Seeman, Lisa Santucci, and John Millard

Curiosity and Motivation-to-Learn by Kate Borowske


Does Format Make A Difference? Change in Print and Electronic Science Journal Impact Factors 1992–2002 by Jennifer K. Sweeney 


eLibrarian 2.0: Designing the Smarter Information Partner by Eloisa Gomez Borah

Embracing the Challenge of Change Through Collegial Decision-Making by Barbara Fister and Kathie Martin


Fear of Failure and Fear of Finishing: A Case Study on the Emotional Aspects of Dissertation Proposal Research, with Thoughts on Library Instruction and Graduate Student Retention by Lise M. Dyckman

From Failure to Success: Creating Shared Print Repositories by Catherine Murray-Rust


Hybrid Librarians in the 21st Century Library: A Collaborative Service-Staffing Model by Lisa Allen


The Importance of Information Literacy: Insights From the Next Generation of Scholars by Kimberly Y. Franklin

Improving Instruction: What Librarians Can Learn from the Study of College Teaching by Scott Walter

Intellectual Freedom on the Internet: It’s Global, It’s Academic by Barbara M. Jones

Is "Quality" Metadata "Shareable" Metadata? The Implications of Local Metadata Practices for Federated Collections by Sarah L. Shreeves, Timothy W. Cole, Ellen M. Knutson, Besiki Stvilia, Carole L. Palmer, and Michael B. Twidale


Knowledge Biodiversity: The Perilous Economics of World News Heritage Materials by Bernard F. Reilly, Jr.


Leadership Dynamics in the Libraries of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, 1947–2004 by James G. Neal

The Library and the Academic Enterprise: Trends in Illinois by Bradley F. Baker and Jay Starratt


Making the Connections: An E-Matrix for Managing Resources in the Dis-integrated Library System by Greg K. Raschke and David G. Goldsmith

Marketing the Millennials: What They Expect From Their Library Experience by Patricia M. Duck and Randi Koeske

Mining for Digital Resources: Identifying and Characterizing Digital Materials in WorldCat by Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Brian Lavoie, and Ed O’Neill

Motivating Employees in Academic Libraries in Tough Times by Mihoko Hosoi


Patterns of Conflict and Convergence When Proximal Libraries Serve Distance Students by Rita Barsun, Johanna Tuñon, and Laura Ramirez

A Place to Belong: The Library as Prototype for Context Diversity by Roberto A. Ibarra


Quality Assurance in the Age of Author Self-Archiving by Gerry McKiernan


Raised By Wolves: The New Generation of Feral Professionals In the Academic Library by James Neal

Redesign Your Reference Desk: Get Rid of It! by Joyce A. Meldrem, Lori A. Mardis, and Carolyn Johnson

Rethinking Reference: Shaken Foundations, Predictions, and What Really Happened Between 1988 and 2005 by Linda Ueki Absher, Michael S. Bowman, Donald G. Frank, Rose M. Jackson, and Robert Schroeder


Socratic Inquiry and the Pedagogy of Reference: Serendipity in Information Seeking by Jessica George

Supporting Library, Computing, and AV from a Single Desk by Michael Love, Matthew Brzeski, Carol Sabbar, and Dennis Unterholzner

Supporting New Models for Scholarly Publishing: A "Blueprint" for Launching An Open Access Journal by Kitty McNeill, Beth Haines, and Ken Carter

Sustainability: A Context for Achieving Positive Growth and Viability by Lisabeth Chabot and Elizabeth Wavle


Trends in Higher Education: How Will They Impact Academic Libraries?  by Maggie Farrell


University of Arizona’s Einstein’s Protégés Program by Sheril Hook and Maliaca Oxnam


The Western Waters Digital Library: Providing Solutions through Collaboration and Technology by Susan Salem and Kenning Arlitsch

What Do First-Year Students Know about Information Research? And What Can We Teach Them? by Kate Manuel

When a Librarian’s Not There to Ask: Creating an Information Resource Advisory Tool by Tracy A. Gabridge, Nicole Hennig, Rebecca Lubas, and Sarah G. Wenzel

Working Smarter: An Applied Model for "Better Thinking" in Dynamic Information Organizations by Mary M. Somerville and Anita Mirijamdotter


The Young and the Paperless: Electronic Information Technologies and English Graduate Students at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus by Jenny Bruenger