10 National Conference Papers

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Academic Library/Museum Collaboration: I'm OK, You're OK by Nancy Allen and Liz Bishoff

Access, Access, Access: Moving to the (Mostly) Electronic Collection in a Small College Library by Angela Myatt Quick, Rick Hren, and Eugene A. Engeldinger

Advocacy for Intellectual Freedom in an Academic Library by Lynn Sutton

Artists: The Neglected Patrons? by Laurel Littrell

Assessing Information Literacy Skills: Developing a Standardized Instrument for Institutional and Longitudinal Measurement by Lisa G. O’Connor, Carolyn J. Radcliff, and Julie A. Gedeon

Assessing the Information Literacy of Undergraduates: Reports from the UCLA Library's Information Competencies Survey Project by Patti Schifter Caravello, Judith Herschman, and Eleanor Mitchell


Becoming Pockets of Hope: The Challenge to Academic Libraries in the 21st Century by Eileen de los Reyes

Beyond ADA: Crossing Borders to Understand the Psychosocial Needs of Students with Disabilities by John Agada and Deborah Dauenheimer


Calling the Shots: Examination of a Self-Managed Team in an Academic Library by Francie C. Davis

Collection Development and Interdisciplinary Endeavors: Collaborative Efforts for Educational and Work Environments by Laura M. Bartolo, Don A. Wicks, and Valerie A. Phillips

Collegial Leadership in Academic Libraries by David Lesniaski, Kris (Huber) MacPherson, Barbara Fister, and Steve McKinzie

The Communication Center: A Full-Service Academic Resource in the Heart of the Library by Jill I. Tyler and Sheril J. Hook

Creating Partnerships in Support of Students' Scholarship: The Electronic Theses and Dissertations Project at the University of Iowa by Janice Simmons-Welburn, Paul Soderdahl, and William Welburn

Crossing to Web-based Instruction: The Importance of Instructional Assessment by Ann Roselle and Rachel Fenske


Deconstructing the At-Risk Student Phenomenon: Can Librarian Values Salvage Education for the 21st Century? by John Agada

Digital Collections: Acceptance and Use in a Research Community by Julie M. Hurd

Digital Librarian, Cybrarian, or Librarian with Specialized Skills: Who Will Staff Digital Libraries? by Linda Marion

Distance Education, Web-Resources Design, and Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act by Axel Schmetzke


The Entrepreneurial Library: Creating Revenue in the Age of E-Commerce by Elizabeth E. Kirk


From BI to IL: The Paths of Two Liberal Arts Colleges by Barbara Fister, Elizabeth O. Hutchins, and Kris (Huber) MacPherson

The Future is Now: Reference Service for the Electronic Era by Judy Horn


In Search of the Future: Library Services Planning and the Prediction of Student Learning by Jessica George and Marjorie Warmkessel


Learning by Teaching: Student Presentations of Databases by Sheril J. Hook and Jill I. Tyler

Learning from Experience: Strategies for Assuring Effective Library and Information Services to Web-based Distance Learners by Kathleen Burnett and Marilia Painter


An Online Competency Test for Information Literacy: Development, Implementation, and Results by Lynn Cameron and Rebecca Feind

Online Journals: Utility of ToCs vs. Fulltext by George S. Porter and Ed Sponsler


The Persistence of Print in a Digital World: Three ARL Libraries Confront an Enduring Issue by James Burgett, John Haar, and Linda Phillips

The Postmodern Library in an Age of Assessment by Kathlin L. Ray

Problems Presented by the New State Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) Respecting the Use of Electronic Resources by Vicki L. Gregory


Reference Support for Interdisciplinary Scholars: Resources for Working with Women's Studies Faculty by Lynn Westbrook

Removing Walls of Distrust by Keith Clouten

Research Services for Distant Learners: the OLADE Project by Arden Matheson


Science and Information Literacy on the Internet: Using the Standards Created by the Association of College and Research Libraries and Project 2061 to Create a Science Web Page Evaluation Tool by Aimee Lynn German and Laura M. Bartolo

Services for New American Users: Indochinese Students' Behavior in Using Academic Libraries by Cathy Anne Lu

Serving Users Who Need Help Reading the Fine Print-It's ALL Fine Print to Them: Making Your Library More ADA-Compliant by Christina Woo

Shifting Sands—The Jurisdiction of Librarians in Scholarly Communication by Michael S. Ray

Students as Co-partners for Information Literacy and Instruction: A Modest Proposal by H. Minnie King Dunbar, Valerie Edwards, and Suzanne Stremler


Testing Library Web Sites: ARL Libraries Weigh In by Mary Pagliero Popp

Test and Evaluation of an Electronic Database Selection Expert System by Wei Ma and Timothy W. Cole

Testing the Design of a Library Information Gateway by W. Bede Mitchell, Laura Davidson, Rebecca Ziegler, and Ann Viles

Transforming BI Activities into an IL Program: Challenges and Opportunities by Pamela Snelson and Lisa Stillwell


Usability Testing and Students with Disabilities: Achieving Universal Access on a Library Web Site by Suzanne L. Byerley and Mary Beth Chambers


We Built It and They Came: Client-Centered Services in a New Building by Sandra Yee, Rita Bullard, and Morrell Boone

"What-Do You Get a Brain With That?" Journal Access Paradigm Change at a Liberal Arts University by James Harper and John Payne